Bao Po: In Order To Sell Fifty Cents, I Changed My Name And Changed My Name Many Times.

When it comes to diving watches, watch friends are more likely to think of Rolex’s Submariner or Omega’s Seamaster, but the ancestor of this type of watch is not the more well-known of them, but Blancpain Fifty Fathoms. Compared to the Rolex Water Ghost or Omega Seahorse, the number of times of the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms antique watch is correct. In addition to its small output, there is also part of the reason because Blancpain changed its trademark several times during the promotion, which made it harder for ordinary watch friends to remember and distinguish. Today we are going to dig into how many times Blancpain has changed the trademark in order to sell fifty cents. AqualungFifty fathoms Fifty Fathoms originated from the French government’s Frogman Commando. As a military item, there are not only requirements for product quality, but also standards for their sources. Blancpain is a watchmaking brand from Switzerland. At the time, the French government required military items to be purchased through local French companies. Blancpain then found a partnership with Spirotechnique, a subsidiary of Air Liquide France, which owns the ‘Aqualung’ scuba trademark. So Fifty fathoms fifty concubines sold through Spirotechnique were replaced with the words ‘Aqualung’. Lip In addition, we can see Lip on some fifty-five dials. The French army’s Robert and Claude tested the watches on the market at the time and found that they could not meet the needs of the assault frogman unit, so they had to think about customizing the communication with the watch manufacturers. Robert and Claude found Lip, a famous French watch brand, but Lip rejected them. Because at that time, diving was only a very niche activity, and few people except professionals participated. For Lip, it was not cost-effective to develop a niche product independently, taking great market risks. Regular models. When Robert and Claude were at a loss, they introduced Jean-Jacques Fiechter, CEO of the watch brand Blancpain, through the introduction of diving equipment suppliers. Compared with LIP, Blancpain Blancpain was much smaller in scale and popularity at the time, but it was also because of its small size and lack of shelf. In addition, Jacques Fiechter himself was an avid diving enthusiast, so Blancpain Blancpain took over the assault frogman unit. Watch development. After Blancpain made Fifty Fathoms in 1953, in order to penetrate the French market, he added the Lip trademark to the dial and case back. After all, they are earth snakes. Because it is post-printed, we can obviously find that the printing of Lip is different from other words. In addition to Tornek being equipped by the French Navy, Blancpain Fifty Fathoms also began to be gradually purchased by the military of other countries. Among these, there are several interesting episodes. The Defense Technica Information Center of the United States issued a report for the Navy in 1958 to conduct procurement evaluations for military dive watches. They bought Rolex, Blancpain, and Innag for field tests. They suggested that it would be better not to buy a Rolex, because it was not waterproof in the test, and it leaked a lot. Although Blancpain also leaks water, there is not much water on the inside of the mirror, but the ‘humidity display’ is discolored. At the same time, Rolex’s rotating outer ring is easily caught by sand and mud, but Blancpain is not. Of course, there is another important factor: Rolex watches cost $ 90, Blancpain only $ 60. Interested cousins ​​can go to DTIC to check this US military history file numbered AD0777760, which lists the detailed test results of that year and has now been completely decrypted. Portal address: With excellent performance and low price, Blancpain Fifty Fathoms overturned the Rolex Water Ghost, and eventually about 1,000 were purchased by the US Navy. However, due to the ‘Buy American Act’ of the United States at that time, in order to increase competitiveness, Blancpain replaced the original Swiss ruby ​​bearings with American-made ones through the US agent Allen Tornek and changed the brand name to ‘Blancpain Tornek’ ‘Or’ Rayville Tornek ‘, transformed into’ Made In USA ‘Made in USA. The same thing happened to Omega Speedmaster. In 1978, when Omega began advancing the ‘Alaska Plan III’ project, it aimed to improve the classic moon watch with anti-reflective surface and easy-to-read dial. In order to face the Buy American Act, this Speedmaster case is actually made in the United States. This is why the traditional ‘SWISS MADE’ (Swiss Made) word does not appear on the dial. Bathyscaphe In 1953, Jean-Jacques Fiechter, then CEO of Blancpain Blancpain, developed Fifty Fathoms at the request of the French Army. For military personnel, the readability of diving watches in dark environments is very important, so the diameter of the watch reaches 41 mm. This size seems very suitable today, but in the era when the size of men’s watches generally ranged from 32-34 mm, it is undoubtedly heterogeneous. So around 1956, Fiechter made a diving watch suitable for daily wear in order to better meet the aesthetics of the times, called ‘Bathyscaphe’. The name comes from a deep-sea submersible that can be dived freely. It can be intuitively found that the ceramic ring Fifty Fathoms produced by Blancpain and the antique Bathyscaphe are very similar in appearance, the same narrow bezel and beveled lugs … In 2013, Blancpain was released The new ‘Bathyscaphe’ is reduced to 43 mm (the actual case size is 41 mm). At the same time, for most watch friends, the diving watch looks the same, it is difficult to distinguish. Therefore, Blancpain classified the original ‘Bathyscaphe’ into the Fifty Fathoms series and promoted it. Waltham Waltham was originally an American watchmaking company, but unfortunately went bankrupt in 1949. Although it later revived, it did not have production capacity, or it was difficult to achieve scale effects in its own production. So Waltham found Blancpain, and Blancpain reached a cooperation agreement in order to promote sales. The diving watch produced by Blancpain has the same configuration and appearance as Bathyscaphe, except that the trademark has been changed from Blancpain to Waltham. Of course, this cannot be counted as fifty cents in the strict sense, but only one quarter. —END —