Hermes Arceau L’ Heure De La Lune Only Watch Monthly Reading Time Special Edition Watch

Travel to different time and space to travel between the stars of the universe and travel in a dreamy mood. Land on the moon! Happy to lose the original space-time coordinates! The Hermès Arceau series specially launched the L’ heure de la lune ONLY WATCH Special Edition Watch for Watching the Moon, a satellite of the earth from a unique perspective: it also shows the moon phase of the northern and southern hemispheres. On the dial made of meteorite, two sub-dials showing the time moving around the surface of the dial show the mother-of-pearl moon phase disc with the rhythm of the original mechanism mounted on the Hermes-made movement.

   Interpreting traditional complex functions with an alternative and innovative approach, the Arceau series L’ heure de la lune Special Edition Watch for the Moon uses the superb watchmaking skills of Hermès, presenting an unprecedented new interpretation. Loaded in a platinum case is a light, dexterous and unexpected movement. The meteorite dial embedded with mother-of-pearl creates a dreamy universe, and the satellite-like sub dials revolving around the surface of the moon are suspended above the moon phase disks in the northern and southern hemispheres. Moreover, these two naughty moon phase disks also deliberately reversed from north to south, with the southern hemisphere up and the northern hemisphere down. This upside-down approach conceals the mystery, which leads people to experience the disorientation of the mood, immersed in the dream of looking up at the starry sky.
   The original horses of Hermès since its inception have also galloped in this dream world with beautiful steps. At 12 o’clock, the moon phase plate is decorated with a Pegasus designed by ‘Dream illustrator’ Dimitri Rybaltchenko; this Pegasus pattern named leine Lune (full moon) outlines the fusion of ‘magic’ and ‘ ‘Real’ transition time and space between the two worlds. At 6 o’clock on the other side of the disk, the moon phases observed from the northern hemisphere reflect the true lunar surface.

   Two floating sub-dials showing time and date respectively, slowly rotating on the surface of the dial and revealing the moon phase disk, and the two sub-dials always keep straight and horizontal. Thanks to the use of a patented mechanism specially developed for Hermes, this beautiful and harmonious modern dance can be performed on the dial. The device is only 4.2 millimeters thick and has a total of 117 polished and micro-blasted components, loaded into the Hermes-made H1837 movement. It is a major technical challenge to maintain the precise smoothness of the entire moving base and maintain a period of 59 days around the disk surface. The small mother-of-pearl dial on the stone plate shows the moon phases of the northern and southern hemispheres. This mysterious hide-and-seek game makes it impossible to see through the sophisticated technology hidden behind it, but it has an endless space for dreams.
   In this unique time and space, the external components and movement of the watch are cast from metal, stars and rocks, realizing a technical and aesthetic spectacle never seen before, presenting a simple and highly graphic reading time function . Here, the dual moon phase disc does not use the traditional window display design, but is generously displayed on the entire surface of the disc, highlighting Hermes’s free and unconstrained interpretation of mechanical watches. The asymmetrical lugs of the Arceau case designed by Henri d’Origny in 1978 became the moon circus with a meteorite dial, and the satellite-like dial that revolves by gravity , The time and date are displayed with distinctive italic Arabic numerals. This special edition high-end watch is carefully matched with a matte graphite alligator leather covered with breeze blue calfskin strap.
   Technical characteristics

ARCEAU L’ heure de la lune ONLY WATCH
Moon Reading Special Edition
Meteorite dial, blue rhodium-plated
Black gradient lacquered active time display, blue printing time scale
Special edition, only this one
Natural white mother-of-pearl moon
Nanyue: Pégase from Dimitri Rybaltchenko
Pleine Lune drawing
North Moon: Imprinting the Moon’s Surface
Rhodium-plated hands
Designed by Henri d’ Origny in 1978
White gold case (68.2g)
43 mm diameter, 17 mm inner lug spacing
Anti-glare sapphire crystal glass and case back
Water-resistant to 30 meters
Hermes homemade H1837 movement
Self-winding movement, Swiss made
Diameter: 26 mm (11 ½ francs), thickness: 3.7 mm
193 parts, 28 gems
Vibration frequency: 28,800 times per hour (4 Hz)
The floor is polished with pearl and swirl patterns, and the splint and oscillating weight are satin-finished
Handle and decorate with hermes-specific H-mark texture
Exclusive L’ heure de la lune “Monthly Reading Time” module
Diameter: 38 mm (16 ¾ French minutes), thickness: 4.2 mm
117 parts, 14 gems
Polished and sandblasted bridges
Hour, minute, date, moon phase display (shows moon phases in the northern and southern hemispheres)
Matte graphite alligator leather covered with breeze blue calfskin
Folding white gold buckle (26.39g), 17mm