Discovering Your Best In Time, Zhang Haojie’s Metamorphic Trip

Time is an endless river. Every transformation of life, every appearance with a distinctive mark, is engraved in the clear eyes of time. The boy sailing in the wind and sailing at the helm took the time to create a transformation for himself. On July 27, 2018, on this special ‘anniversary day’, Zhang Haochen won the weighty title of the Swiss beauty watch ‘Editor of Time’.

   ‘Time is proof that we have lived hard.’ In many works of post-90s best-selling author Zhang Haoyu, he recounts the various themes in the world with the full and unique imagination of novelists. He keenly and accurately captured our subtle but full emotions at different times. In his opinion, time is a chronic wandering. He uses time as the axis to write stories in time; his wristwatch also records his wanderings.
   Zhang Haochi once mocked himself as an introverted fat man when he was studying, besieged by the mockery and prank harassment of his peers. When he was in college, his skinny face was white and handsome, he took off his inferior raincoat and regained his confidence. After graduating from the first year of Beibui, he used the ‘Those Adventures’ series of comics to circulate on the Internet, and then posted his own creative illustration pictures on social platforms. Xiu Xiu’s handwriting was accompanied by a warm style of painting. , Let more people know him, and immediately gained a large number of loyal fans. Time is exactly the accelerator for his dream. Everything that followed was like a piece of bamboo. The new books ‘You Are Your Best Self’ and ‘I and the World Are Only One You’ made him the ‘first post-90s writer’ in the hearts of many people.

   This boy who wandered in the grey time has started a transformation for himself with his time. Regardless of his life experience or his works, he is worthy of becoming the Swiss editor of time. ‘Begins with beauty and loyalty to talent.’ Zhang Haoyu perfectly interpreted this sentence. Seemingly well-behaved, he has surprising courage and creativity in his heart, freely walking in the sea of ​​dreams, and willing to try while maintaining his self. Zhang Haojin’s life status is also sought by many young people today. He often says to himself that he doesn’t care about winning prizes, but focuses on participation. He mentioned in the interview, ‘Some people have been searching for a variety of interests throughout their lives. In the process of finding them, what they have gained may be looking up and you can see a whole starry sky ‘For him, he enjoyed exactly this process and the memories and thoughts brought to him by countless special’ memorial moments ‘in the process.
   The flow of time carries the transformation of Zhang Haojin, as well as the century-old watchmaking history of Swiss Mido and its immortal insistence on brand values. Maintaining the original intention and unremitting pursuit is the silent tacit understanding between Zhang Haojie, the editor-in-chief of the time, and the Swiss Mido watch, and the quality that the Swiss Mido watch has been through for 100 years.