Worry! Opening Of The Interlaken Store In Bucherer

The traditional watchmaking brand Bucherer, which originated in Luzern, Switzerland, opened the first local brand store in Interlaken, a famous tourist and tourist city in Switzerland, with simple and bright furnishing style and pleasing to the eye.
   Interlaken, October 2015: Carl F. Bucherer, a Swiss watch brand based in Lucerne, recently opened its first local brand store in Interlaken, Switzerland The new store is located at the Victoria-Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa on the city’s famous Höheweg. Sayscha Moeri, CEO of Bucherer, said: ‘Bucherer is an internationally renowned Swiss watch brand. The opening of the new store marks an important step in the development of Bucherer’s business.’

   The overall atmosphere in the Interlaken Baucher Lai boutique is warm and pleasant. The design style is noble and elegant, simple and lively, and the details are meticulous, which explains the brand’s pursuit of perfection and persistence. Customers can watch the Bucherer watches in the showcase in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

Home away from home

   The interior decoration of the new store adheres to the design concept of the global Bucherer boutique: the warm and deep red walnut wood creates a friendly and elegant atmosphere, and the decorative materials such as frosted brass are extremely modern and temperament, which complements the gorgeous wooden wall; pearl gray The texture of the wooden wall reflects a subtle light effect. The dark red main tone contrasts with elegant and bright pearl gray; the elegant style is matched with neat lines, which combines the art deco style, which highlights the unique appeal of Bucherer. A quiet rest area can relax customers. The library in the store contains many books closely related to the history of the Bucherer brand. It traces the development of the brand since its establishment in 1888, making it more valuable for Bucherer. I have a deeper understanding of the glorious history of the century. It is worth mentioning that the A1000 display showcases the CFB A1000 movement and function modules developed, manufactured and inlaid by Bucherer, while the counter on the other side displays the brand’s full line of precious timepieces.
   The opening of this independent Interlaken store has witnessed the remarkable achievements of the development of the Bucherer brand.

Master Chronometer Omega Speedmaster Moon Phase Watch

This extraordinary watch with bright and realistic moon as the design element will surely attract your attention. Black and white high-resolution moon images are as detailed as NASA space photos. If you look closely, you can also find the astronaut’s footprints on it.

   The relationship between the Omega Speedmaster and the Moon has always been intertwined. After all, it is the first watch worn on the Moon. In addition to expedition to space, the latest Speedmaster Moonphase Chronometer watch also witnessed another important milestone of Omega’s pioneering spirit: at the end of 2015, it reached the strict requirements of the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS) for the performance test of watches. Setting new standards in the industry.

   As the name suggests, this watch features a moon phase display. People generally think that the cycle of the new moon is 30 days, but it is actually correct that it is slightly more than 29.5 days. Ordinary geared systems are difficult to navigate this exact cycle, but the Omega Moon Phase watch is at its best. The movement of the watch is extremely precise. It only needs to be adjusted after 10 years of operation, and it only needs to turn the crown for a few weeks, which is convenient and quick.

   This watch is in harmony with the moon’s operating cycle, and its design is also harmonious and balanced. Two small dials with two hands form a symmetrical pattern, pleasing to the eye.

   The Omega Speedmaster MasterChronometer has other outstanding features, including a striking sunburst polished blue surface, ceramic bezel and all-steel case. For the first time, the speedometer is made of Liquidmetal®, which brings another new look to the Speedmaster. The circle on the small dial is rhodium-plated for a subtle and elegant effect.

   The hands on the surface follow the classic Speedmaster style, but the accessories in the watch have made a huge breakthrough. The revolutionary new 9904 movement consists of 368 components, bringing watchmaking technology into a new era.

   This unique model with a dazzling blue surface and blue leather strap are indeed a perfect match, and are equipped with a folding buckle, which is beautiful and convenient.

Reaffirming The Tradition Of Sports Tag Heuer Marches Into The Long Distance Marathon

As an important part of the brand’s new strategy, TAG Heuer marches into the marathon as a partner and official timekeeper, showing once again the indissoluble bond between the brand and competitive sports. The marathon has a broad base of people. As many as 320 million participants have created a perfect platform for the promotion of the latest advertising campaign of TAG Heuer “Do n’t Crack Under Pressure”.

   So far, TAG Heuer has reached partnerships with a number of long-distance marathons, including the New York Marathon, Bank of America Chicago Marathon, BMW Berlin Marathon, Schneider Electric Paris Marathon, and Oslo and Moscow Marathons. This means that TAG Heuer returns to tradition and refocuses on the brand’s core business-the development and production of sports watches and chronographs. The sports world’s spirit of fearless challenges, courage to compete and transcendence is deeply rooted in the blood of TAG Heuer.

   Entering the marathon is a major change in direction for TAG Heuer, but this does not mean that TAG Heuer will withdraw from the brand’s favorite racing field. In addition, the development of marathon by most Swiss watch brands is still in its infancy, and TAG Heuer sponsored the marathon once again demonstrated its pioneering spirit, which has been continuously confirmed since the brand was founded in 1860.

   The long-distance marathon has not risen for more than ten years, but it has developed into a popular international sport that is popular among people of all ages. There are both regular and new enthusiasts participating in the marathon. People in the marathon release adrenaline, break records one by one, and realize self-awareness and improvement.

   According to the organizer, there are more than 250,000 participants in major marathon events, and more than 50,000 participants in the New York Marathon alone. Another 2.5 million enthusiasts gathered on both sides of the city track to witness the charm of the marathon. Therefore, sponsoring the marathon has become an excellent means to enhance brand value. Brand logos, media advertising, television, newspapers and the Internet throughout the track, the combination of these factors has far more impact than the event itself.

   ‘The marathon has a very wide reputation in the global communications media. Participating in a marathon requires not only a strong physique, but also a spirit of never giving up, especially for enthusiasts who are committed to running a full marathon.’ ‘Fear no challenge, be yourself’ conveys this precious spiritual concept, ‘said Stéphane Linder, CEO of TAG Heuer.

   Commercial sponsorship always occupies a large proportion in the development budget of TAG Heuer. In TAG Heuer’s concept, sponsoring sports events can not only help brands ensure high visibility in a specific group of people, but also enrich the brand’s field and spiritual content. It can also take this opportunity to show sports enthusiasts the values ​​that the brand and the sports industry respect together.

   Breaking the time limit has always been the goal of excellent marathon runners, and the new long-distance marathon world record was born in Berlin this year. Dennis Kimetto completed 42.195 kilometers in 2 hours, 2 minutes, 57 seconds. The extraordinary performance was incredible. This feat is expected to reappear in the creativity of watchmakers in the near future to celebrate the close cooperation between the two.

Future, From 1868 Tribute To Pallweber: Iwc Jumps To The Next 150 Years

I am used to swiping the pointer across the board,
Go after time.
‘Jump’ out of fixed thinking,
You will find
The expression of time can be so different.

IWC Special Edition 150th Anniversary “Pallweber”

   The new IWC “Pallweber” 150th Anniversary Special Edition watch uses the extremely rare way of displaying time in mechanical watches-using numbers instead of hands to make time read at a glance. At the moment of time-division conversion, the numbers in the dial display window instantly change, and the fun is endless. The panel design can also present a different artistic beauty, not only the simple beauty of the pocket watch, but also the simple modern style, and the digital window conveys the sense of the future of the digital age.
   As the name suggests, this watch was inspired by the 19th century brand’s Pallweber digital time-lapse pocket watch. Why did the brand choose Pallweber as its ‘digital face’ in the glorious journey of the brand for a century and a half?
Mystery: The disappearing Beauvais Pocket Watch
   Watchmaker Josef Pallweber from Salzburg was not a celebrity at the time. His reputation is far less than that of his fellow music master Mozart and the film work ‘Voice of Music’ born here. An ordinary day in 1883 was given a special meaning because of Joseph Powell’s genius idea-the digital time jump system in the field of watchmaking was born.

IWC Pallweber pocket watch history

   The spirit of freedom and innovation advocated by the wave of ideological emancipation that began in the 14th century and nearly 400 years in Europe has provided this craftsman with the most fertile soil for playing with numbers. Fortunately for Joseph Powell, shortly after the birth of the Pallweber digital time-hopping system, Johannes Rauschen-bach-Schenk, then head of IWC Fascinated by this unique time display, he then collaborated with Joseph Powell in 1884. Based on the Pallweber digital time-hopping system, IWC launched the first digital time-hop pocket watch (also known as a ‘skip pocket watch’) in the history of the brand, which opened the door to the Swiss watchmaking industry. ‘Digital Age’.
   This 21st-century perspective is quite modern in design, and it was very modern. By the 1890s, about 20,000 Pallweber pocket watches manufactured in Schaffhausen had captured avant-garde watch lovers from all over the world. Orders are even exported to China. IWC launched a special Qing Dynasty model with Chinese numerals, which left an interesting picture: in the watchmaking workshop of Schaffhausen more than 100 years ago, the artisans A Chinese-German digital table with the tip of the pen twistingly outlines the Chinese characters ‘One, Two, Three, and Four’, and feels the mystery of oriental culture in the horizontal and vertical calligraphy.

   Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, the power reserve of Pallweber pocket watches is relatively low. Although the IWC watch was perfected to the maximum extent at that time, the unsolved problems in the mechanical structure made this digital time-lapse pocket watch discontinued around 1890 and disappeared from the public view.
Revealed: Code 94200
   More than a century later, the hidden ‘Pallweber Pocket Watch’ appeared in the IWC showroom of the 2018 SIHH Geneva Haute Horlogerie. It seems to be driving a ‘super time machine’, jumping over time and space, and attracting attention as a freshman.
   This is not only an inheritance, but also an innovation. The extremely high requirements of ‘digital jumping time’ for power have launched unprecedented challenges to the technical team of IWC today. The new 94200 self-made movement developed over five years has provided wonderful answers to Pallweber’s problems, taking into account the stringent requirements of modern fine watchmaking for quality, accuracy and durability, achieving Breakthroughs in technology.

IWC 2018 Super Time Machine and Watchmaker in SIHH Showroom

   In order to create IWC’s 94200 self-made movement, watch engineers have developed a set of exclusive new solutions (among which three patents are pending) to carry extremely demanding digital displays. Unlike traditional Pallweber pocket watch discs, which are driven by open gear, the one-minute disc of the 94200 movement is powered by a separate wheel train system with a proprietary barrel. The release mechanism connected to the watch’s own wheel train system releases every 60 seconds and then re-locks. After every 10 minutes, the one-minute disc will drive the ten-minute disc to switch to the next position. Every 60 minutes, the hour dial jumps to the next hour number. The power of the display wheel’s separate wheel train system does not affect the conventional wheel train system, so it can ensure precise operation at 4 Hz and provide a power reserve of up to 60 hours.

IWC 94200 homemade movement

   Just like the Pallweber pocket watch of that year, the display dial is connected to the star gear through a coupling gear train, and can be easily dialed back and forth through the crown. The gear train is calculated and built with advanced methods and fully tested in the watch factory’s independent laboratory, which can significantly reduce the obvious frictional energy loss, thereby ensuring that the digital display can be switched perfectly regardless of the state of the watch.

IWC “Pallweber” 150th Anniversary Special Edition Pocket Watch

   The new special tribute to Pallweber (Pallweber) special edition timepieces, highlights the great focus of the craftsman’s low-key focus and creativity, and IWC’s relentless pursuit of fine watchmaking craftsmanship and unique insights on avant-garde design.
   This jumping number not only means that IWC has stepped into a new era, but also echoes the brand’s declaration of time with the brand in mind and the pursuit of the ultimate. In 150 years, IWC’s exploration and innovation of fine watchmaking technology has never stopped. The future is from 1868.

Counting The Most Beautiful Perpetual Calendar Four Big ‘beauties’ In Watch Industry

In this world full of surprises, it seems that everything has to be divided. For example, the beauty pageant that has always been eye-catching, the beauty and beauty of a beauty are all indispensable. . However, in today’s watch industry, which has attracted much attention, there are also models that are inherently ‘beauty’. Of course, this credit goes to the master, who gave the watch an excellent look and connotation. Let’s take a look at these four perpetual calendar models with a beautiful figure!
万 Perpetual calendar models have always been very popular, especially those with ‘beauty’ temperament, it is even more addictive. However, did you find out? The perpetual calendar usually has a good companion beside it? That indomitable guy is Moon Phase, and we can see it in many models launched by the brands.
IWC Portugal North and South Moon Phase Perpetual Calendar Watch
This north-south moon phase perpetual calendar watch, has it just charmed you by its appearance? Do n’t worry, it is much more than that. It is a commemorative model launched by IWC to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the birth of the Portuguese series. It uses a 44.2 mm case, is equipped with a self-made movement, and is equipped with a Pellaton automatic winding system and 7 days. Power reserve. In terms of appearance, IWC’s new perpetual calendar watch has added several highlights: the dial is a unique rock gray, elegant and low-key; the case has been improved from 18K rose gold to 18K red gold, the color tone is more warm; the small dial of the power reserve display An eye-catching red and blue progressive indicator tone is added inside, which can tell the current power reserve status of the watch at a glance.
IWC Portuguese North and South Moon Phase Perpetual Calendar Watch
IWC’s Portuguese series of north-south moon phase perpetual calendar watches are equipped with a perpetual calendar, full year display, countdown to the next profitable moon, and north-south hemisphere moon phase display.It shows the moon age of the north and south hemisphere with unprecedented accuracy: every 577 years Only one day of deviation. The global limit is only 50 pieces, while only 18 are distributed in Asia, and the price is 295,000 yuan.
杰 Roger Dubuis La Monégasque Moon Phase Perpetual Calendar Watch
腕表 This watch shows bold and unique creative design and characteristics, which can be described as unique beauty and Roger Dubuy’s rhythm. The heartbeat of the ROGER DUBUIS La Monégasque perpetual calendar watch drives the most sophisticated complications.
Roger Dubuis La Monégasque
腕表 This watch has a 44mm rose gold case, a black PVD-treated titanium bezel, and is equipped with an RD821J self-winding movement 28,800 times per hour (4Hz) with a power reserve of 48 hours.
Roger Dubuis La Monégasque
Perpetual calendar La Monégasque watch is driven by the mechanical record of time. The RD821J movement consists of 358 components, creating a great achievement of miniature time. Week, month, date, leap year and moon phase, this watch is easy to operate, and many display functions are clear and easy to read: the dial perfectly reflects the balance and harmony of technology and aesthetics, and its waterproof depth is 50 meters.
Piaget Perpetual Calendar in White Gold with Diamonds
This watch is very meaningful. Unlike other models, it is not the moon phase that matches the perpetual calendar, but the luxury diamond. At the same time, for Piaget, this watch can be described as very historic. It is the first million watch made by Piaget and has been launched in 2010.
Piaget Perpetual Calendar in White Gold with Diamonds
从 This watch is designed and assembled by Piaget. The delicate jewellery setting on the bezel is made of 60 baguette-cut diamonds, each indicating every minute.
This watch is designed and assembled by Piaget.
The creation of the dial is also a pioneering work. It is set with no less than 263 diamonds, 12-hour time mark and 5 sub-dials in a limited space. For this Piaget’s 1 millionth watch, the jewelry setting process took more than 60 hours to complete. However, Piaget pushed the aesthetics of the art to the limit and set 25 on the automatic dial of the movement. A diamond from the inside gives the watch a jewel-like luxury.
Audemars Piguet Jules Audemars ultra-thin perpetual calendar watch
腕表 From the side, this watch is fascinating for its elegant and slim ultra-thin case, and its dial features a matte finish like delicate changes in sunlight and shadows and delicate rose gold hour markers. The slim bezel ensures ample space on the surface, and the time display and various calendar displays are particularly eye-catching.
Audemars Piguet Jules Audemars Ultrathin Perpetual Calendar (Silver Dial)
Perpetual calendar device uses ingenious mechanical principle to accurately reproduce all calendar information. The rule of the length of the month is recorded on a cam. The bulge on the rim represents a month of 31 days, and the groove represents a month of 30 days. On the same axis, there is another gear and distinguishes between leap year February and other The cams in February are connected and make one revolution every four years to show the leap year cycle.
Audemars Piguet Jules Audemars Ultrathin Perpetual Calendar (Brown Dial)
The watch has a 41 mm case and is only 9.15 mm thick. The 21K gold central disc is equipped with an ultra-thin self-winding movement. The reason why Audemars Piguet chose precious metals is not only its own noble attributes, but also because its weight is most suitable for two-way winding operations. In the future, the power transmitted to the barrel can keep the power reserve at its best. High-efficiency winding combined with power reserve can obtain long-term stable output power. This watch can be said to have both an excellent appearance and a strong inner, it is eligible to be promoted to the ranks of ‘beauty’ type watch.

Rolex Blackwater Ghost Movement, Watches, Pictures Introduction

As a popular Rolex watch, the Blackwater Ghost has always attracted much attention. How about the Rolex Blackwater Ghost Movement? What movement does a Rolex watch use? How about a Rolex Black Water Ghost movement? Below, the editor will briefly introduce the Rolex Black Water Ghost movement, models and pictures.

 The black water ghost that people usually call is the Rolex ROLEX-Submariner series 116610LN (black) men’s mechanical watch. The Rolex Black Water Ghost movement uses a 3135 automatic winding movement, a paramagnetic blue hairspring precision chronograph movement, a frequency of 28,800 times / hour, and a kinetic energy reserve of 48 hours. Waterproof rating is 300 meters.
 The unidirectional rotating outer ring is equipped with a 60-minute scale display, and the Cerachrom black ceramic outer ring is equipped with a platinum scale display. Triple-lock (Triplock), shoulder protects the crown.

 On the dial are the hour numerals and hands using Chromalight. Sapphire crystal, small window convex lens with anti-reflection coating. 904L stainless steel oyster strap, Rolex Glidelock easy-to-adjust chain buckle.
 More watch information: rolex / 10000134 /

Longines French Open Wild Card Round Robin Announces Winners Of First Us Round Robin

The first Longines French Open French Open wild card round-robin held a week-long youth round-robin, and today announced the list of winners. Cori ‘Coco’ Gauff, 13, from Delray Beach, Florida, and Michael Heller, 16, from Boca Raton, Florida, will travel to Paris next month, and join other five The winners of each country compete against each other to qualify for the wild card round-robin round. The six contestants will compete in Paris, and the winners will win the wild card qualification for the French Open Youth Round Robin.

   Coco was awarded the women’s trophy by Olympic and professional tennis player Christina McHale. Michael was awarded the men’s trophy by the 1996 French Open Junior Junior Men’s Doubles Championship and tennis star Sebastien Grosjean. The French Tennis Association’s representative Lucas Dubourg awarded the winners a symbolic boarding pass, implying that they were about to embark on a journey to France. Longines’ US marketing and PR manager Yukiko Toyoshima is responsible for presenting the women’s runner-up trophy to Victoria Flores. The American Tennis Association Junior Director Bill Mountford is responsible for the men’s runner-up runner Matthew Tsolakyan.
   Coco Gauff, who turned 13 last month, did not lose a game throughout the round robin. She challenged 18-year-old Victoria Flores from Fort Dodge, Iowa to stage a match between the youngest and the oldest contestants. She won 6-2 and 6-1 straight. Michael Heller is a sophomore in high school from Boca Raton, Florida. His opponent was 16-year-old Matthew Tsolakyan from Glendale, California, and Michael won 6-4, 6-3.

   The round-robin tournament, held at the Boca West Country Club from April 19th to 22nd, was organized by the French Open, the French Tennis Association, and the American Tennis Association. The playoffs in Paris will begin on May 25. After practice day, May 26 entered the round-robin stage, and the final was held on May 27. The French Open Tennis Tournament will be held from June 4th to 10th.
   To celebrate the opening of the tournament, the French Open men’s singles trophy Coupe des Mousquetaires and women’s singles trophy Coupe Suzanne Lenglen will be shopping in multiple locations, including Miami South Florida and Boca Raton, including Longines Miami Aventura during the round robin The display in the center store gave tennis fans the opportunity to take photos with these two famous trophies.

   The French Open wild card tournament is held in six countries. Participants are top young tennis players from all over the country. They are divided into men and women. Players face each other from February to April to compete for the French Open youth Eligibility for the round robin. The winner of the United States must face the challenges of Brazil, China, Japan, South Korea and India winners in the Paris playoffs. The winner will eventually qualify for the wild card to play in the French Tennis Open Youth Round Robin.

Panerai Watch Appreciation Exhibition And Sales Exhibition Of Baohongtang Watches Taichung Taipei

The long-awaited Panerai Watch Appreciation Fair will be held in Taichung from September 22 (Thursday) to September 25 (Sun), 2011 Baohongtang Wuquan flagship store made its grand debut, and moved from September 26th (Mon) to September 29th (Thursday) to the Baohongtang Taipei Founding Store to continue the exhibition. The theme of this exhibition is Panerai’s Luminor Submersible professional diving watch. The entire series of Luminor Submersible diving watches has a unique style and is full of charming ocean atmosphere.
   Panerai’s professional diving watches are derived from the models made by Panerai for the Egyptian Navy commandos more than half a century ago. The watch appreciation exhibition held by Panerai in Baohongtang will present a variety of professional diving watches, such as model PAM00382 and Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days, which were released at the 2011 SIHH Geneva Haute Horlogerie. Automatic Bronzo – 47 mm 3-day power reserve automatic professional diving bronze watch, PAM00382 is made of special bronze material, which has been used on sailing boats for an inextricable bond with the marine world since ancient times because of its special material.
   In addition, at the exhibition sales site, you can admire that every year Panerai pays tribute to the ocean and its historical origins. It is the most important in the International Sailing Tournament and is specially created for classic and antique sailing. Isaiah makes a limited edition watch. This year’s Panerai Classic Sailing Challenge commemorative model, model PAM00371- Luminor Submersible 1950 Regatta 3 Days GMT Automatic Titanio-47 mm 3-day power reserve two-time automatic professional diving titanium watch; this professional diving watch , Water-resistant depth up to 30 atmospheric pressure (about 300 meters), equipped with a rotating outer ring engraved with a scale to calculate the diving time, and equipped with two time functions, the blue dial adds a marine charm atmosphere, the global limit of 500 only.
   In addition to the limited edition models released this year, there are also popular hot professional diving watches on display PAM00305 – Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days Automatic Titanio-47mm 3-day power reserve automatic professional diving titanium watch and PAM00307-Luminor 1950 Pangaea Depth Gauge professional diving depth gauge watch, Pangaea adventure commemorative model, continues the essence of Panerai’s more than 150 years of history, and re-establishes Panerai’s great traditional background in the field of professional precision measuring instruments, fully showing the spirit of brand innovation , The heritage of history, and the origins of the ocean.
   In addition to experiencing Panerai’s classic models and the latest models, you can also see rare special limited edition watches. Welcome watch lovers and collectors who are interested in Panerai.

Historical Collaboration Between Artist Cyril Kongo And Richard Mille

The new RM 68-01 Tourbillon Cyril Kongo watch is a veritable ‘artwork on the wrist’, which will undoubtedly leave a strong mark in the history of watches and clocks. This is the first time in history that a street artist has perfectly integrated his artistic world into a watch movement.

RM 68-01 recto

Cyril Kongo

   Richard Mille wants to showcase contemporary art in horology. This unprecedented fusion resulted in RM 68-01. Indeed, this tourbillon movement is not only a watch accessory, but also a canvas on which graffiti master Cyril Kongo shows inspiration and creativity. Never before has a watch been able to create art on the bridge and movement base. In RM 68-01, these parts all reflect the artistic value of this timepiece treasure. Graffiti art is often closely linked to the high walls of the city, while the world of watches is known for its micro-machinery and high precision. Richard Mille and Kongo, together, successfully brought the art of urban high walls to the bridge, movement bottom plate and sapphire dial in the watch.

   Kongo: ‘I am from the world of graffiti. All my works originate from this. I learn graffiti on the street, and there is a school where I learn to paint. I need to keep close contact with the world of graffiti, and at the same time pay attention to what is happening outside Everything. Whether it’s graffiti on a giant wall, canvas, or other objects, this is a language with its own code, and it is also a unique pen and ink narrative. My creation is neither limited to a single space nor subject to Limited to the surface of a particular object. ‘

   The painting technology used by Kongo has been developed over a year. With a special spray gun, Kongo can accurately print a variety of colors-the spray gun sprays a tiny droplet at a time. In order to avoid disrupting the balance of the movement and thus not affecting the function of the watch, the weight of the pigment must be strictly controlled before painting. The special pigment developed by the entire RM 68-01 project team solved this problem perfectly. This pigment is bright in color, never fades, and adheres perfectly to the surface of titanium alloy parts without being affected by disassembly.
   Kongo: ‘After a long period of research and development and a year of experimentation, this painting tool allowed me to paint in a 5 cm2 (2 square inch) space on the watch.’ Some parts of the watch are only a few The length of millimeters, some parts are even smaller, I have to lettering directly on it, so that it can reflect the visual effect, and will not break the balance of the movement because of excessive use of pigment. Like graffiti for the entire car, the chassis, engine, and each piston must be painted separately. ‘

Cyril Kongo In action

   This production technique can draw beautiful lines that are difficult to distinguish even with the naked eye. Such lines cannot be directly hand-drawn, although some specific patterns will be first outlined with a particularly fine pen. No matter what technology is used, every part of the watch is hand-painted and painted by the well-known Mr. Color.
   The creation of RM 68-01 requires Kongo to rethink his graffiti skills and show his artistic skills on the extremely limited surface of the movement. And his real success lies in the perfect graffiti printing of every part of the movement.

   ‘Richard Mille claims that Kongo has expanded the boundaries of horological technology. And this is exactly what I hope-to bring Kongo into the world of high-end watches. It is not just simple spray painting. Kongo gives its unique vision from movement to dial New artistic life.
   On the back of the watch, we can see that the central pattern of the base plate of the tourbillon radiates to the surroundings, showing the effect of splashing the paint on the wall. The angle of the arcs formed by the front bridge of the movement is different, just like the wild strokes in the mural art of the street. The watch case consists of a NTPT® carbon fiber bezel and a black ceramic bezel. The case uses an asymmetrical design, and the thickness gradually decreases from 9 o’clock to 3 o’clock; the height gradually decreases from 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock. RM 68-01 demonstrates the perfect fusion of contemporary mechanical art and visual art in a unique way in the 21st century timepiece field.
   Graffiti master Cyril Phan was born in 1969 and now lives in Paris. His stage name, Cyril Kongo, is more well known. This self-taught artist has stood out in the art and cultural world of France and even Europe in just 10 years, and has become one of the foremost. Exquisite graffiti skills and 20 years of experience in MAC Graffiti Group have made Cyril Kongo a legend in the graffiti industry. With the passage of time, we have continued to improve and expand our artistic horizons and expressions, both of which have become more mature and no longer limited to graffiti. Inspired by wet murals and murals, Kongo has essentially transformed graffiti into a genre.
   Limited edition of 30 pieces worldwide.
RM 68-01 Tourbillon Watch Technical Specifications
Limited to 30 pieces
RM68-01 movement: Automatically wound movement, hours and minutes are displayed.
Ruler: 50,24 x 42,70 x 15,84 mm.
Main features
Easy storage
⼤ Approximately 42 hours (± 10%).
Hollow titanium machine plate
The plate is made of grade five titanium metal. This material is compatible with materials, has excellent corrosion resistance and rigidity, and is very suitable for use in gear transmission systems. This combination consists of 90% titanium, 6% aluminum, and 4% vanadium. These combinations enhance mechanical properties. Therefore it is often used in aerospace, aviation and automotive manufacturing. Hollow machine board and bridge board are thoroughly and intensively tested to optimize their strength.
Hand-painted movement
The RM68-01 movement is completely hand-painted by Cyril Kongo using spray, showing its superb graffiti style. As a result, this watch has unprecedented visual effects, and at the same time, the watch is also equipped with superb tourbillon complication.
Each watch is hand-painted by Kongo, showing its solemnity.
On the back of the watch, the central pattern on the bottom plate of the tourbillon movement radiates from the center to the surroundings, much like the effect of splashing paint on the wall. The front movement bridge plate forms arcs with different angles, just like the wild strokes in the street mural art
Variable inertia balance wheel
The variable inertia balance wheel and the end curve hairspring structure ensure the stability of the watch and ensure the watch’s durability and extraordinary accuracy.
Quickly rotate the barrel (6 hours per revolution instead of 7.5 hours)
These barrels have the following advantages:
-Greatly reduces the mainspring adhesion and enhances performance.
-Make up the perfect mainspring delta curve. This choice strikes an ideal balance between power reserve, performance and stability.
Progressive rebound function barrel pawl
This device can save considerable energy (approximately 20%) during the winding, especially at the beginning of the winding. Avoid too tight clockwork
Clockwork box gear and central wheel adopt involute tooth profile
The central involute tooth profile provides the best 20-degree angular pressure, which helps improve gear transmission efficiency and offsets gear meshing deviations. This ensures good torque transmission and significantly improves its performance.
Grade five spline screws for bridges
These screws are durable and ensure better control of the tightening torque acting on the screws during initial assembly and disassembly.
Other characteristics
-Movement size: 30.50 mm x 28.70 mm
-Thickness: 8.39mm
-Tourbillon size: 10.90 mm
-Balance wheel size: 10.00 mm
-Number of gems: 19
-Balance wheel: Two-arm Glucydur beryllium copper balance wheel, 4 adjusting screws, moment of inertia 11.5 mg. Cm2, lift angle 53 °
-Swing frequency: 21’600 times per hour (3 Hz)
-Hairspring: Nivarox® alloy
-Shockproof: KIF ELASTOR KE 160 B28
-Barrel: Nickel-free Chronifer (DIN x 46 Cr 13 + S), with the following properties: Anti-rust, anti-magnetic, can be treated with fire
The bezel and caseback of this RM 68-01 are made of black ceramic. The low density of this black ceramic (6g / cm3) makes it highly scratch-resistant and extremely low thermal conductivity.
At the same time, the TZP material with 95% yttrium-stabilized zirconia has a remarkable texture, which brings amazing and perfect results. Through the long and elaborate manufacturing and polishing process of diamond tools, the matte black ceramic surface is finally created.
The watch ring is made of NTPT carbon fiber. This material consists of multiple layers of parallel filaments, which are separated from carbon fibers. These thin layers, no more than 30 microns thick, are first immersed in resin and then constructed by a special machine, with a 45 ° angle stagger between each layer. After heating to 120 ° at a pressure of 6 bar, NTPT® carbon fiber material can be processed. NTPT® carbon fiber material has 25% better fracture stress and 200% improvement in microcracks compared to composites that have been considered to have excellent physical properties. The RM 68-01 case is water resistant to 50 meters.
The case uses an asymmetrical design, and the thickness gradually decreases from 9 o’clock to 3 o’clock; the height gradually decreases from 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock.
This watch’s parts are assembled from 20 grade 5 titanium spline screws and 316L stainless steel wear-resistant washers.
Case five titanium spline screws
These screws allow for more precise control of the tightening torque. These screws are not affected by the disassembly sequence and are durable.
Test crown
This safety device prevents excessive winding, resulting in damage to the arbor or overtightening of the mainspring.
Upper inner ring and lower inner ring
The upper inner ring is made of grade 5 titanium alloy with a black plating process and is patterned by Cyril Kongo.
Table mirror
Bezel: Sapphire 1800 (1800-dimensional ⽒ hardness) mirror ⾯, both of which are anti-glare treated
Thickness: 1.50 mm
Bottom cover side: Sapphire glass, both sides have anti-glare treatment
Thickness: 1.20 m ⽶ in the middle, 1.95 m ⽶ in the edge
Metal, rhodium-plated and hand-polished
Movement components
The base plate and bridge of the movement are made of micro-blasted grade 5 titanium alloy
-⼿ ⼯ Down ⾓ Sanding
-Milling shot peening
-Brushed top
-Grooved Cyril Kongo hand-painted
Stainless steel components
-Table blasting
-⼿ ⼯ Down ⾓ Sanding
-Longitudinal drawing on top
-Side chin longitudinal drawing
-Groove polishing
-Tips are ground and polished
-Polished shaft head
Gear set
-Cyril Kongo hand drawn
-Groove polished by drill collar
-Round case polished
-Rhodium-plated (injected before gear milling)
-Minimal gear correction to maintain any structure and performance

Rolex Sucks Badly? Reveal The Truth Of Your Polishing!

I often receive various messages from my watchmates in the background of the watch world, and one of them caught my attention. This cousin just entered the watch ‘big pit’, went to the store to watch the watch every three minutes. When many sales are at the reception, they will particularly emphasize that their watches are well polished. From the beginning, the cousin didn’t care. He talked too much about sales, and he was curious. Is the polishing of mechanical watches really useful? How to look at the grade of polishing? Although when it comes to watch polishing, most of them refer to the polishing of the movement, but in fact, the polishing range extends far beyond the movement, such as the case and bracelet. Without sanding, the watch is extremely rough and cannot be worn at all. The Swiss watch pays attention to details, and the center axis of the hands will also be polished, and the polishing of some details may sometimes be used as a basis for judging the authenticity of the watch. For example, taking the pointer axis , although this is a tiny part, Swiss watches are usually polished, and fake watches are difficult to take care of such as the axis of the pointer due to cost, process and other reasons. detail. The beautiful and delicate movement of the movement can greatly increase the added value of the watch. If we divide according to function, sanding can be roughly divided into two types: functional sanding and decorative sanding. Rolex focuses on functional grinding. Functional grinding is mainly practical. It can remove the burrs left during processing, enhance the rust resistance of the movement, and achieve the purpose of accurate watch operation. Decorative sanding focuses on aesthetics, and it has nothing to do with the accuracy of the watch. Polishing to increase the added value of watches is mostly decorative polishing. It should be noted here that the two are not one or the other, and sometimes there is a certain decorative nature in functional polishing and a functional nature in decorative polishing. Many people will think that Rolex’s movements are not very polished, and they don’t seem to be as ‘glossy’ as some brands. This is mainly because Rolex focuses on functional polishing for the sake of watchmaking. Rolex’s positioning is a high-level practical watch. Its annual output is about 700,000-800,000. If you pay attention to the decoration and beauty of the movement like some brands, and spend a lot of time on decorative polishing, it is not only difficult to guarantee such a huge The annual output and cost are not allowed. But if we look at it from another angle, Rolex’s polishing is actually in place. We know that Rolex is basically a watch with a dense bottom, so in fact, we usually can’t see the movement. But if we disassemble the Rolex movement and disassemble the splint above, we will find that Rolex has been polished in many places inside the movement. Many parts of the Rolex movement have been polished, and some brands of the same level as Rolex have been polished, although they have been thoroughly polished, and are polished beautifully where we can see with the naked eye. But where it can’t be seen, it’s completely perfunctory. Therefore, in my opinion, Rolex’s polishing is relatively kind, although it is not so beautiful, but it has a lot more conscience than some similar brands. When it comes to sanding, the most common is the fish scales. This is a relatively basic grinding technique. We can see fish scales on Swiss watches at different prices, and even on some domestic watches. It looks like fish scales, one by one, densely distributed on the oscillating weight or splint, and has a complex beauty. If some watches are reluctant to use fish scales, there is no decoration on the movement, and it is as smooth as undressed. What is the value of this watch, we don’t even have to look at the brand to know. If the fish scales are polished by an entry-level movement, the advanced version is considered Geneva Ripples . This is more common in high-end watches. Some entry-level brands will be decorated with Geneva ripples on individual parts such as the rotor. Blancpain’s ‘day-date’ dual calendar display uses standard Geneva ripples to polish the Geneva splines. The name comes from the sparkling Lake Geneva. The most common Geneva ripples are parallel straight lines, but it may not always be They are all ‘straight’ and can be bent to form other styles, such as circular or radial. Like the Omega Co-Axial movement, it uses radial Geneva waves. It should be noted that in some German brands, there are also polishing of fish scales and Geneva ripples, but because of different origins, they may be called differently, but there is no difference in essence. Using the Piaget 700P movement with ring-shaped Geneva wave polishing and the radial Omega 8704 coaxial coaxial plate with Geneva wave polishing, in addition to fish scales and Geneva waves, there are also brushed straight lines . From the shape point of view, brushed straight lines are a bit like thin hair. The texture of the splint is significantly better after being drawn with straight lines. For example, Panerai’s plywood is often polished in this way. Panerai 1312’s movement is brushed and straight grained. Although these three types of polishing can be seen in many brands, it does not mean that the quality of each is the same. The reason is also very simple. For example, there are many people who can speak English now, but they also speak English. Can the graduates of ordinary universities have the same level of simultaneous interpretation? Therefore, even if it is common fish scales and Geneva ripples, there will be a large gap between entry-level brands and top brands. In general, not only are top brands polished, but prices have also risen. For example, brands such as Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philippe, and Audemars Piguet, which sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars, can be easily handled, whether they are basic fish scales or more advanced Geneva ripples, and Delicate and textured, even with careful observation with eyepieces, it can still stand the test. The chamfering at the edges of the rounded chamfering splints that appear in top watches is even more effective. Chamfering is a technique that softens sharp, right-angled corners. The edges of the un-chamfered plywood are often at a 90-degree angle, which is very sharp. In some mid- to high-end brands, the edges of the splint are usually chamfered. According to the shape of the chamfer, there are bevel and round chamfers . Independent watchmaker brand GrÖnefeld’s round chamfer grinding in the movement. Bevel chamfering is based on the 90-degree right angle of the edge of the splint, file the bevel, and then carefully polish it with a tool. The truly advanced and ornamental is the round chamfer. With the watchmaker’s superb skills, the original splint edge of the original Pioneer is completely invisible, replaced by a pleasing ’round’ that is pleasing to the eye. Round chamfering is also one of the most difficult processes in grinding. One of the major difficulties of the chamfering process is the grasp of the ‘fire’. If the strength is too large, it is easy to deform the parts, and if the strength is too small, the chamfering effect is not good. In the impression, brands like Patek Philippe, Lange, Vacheron Constantin, etc., can make round chamfers. Philippe Dufour, Romain Gauthier, GrÖnefeld and other independent watchmakers are particularly good at round chamfering. It can be said that the brands that can make smooth and rounded chamfers are necessarily top brands. We often overlook chamfers in some places, such as holes in splints. Friends who are familiar with the structure of mechanical watches know that the mechanical movement is a bit like a ‘sandwich’ and consists of several splints. The plywood is fixed by screws, and the ‘home’ of the screws is in these holes. In addition, a jewel bearing that reduces friction and improves durability is also installed in the hole. So, don’t look at the small volume of these pores, but the effect is great. Fine watches always pay attention to details. The holes in these splints, as well as every screw, will not be missed. These holes have to be cut out with a special machine before burrs and blemishes are removed and chamfered. Vacheron Constantin’s tourbillon series ‘Xianglong Royal Pearl’ watch is black polished on the tourbillon holder. Another difficult polishing process is called black polishing, is also called mirror polishing. The reason why it is called black polishing is that the surface of this polished part appears completely black at a certain angle. Black polishing is usually only used for steel parts, such as tourbillon brackets, screws on clamp plates, and so on. Many of the screws of high-quality mechanical watches are black polished and very beautiful. Of course, such screws are not cheap, and some even cost dozens of Swiss francs. After all, you pay one price for one price. To enjoy good things, you must pay the corresponding price. The mechanical watch brings beautiful enjoyment to a large extent through decorative sanding and various traditional techniques. If there is no exquisite polishing, the charm of mechanical watches may be reduced by half.