Iwc-engineer Earth Mission Automatic ‘plastic’ Special Edition

As the official partner of the ‘Plastiki’ adventure program, IWC Schaffhausen presents a new special limited edition of the Ingenieur engineer series Wristwatch: Ingenieur Automatic Mission Earth Edition ‘Plastiki’ Special Edition of the Engineer Earth Mission Automatic Watch ‘Plastic’ to celebrate the achievements of this voyage mission.
This watch is made by watchmaker Schaffhausen to the British adventurer David de Rothschild. A tribute to Roschel and his team. This expedition crossed the Pacific Ocean in 2010 in a pioneering, unparalleled catamaran, the Plastiki.

The ‘Plastiki’ expedition has set an environmental feat. The 12-ton catamaran floated on 12,500 recycled plastic bottles and sailed from San Francisco to Sydney to raise the world’s attention to marine health, especially the issue of countless plastic waste being dumped into the sea. David Roschel is not only a pioneer in environmental protection, but also an outstanding thinker, full of extraordinary ideas and enthusiasm. He and his team used this program to witness the waste as a good resource.

Swiss watchmaker IWC Schaffhausen is the official partner of this exploration project. IWC hopes to use this event to raise awareness of marine plastic waste. In commemoration of this collaboration, the brand has specially launched the Ingenieur Automatic Mission Earth Edition ‘Plastiki’ Special Edition, ‘Reference 3236’, limited edition of 1,000.

Orthodox And Elegant 2016 Iwc Pilot’s Watch Series (Overview)

Swiss watchmaker IWC Schaffhausen has launched a new pilot watch series in 2016. The new series takes into account the needs of watch enthusiasts for different types of watches: an orthodox large pilot heritage Watches, the stylish Mark XVIII Pilot’s Watch, and the elegant Pilot’s Watch 36, this collection perfectly embodies how IWC combines innovation with history. Although inherited, it is different. And the popular ‘Anthony Saint Exupery’ special edition and ‘Little Prince’ special edition watches will surely capture the love of many watch collectors again this year.
   ‘In 2016, we added entry-level compact pilot watches, but we haven’t overlooked the long tradition of this series,’ explains Mr. Georges Kern, CEO of IWC. ‘We have launched stylish The Mark XVIII Pilot’s Watch and the Elegant Pilot’s Watch 36 are attractive for men and women who have thinner wrists and prefer elegance and understated style. On the other hand, we have created orthodox large precision navigation Watches—Large Pilot’s Watches, reminiscent of the large pilot watches of 1940. Finally, as in previous years, we also offer the special edition of ‘Anthony Saint Exupery’ and the special ‘Little Prince’ Edition watch, its design concept is unique, such as the specially designed annual calendar function. ‘

   The eye-catching highlights of the current series are undoubtedly the large pilot heritage watch 55 (model: IW510401) and the large pilot heritage watch 48 (model: IW510301). Its design inspiration is deeply inspired by historical precision navigation watches, which is not only reflected in the huge diameter of 55 mm or 48 mm. Christian Knoop, creative director of IWC, explained: ‘In the design of heritage watches, we have always focused on loyalty to the original-from the dial design, to the color of the luminous numerals, the shape of the propeller pointer, and then To the riveted calfskin strap. The watch looks as if it has crossed back into the era of flying pioneers, but it incorporates innovative modern watchmaking techniques. ‘Among them are IWC’s self-made movements, which prevent the manual winding mechanism from over-winding. Clutch, titanium case and soft magnetic iron inner case. Christian Nu said: ‘We have a large pilot heritage watch 48 equipped with anti-magnetic protection, through the transparent sapphire glass back on the back, you can see the subtleties of traditional craftsmanship.’

   IWC has expanded the entry-level models in the new Pilot’s Watch series, making it more attractive to watch lovers who prefer elegant watches of smaller size. The Pilot Automatic 36 (Model: 3240) has a case diameter of 36 mm and is the smallest model in the current pilot watch queue of IWC. This elegant and timeless three-hand watch is designed for watch fans with smaller wrists. There are three dial designs for the five watches, which have a simple and bright appearance.

   The special editions of ‘Anthony Saint Exupery’ and ‘Little Prince’ played an important role in the pilot watch series. IWC has paid tribute to the French writer and pilot and its most famous work The Little Prince since 2006 and 2013. Throughout his life, Anthony Saint Exupery has been constantly involved in flying and writing, technology and poetry. The watchmaker and designer of the special edition of the small pilot’s calendar “Little Prince” (model: IW502701) now merges two worlds: they engraved the portrait of the famous little prince on the pure gold rotor on the bottom of the watch, The little prince opened his eyes wide and stared intently into the sky. The little prince rotates around his axis and winds the watch. Three non-limited edition pilot watches were also decorated in 2016 with the Little Prince special edition night blue dial: large pilot watch (model: IW500916), pilot chronograph watch (model: IW377714) and Mark XVIII pilots Watch (model: IW327004). Through the special edition of the large-scale pilot’s perpetual calendar watch ‘Anthony Saint Exupery’ (model: IW503801) and the pilot’s chase chronograph watch ‘Anthony Saint Exupery’ special model (model: IW371808), the designer responded to IWC IWC’s brand heritage is inherited, making it easy to see at a glance: All watches have a tobacco brown dial and a calfskin strap with cream stitching, reminiscent of the flight suit worn by Saint Exupéry that year colour.
   The Watch House will continue to follow the latest developments of SIHH and update more, better and more comprehensive content simultaneously. Please pay attention to the special report of the watch house SIHH Geneva International Haute Horlogerie:

Vacheron Constantin Only Watch Special Peace Dove Watch

This model is another perfect masterpiece of watchmaker Vacheron Constantin’s famous Metiers d ‘Art: gold carving, enamel crafts, gem setting and serial carving. This is specially made for Only Watch Perfectly displayed on the unique and gorgeous watch.
Inspired by the inlay paving design technology, this Métiers d ‘Art – Perspectives d’ Art watch is appreciated from different angles, and the watch will present different picture effects, giving people a great visual enjoyment.

腕表 This watch combines several artisanal craftsmanship of the watchmaker, with outstanding levels and vividly expressing the theme. This watch uses a dial made of gold, enamel and diamonds, fine decoration and geometric figures, the use of space, giving different definitions of time.
表 The design of this watch was inspired by a painting by Maurits Cornelis Escher-a Dutch ceramic and painting artist (1898-1972) who is quite famous in terms of structure, perspective and space. The red and white flying peace pigeon depicted on the dial of this watch is made by Vacheron Constantin with the characteristics of Métiers d ‘Art, which is the representative color of the Only Watch charity auction.

These pigeons are a symbol of hope and love. They are inlaid and interlocked like insert toys or small square tiles. The use of this technology has produced wonderful works of decorative art. Inside the case is a high-precision Vacheron Constantin CAL2460 self-winding movement with the Geneva mark. The movement is completely independently developed and manufactured, and its functional quality is very reliable and stable, and all are hand-polished and polished in accordance with the traditional craftsmanship of the high-end Swiss watchmaking industry.