Italian Garden Series Advanced Watch-‘geometric Time’ Applying Geometric Art To The Watch

The Italian garden art, which emerged during the Renaissance, has once again exerted its artistic charm and became the source of inspiration for Bulgari jewelry watch creation. Bulgari used this to create more than a hundred high-quality jewelry and new watches Among them is this ‘Geometric Time’ watch series inspired by the geometric structure in the garden.

   ‘Geometry of Time’ is a watch series in the Italian garden series, inspired by the delicate and harmonious geometric structure of the fence and flower garden in the garden.

   In this building of life and color, the rigorous geometric figures set off the charming charm of evergreen plants and flowers; although the clear but soft lines clearly outline the path of garden walks, they also create a maze, giving people imagination and loss Space. The delicate lines outline the sound and light of the fountain.

BVLGARI “Geometric Time” High Jewellery Watch (102454)

BVLGARI “Geometric Time” High Jewellery Watch (102453)

BVLGARI “Geometric Time” High Jewellery Watch (102451)

   These pictures haunted the master of Bulgari BVLGARI, and four high-end jewelry watches were born. The sheer geometry highlights the weight and abundance of sapphire, emerald, amethyst and red tourmaline. Mother-of-pearl and coral also blend perfectly, giving other gemstones a deeper interpretation. Roman Jeweller’s uniqueness and bold innovation make it all possible.

BVLGARI “Geometric Time” High Jewellery Watch (102452)

   The Geometry of Time series also draws inspiration from Italian garden art. The shapes and colors, lines and surfaces, light and shadow are the perfect fusion of visual design, rigorous technology and superb craftsmanship.

The Blancpain Collection Launches Saint-valentin Watches

The newly launched Saint-Valentin 2011 watch of Blancpain women’s series boldly uses jewelry, heart shape and other designs to create a dreamlike gorgeous temperament.
The watch uses mother-of-pearl as the dial material, creating an off-white light and shadow effect. The inner circle of the dial is a calendar dial, and the date is displayed by a heart-shaped center hand at the end. At 6 o’clock, there is a moon phase profit and loss display, and the function of the small second dial is integrated.

The Saint-Valentin 2011 limited edition watch boldly uses a jewelry design that captures the heart of a woman. The 35mm diameter case is set with 58 diamonds and rubies, totaling about 1.3 carats. With a white alligator leather strap, it adds more pure feeling.

The Saint-Valentin 2011 limited edition watch is equipped with Calibre 6763 automatic movement. With a 100-hour power reserve function. Limited production of 99 pieces.