Experiencing The Deep Ocean: Panerai’s Contemporary Hero Survival Timing Tool Show

From May 21st to 22nd, Panerai transformed Shanghai’s people’s livelihood art wharf into a deep and complex underwater world, and presented a contemporary hero survival timepiece exhibition. An interactive, dynamic installation covering more than 800 square meters of space, guests can enjoy 360 ° panoramic views of the abyss of the sea, accompanied by swarms of hungry sharks, walking through the remains of the sunken ship from the 19th to 20th centuries.

Contemporary hero survival timing tools exhibition scene
   ‘The two brand ambassadors of Panerai-the explorer Mike Horn and the freediving champion Guillaume Néry-have given us a clearer understanding of contemporary heroes, and we have therefore come up with our mission: to build an exclusive contemporary hero accordingly ‘The universe,’ said AlvaroMaggini, the first creative director in the history of the Panerai brand that just took over in February.

Panerai’s first creative director AlvaroMaggini

   ‘I hope that our guests can enjoy rare and epic heroic experiences in the contemporary world while enjoying luxury. Panerai’s survival timing tool will become them in the face of the challenges we set. Reliable helper. ‘

Panerai hosts contemporary hero survival timing tool exhibition at Shanghai Minsheng Art Terminal

   The crisis is full of dangers, and countless challenges await Panerai’s guests: the sea floor is covered by darkness, and the megalodon with its 300 sharp teeth almost breaks through the digital porthole, and the unknown danger is hidden in the murky megalithic crevice. In the undersea kingdom intertwined with gravel, coral, and seagrass, fierce horned sharks open their mouths with blood basins, and there is a bar hidden in the gap between the boulder (maybe a sea slug slips out of the gap at the next moment). Underwater detection Device is running.

   Under the caress of the currents and the dappled light, the new Panerai Submersible watch series released at the Geneva Watchmaking Fair, such as treasures buried deep in the ocean floor, quietly scattered between shells and rocks.

Contemporary Hero Survival Timing Tools Exhibition, providing interactive dynamic installation experience on site.
   ‘China, like the United States, is our most important market. So this time we chose to put the brand’s new image into shape in Shanghai.’ Jean-MarcPontroué has been CEO of Panerai since April 2018, he said, ‘In any case, we will always uphold the foundation of the brand for more than 150 years: the ocean is always our natural habitat.’

2013 Sihh Geneva High Watch Salon-greubel Forsey Double Tourbillon

The Double Tourbillon Technique Black watch brings a new breakthrough to Greubel Forsey. This is the first watch in the series to have a black main tone, and it is also the first watch in which Coperfus has a titanium case and a natural rubber strap. These new features give this watch a stronger three-dimensional structure, compared with the classic gold and platinum models of the past, it has an exquisite and unrestrained beauty.

 The carefully polished steel plywood is in stark contrast to the black chrome-machined main board and plywood.
The Double Tourbillon Technique Black watch is equipped with an openwork architectural structure movement, which was developed and manufactured by Coperfus, and is the first basic invention of Double Tourbillon 30 °.
 In addition, every part of the Double Tourbillon Technique Black watch is exquisitely crafted. Through the sapphire crystal, you can appreciate the intricate parts, which are interlocking and rotate uniformly. Each part is carefully and perfectly polished and processed, which is spectacular. Even the underlying parts and mechanical structures can be appreciated under the design of the openwork structure. This design not only presents the entire mechanical structure, but also becomes an interactive way with connoisseurs who love to observe carefully and discover every detail.
 Cooperfuss characteristic luminous skeletonized hands indicate the time, hour and minute indexes are set on a transparent sapphire crystal ring. The transparent sapphire crystal ring gives a complete overview of the underlying mechanical structure, making the depth of the movement structure more prominent. In addition, the tourbillon system at 6 o’clock has an additional four small red arrows. The cross-shaped splint made of sapphire crystal shows that the outer tourbillon rotates once every four minutes, and every quarter circle shows zero. To sixty seconds.
 The three-dimensional design follows the entire Double Tourbillon Technique Black watch. It’s like a visual journey, starting from the upper part of the movement, starting from the small seconds dial close to 9 o’clock, passing through the four-coaxial barrel and a bracket with a gemstone on the top, which supports the hour and minute hands. , Finally came to the power reserve display at 3 o’clock. The position of the small seconds dial and the power reserve display are balanced with each other, and the small red triangle pointer display becomes a bright spot, dotted with two small dials.
 Four high-speed coaxial barrels provide up to 120 hours of power. No matter when the mainspring is wound or when the mainspring is relaxed, you can see that the mainspring box is rotating. Connected to the barrel is a ball differential that drives the power reserve indicator.
 Cooperfuss has long been known in the watchmaking industry for its perfect polishing technology and craftsmanship, its unwillingness to compromise and its eager pursuit. Each part and every part of the Double Tourbillon Technique Black watch has its own place to highlight its own shape and the extraordinary craftsmanship of hand polishing, just like a work of art. After the main board and the splint are polished, the inner corners are sharp, showing the exquisite craftsmanship. The black flat polishing technology of stainless steel plywood and the mirror surface polishing technology of complex curves have formed a flickering light reflection, giving the movement unprecedented anger.
Double Tourbillon Technique Black watch details
 The Double Tourbillon Technique watch is distinguished by its unique three-dimensional openwork architectural movement. Generally, the hollowed-out movement only removes the excess parts and materials from the existing movement, and it is limited to two-dimensional angles. The movement of the Double Tourbillon Technique watch was developed from the time of development, and it was specially designed to make it exquisite Micromechanical parts and structures are designed to be displayed in a three-dimensional manner, and it is desirable to show as many mechanical parts as possible.
 Thanks to the uncompromising structure of the Double Tourbillon 30 ° Technique, every perfectly polished part can be appreciated from multiple perceptions.
Double Tourbillon 30 °
 In 2004, Coperfuss published the first basic invention, the Double Tourbillon 30 °. This innovative 30-degree double-body tourbillon system consists of an inner tourbillon tilted 30 degrees and making a full revolution in 60 seconds, and an outer tourbillon frame that makes a full 4-minute revolution. This double-body tourbillon system can reduce the influence of gravity on the balance with hairspring and improve the accuracy of travel time. This structure makes the performance better when traveling, whether it is the ratio of the minimum volume to the maximum balance wheel diameter or the top-end polishing of the tourbillon system, you can fully appreciate it.
Black titanium case, lugs, crown and buckle
 The central hollow hour and minute hands are treated with white Super Luminova, which is in sharp contrast with the black chrome-machined main board and plywood. The small seconds and power reserve display of the triangular hands are made of red anodized aluminum and processed by hand. The faceplate of the small seconds dial and the faceplate of the power reserve are made of the same piece of gold, with a straight grain grinding in the center, and the scale is filled with lacquer. Metal hour markers on a carefully cut sapphire ring. The three-dimensional detachable titanium lugs allow fine processing of the entire case surface. The buckle made of black titanium is specially ordered by Coopers. The double-folding design must be unlocked with two buttons, which greatly enhances the safety of the buckle.
Perfect craftsmanship and aesthetics
 Like all Coperfus watches, there is no doubt that the Double Tourbillon 30 ° Technique is hand polished and decorated to the highest standards. The components of the movement are carefully designed to show and display the most beautiful aspect of the movement. There are countless small but magnificent places for people to discover. The grinding process of the machine plate, the black flat polishing technology of stainless steel, and the amazing hand-polished chamfering and precise chamfering are not only the top technology that the machine, even the technicians with rich grinding experience cannot do. , Creating a humanized watch, full of vitality and vitality. The gold sleeve is inlaid with a large domed olive-shaped bearing jewel, and even the fine screws are polished, which proves that this watch is of perfect quality everywhere.

Selection For Love ‘+’ Citizen Tanabata Love

On the Chinese New Year’s Eve, although there is ‘If the two loves are long, how are they going to be twilight’, but I can’t help but sigh that the Cowherd and Weaver’s maiden bridge will meet and look forward to the same. Can be expected. ‘ The same is true for couples in modern society: promise is the heartbeat, and companionship is the longest confession. On this Qixi Festival, Citizen warmly reminds not to wait, don’t ignore any small care in life that can delay love, and use current actions to add time to love.
   Love is the only thing, love is giving, and love is the company of one minute and one second. In the fast pace of modern life, lovers often say, ‘When I have time, I will accompany you to Santorini to watch the sea’, ‘When I struggle for two years, I will go home to eat with you every day’ … countless In this hypothetical sentence, as time passes, promises often disappear. The most beautiful feeling is not a short check for the future, but the accumulation of a little bit of action now.

    On the approaching of the Star Festival, Citizen advocates that at this moment, couples should reserve more exclusive time for their favorite TA at this moment, and overtime for love. The way I love you is to switch time to care for love extension. Love is the accumulated feelings that accompany for a long time. It is also good to eat a full five-hour meal of Michelin Samsung on the Paris Tower, or to eat crawfish and draught beer on the roadside stalls. As long as we accompany each other, it is our home.

BL8141-87L Perpetual Calendar Men’s Watch and EP5991-57D Huayu Fengyin Ladies Watch

    In this tender Qixi Festival, the time and love can not be disappointed. Lovers with affection cannot naturally miss this opportunity to express their love. Citizen has also selected BL8141-87L perpetual calendar men’s watch and EP5991-57D flower language wind lady’s watch for love to express love. The watch is equipped with Citizen’s core light kinetic energy movement. As long as there is light, it can bring a constant source of energy to the watch, so that your love is as bright as light, and when the love is ‘+’. ‘He’, steady and fashionable, the quiet starry sky blue shows a broad and open heart and magnificent spirit; the solid and powerful stainless steel strap and case symbolize the rock-like love. ‘She’, delicate and elegant mother-of-pearl noodles, each one is unique, showing the romance and softness of women.
    Love is the beautiful encounter brought by time, and the companion of continuous improvement brought about by continuous improvement. A love as bright as light requires careful maintenance and the need for self-improvement like Better Starts Now, so that it can be like light kinetic energy, with more time and more true love. This year coincides with the 40th anniversary of the birth of light kinetic energy. Citizen advocates every second of intentional companionship and action to keep love fresh, so that love, like light kinetic energy, will move towards the next 40 years. In the fiery festival of Qixi Festival, when you ‘+’ with Citizen for your love, love will always be with you like light.

Bauchilai Celebrates The Swiss National Football World Cup Group Stage Qualifying And Advances To The Top 16.

As the official timepiece partner of the Swiss national football team, Swiss luxury watch brand Bucherer gave each team a timepiece that was selected by the team members before the Swiss team went to the World Cup. ——Mali Long flyback chronograph (Manero Flyback) rose gold, to inject the power of the hometown team, light up its World Cup journey.

Renato Bonina presents Marion Long Flyback chronograph to the team at Bucherer European Executive Vice President of Sales

   In a football match, every athlete must cooperate with his teammates in order to make the team use the best technology. Accurately grasping the time is vital to victory. The watch technology also emphasizes excellent technology and precise workmanship, which is fully reflected in Bucherer In cooperation with the Swiss Football Association (SwissFootballAssociation), ‘One second can change history’. This time with the help of Mali Long’s flyback chronograph, in the first two games, the Swiss team has strengthened its wings, exerted excellent technology, and relied on its tenacious will and sports spirit to successfully qualify in the group.

Ricardo Rodriguez becomes brand ambassador for Bucherer

    Near the start of the World Cup, Bucherer announced that he would cooperate with Swiss star, Ricardo Rodriguez, known as the ‘Super Left Back’, and serve as brand ambassador. He has played for the Swiss National Football Team since 2011 and was named the Swiss Player of the Year in 2014. Commenting on his role as brand ambassador, Ricardo Rodriguez said: ‘Baucherei originates from Lucerne, Switzerland, representing elegance, perfection and precision. This is what I share with the brand and why I’m so excited about this new collaboration. ‘

Bucherer Marly Dragon flyback chronograph rose gold

Bucherer Plave SFA Special Edition

   Since its inception, Bucherer has always adhered to the principle of excellence, technical pursuit and unwavering faith, which is very commensurate with the performance of the Swiss national football team on the field. Since establishing a cooperative relationship with the Swiss Football Association in 2016, Bucherer has launched the PatraviScubaTecSFASpecialEdition for the Swiss national football team, and has accompanied the team to compete in the European Nations Cup and other games; It continues to maintain an amazing record and currently ranks 6th in FIFA. As the brand’s global advertising theme: ‘Wherever time takes you, Lucerne travels with you’, Bucherer will continue to accompany the Swiss national team out of the World Cup journey, I also wish the team good results.

Rolex Supports Daytona 24 Hours Endurance

The annual Rolex 24 At Daytona ended in January 2011 at the Daytona International Circuit in Florida, USA. As the only 24-hour endurance race in North America, this race has become the focus of motorsports at the beginning of each year, attracting drivers from all sides to Florida for the championship. After the intensive race, the Riley # 01 (DP) and TRG # 67 (GT-Class) were the champions of the 48th Rolex Daytona 24 Hours in 2010. The champion won the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona, designed for speed lovers.
    Daytona is more than just a seaside city with a super track, it is also a temple for racing. The world’s most passionate fans of extreme sports have gathered here to watch the top car events on the 3.56 mile circuit. More importantly, the Rolex Daytona 24-hour endurance race is the index event for the entire season. The Daytona prototype (DP) and GT-class cars on the field test not only the car itself, but also the driver’s attention And judgement, as well as the skills and capabilities of pit crews. During the 24-hour race, the night track is a test of speed and endurance for all drivers. As only one-fifth of the roads provide lighting, maintaining high-speed driving in the daytime is the key to achieving the lead. On the Daytona International Highway, those who participate in the Rolex Daytona 24 Hours have extraordinary endurance and skills, making this one of the most challenging races in the racing world.