After The Little White Shoes, The White Watch Is A Fashion Mystery Waiting To Be Discovered

After a large wave of well-known bloggers, fashion people and even celebrities from all walks of life bombarded, white shoes have become the hardest hit area of ​​the fashion industry, so that any cottage brand has been successful Imitating the styles of various big names, plus this has been popular for several seasons, it is estimated that some people have worn a wave of white shoes, and dare to use small white shoes to talk about things, probably only my reflection arc is relatively long People out.

   This is the case. A friend recently wanted to buy shoes and would like to go see it, but she is a girl. If there is any goal in shopping, she ca n’t help when she likes it, so she often fails every time she goes shopping. trip. This time, I have seen several sports brands such as Adidas, Nike, and New Balance, and I have also gone to designer brands. Although it looks like white shoes on the street, I have to say that they still show up after putting on their feet. Out of the charm of the little white shoes. More importantly, white shoes are regardless of gender, and boys have the same vitality without limits. But anyway, the little white shoes have its own seductive power, but the key is still how to wear them in order to give play to its distinctive visual effects. Therefore, for professional instincts, I thought of using a white watch. The white shoes will definitely be outstanding.
A little white on the wrist
   According to the basic law of dressing, it is best not to have more than three colors in the whole body. This is a conservative and classic way of dressing. If you are a fashionista, you can certainly control the collision of multi-colors, but for small white shoes In terms of itself, it is already a very eye-catching element, so the multi-color system often causes a sense of confusion, but the simpler the more you can wear different textures. On this basis, choosing a watch will be much easier.

   If you still can’t accept an all-white watch, you can start with the white dial. Just the white disc surface can form an up-and-down echo with the little white shoes, making people feel relaxed. A pair of black cropped pants, a blue shirt, and a pair of white shoes are very comfortable for business and leisure, suitable for daily wear in the office, and also suitable for meeting friends on weekends. A watch with a white dial is linked up and down with small white shoes. I think Longines is very suitable for this style. A brown belt on the L2.693.4.78.3 watch highlights its elegance and subtlety, but the white dial with sports timing function is very casual, and it is not like being stuck in the daily classics. , The blue willow-shaped pointer can add a sense of humor, people can’t help but think of the elegance.

   Compared with the casualness of office dress, if you want to be a little more formal, such as attending a dinner party or party, then a casual suit, a pair of casual trousers, and a pair of white casual leather shoes, it’s pretty cool, and then a white The watch on the dial is used as a perfect decoration, so eye-catching, you can add a lot of points to your style. A pair of white leather shoes makes you look a lot more relaxed, and coupled with a delicate watch, the charm is irresistible. The Montblanc TimeWalker series is in my opinion the best fit for such a situation. Its magnificent time scales and hands are gold-plated to show a man’s fine style. The black leather strap shows the gentleman’s grace of the watch, but Seems so casual. Coupled with the sense of movement brought by timing, it is very energetic, indicating that you are a passionate person.

   Of course, in the most everyday time, especially in the spring and autumn seasons, the neat and simple style will bring unexpected appeal, sunshine, handsomeness and style. At this time, of course, the watch must not be too complicated, the simpler the better, but the simplicity also needs to have characteristics, otherwise it will look too bland. At this time, NOMOS must be your good helper, NOMOS’s literary arts just let Your knitted jacket and slacks show the most comfortable effect. NOMOS 551 may be the ideal choice, because it not only has a simple design, which is in line with the spring and autumn. The red small second hand is used as an embellishment. The watch also has a crown shoulder, and a woven strap. With a very sunny Feel.

   White can also be a sporty color. In summer, striped hot pants and pink shirts can become very sporty, and only at this time, boys wearing pink will not make people feel too bright, and at this time, a pair of white Sneakers with a white dial sports watch, let the overall image pull back a little bit. At the same time, this style is also very suitable for seaside vacations. The beach style can release a little white shoes and white watches full of freedom. The previous generation of Rolex Daytona white-panel watches had a place at this time. For a long time, the black-panel models had to cover the white-panel models, but at this time, the white-panel Daytona More suitable as the protagonist. Daytona itself is the name of a beach, so pairing it with the beach can’t be more appropriate.
Make white the main theme
   I have to say that boys do n’t wear all-white watches. On the one hand, in most cases, only women’s watches are all white. Men’s watches that are all white are rare and difficult to match. This is just like a few years ago, red was also considered as the color of women, but today, under the craze of sports, boys not only wear red shoes, but also look very energetic. Just like the rapid popularity of the small white shoes, the white watch is indeed a fashionable piece.

   White watches may feel unacceptable, but this is not true in the fashion industry. All white watches, with bracelets or bracelets, do not have to worry about the watch being too exaggerated. Use a bright-colored top to do it. Visual transitions can achieve better results. At this point, no matter what with the white shoes or Martin boots or even boat shoes, you can hold the gas field. Swatch is a fashion watch brand that I do n’t need to worry about so many, because it does not distinguish age and gender, as long as you dare to try it, it will surprise you, so all white watches, Swatch must be It’s worth choosing, and its rubber band is very comfortable and textured. You are welcome to say that it is the darling of fashion.

   In most cases, men will be required or more inclined to choose a mature, stable, and textured masculinity, but sometimes they are often misunderstood as uncle Fan. The masculine is not just this style. When white shoes are paired with casual trousers and shirts, seemingly complicated and intense contrast, but there is an extra freshness, this sunshine and hearty is also a pleasant handsome. If this is used as an office daily, then a white Casio can make you the focus of fashion. Casio G-Shock must be the best choice. This flagship sports watch is completely stylish and functional.

   Some white watches are destined to be the main theme. No matter how you wear them, they can turn the tide with their own power. Richard Mille, a world-class high-tech watchmaking brand, can easily cost over a million single watches. When you wear such a white watch to the street, many things do not need to be explained in words.
Summary: When white shoes are pushed to the tip of fashion, white watches are the mystery of fashion waiting to be discovered. (Figure Network / Text Watch House Wang Tao)