The Essence Of Domestic Watches Seagull Business Sports Watch Series M198s Wristwatch

As a well-known old factory in China, the Seagull watch still has a certain status in the hearts of the Chinese people. Maybe it is not comparable to Swiss watches in workmanship, but in the production of self-produced movements, it has already been ahead of the same brand. The business sports series is a hot-selling series of seagulls. Today, we will come together to first this seagull business sports watch series M198S watch.
 Seagull’s M198S watch is still relatively meticulous in appearance. The 38 mm diameter can be said to be tailor-made for oriental men, especially those in the south. The entire case is made of stainless steel, the surface is mirror-like, and the sense of technology and metal is extremely strong. The lug’s radian is very natural and soft. With the smaller disk surface, the lug is also thinner. The strap is a black cowhide strap, lined with the color of most leather straps, but this kind of lining is particularly prone to soiling due to sweat.

Of course, from the design of the watch face, removing the logo, I personally feel that he already has a certain range. The dial is very concise, and the slender rod-shaped pointer points directly to the minute graduations left by each passing time. The design of the junior hand is simple and solemn due to the very simple and clear hands, and the time scale on the dial is also linear. The entire dial protrudes from the edge to the middle. This design is only common in early watches. It is a design with a certain history. This also clearly shows that it is not a style that young people like.
In addition, it also has a back-through design, you can appreciate the charm of the movement.
When it comes to functions, this business sports watch from Seagull really has no special functions. It only sets a small calendar window at 3 o’clock, indicating that it has only calendar functions.
As the timepiece itself, the functional requirements for traveling time are what it wants to achieve. In addition to other functions, you can add points to this watch. The calendar function of Seagull adds a bit of flavor to the simple dial. Watching its dial, which attracts my attention from time to time, is this calendar. However, the internal structure of this calendar is only an ordinary calendar module, so it does not recognize the change law of the month. It only moves from 1 to 31 in accordance with the advancement of the gear, and it repeats itself. Adjust the date.
Of course, in addition to this calendar function, it still has a waterproof function, waterproof is an essential invisible function, the waterproof coefficient of 30 meters can basically meet the needs of daily wear.

 The core of the watch is the movement, the core competitiveness of the brand, and the most important thing is the movement and design. At present, a large number of international brands have been established for less than half a century, or even only for more than a decade, but their products have been rapidly obtained. Recognition and ranking among the world’s high-end watchmaking brands are mainly due to their two cores. Although the Seagull watch is not an international high-end watchmaking brand, it has also mastered some technologies due to its long-term watchmaking experience and is able to independently develop and produce movements. In addition, it has successfully developed a dual-axis tourbillon, which is international The height that a large number of brands have never achieved, if they can handle the details better, they can definitely gain a foothold in the high-end watch market. This watch is equipped with the ST18 movement. From its detailed treatment, it can be found that it is indeed not as refined as the international brands, and such movements are produced by mechanical mass production with low artificial added value. This is also to cater to the market. Demand for entry-level mechanical watches. The performance of this movement is appropriate in the positioning of the watch itself.
 The seagull watch is a brand with a long history in domestic watches. From Tianjin watchmaking to seagull brand, from planned economy to today’s market economy, its transformation road is difficult, but with the continuous exploration of the core technology and Research and development, seagulls have moved to the international market. The appearance of this seagull watch has some cultural and historical accumulated taste. The stainless steel case and crown reveal a sense of technology. The function is only calendar and waterproof function, which can meet the daily wearing needs of business people. The movement is its core. The M198S watch with the self-made ST18 movement is specially designed with a case back so that the wearer can clearly understand the external structure of the movement.
With the deepening of China’s awareness of intellectual property rights, the independent core technology of watches will be guaranteed. Of course, it is more important to have innovative design and true core technology. In addition to the watch itself, I hope that the seagull can cross the ocean with its wings (bi-wing tourbillon) and fly to a wider sky.
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Extraordinary Work Of Art Bvlgari Diagono X-pro312

Bvlgari has been actively cooperating with Hollywood films in recent years. In 2011, BVLGARI used the sports watch series Diagono X-pro watch to cooperate with the global blockbuster blockbuster ‘Transformer 3’. The film will be played by the leading actor West Asia Li Bifu ( Shia LaBeouf).
Diagono X-pro312 with many innovative and superior designs and advanced performance, equipped with BVL 312 column wheel chronograph movement specially made for Bvlgari custom, not only can accurately time, but also has time display in three time zones. The two-way safety push-down bezel with 24 hours can be used as the third time zone, and the day / night time zone is displayed in different materials (stainless steel during the day and rubber at night). The bezel is equipped with a highly innovative Bulgari exclusive device, allowing the wearer to easily lock the selected time zone. It can be unlocked by lightly pressing down, and the wearer can adjust it, and the time zone can be displayed without releasing the bezel.
The Diagono X-Pro case has a diameter of 45 mm and is crafted to the extreme with 104 parts. The material of the case includes stainless steel, titanium, rubber and diamond-like carbon (DLC). The diamond-like treatment can harden the metal surface and greatly improve the wear resistance; the mirror surface is sapphire crystal with scratch-resistant and anti-glare treatment, and the face plate has large, easy-to-read black, red and white hollow fluorescent handles, with a vivid and modern design , Not only allows users to easily read the various displays on the surface, strong color contrast, but also adds a low-key sense of luxury and a high degree of practicality.
Diagono X-Pro’s dial also has another innovative design, designed with ergonomic movable lugs up and down seven degrees, this watch easily fits the wrist, bringing the best comfort to the wearer. The Diagono X-pro 312 watch with various advanced and excellent performances, naturally, comfortable and lightweight on the wrist, has naturally become one of the mysterious robots in the movie ‘Transformers 3’, showing Bulgari’s watchmaking Extraordinary technology and strong strength in the process!