History Symbols Panerai Special Stores Limited Edition Watches

With the gradual revival of watch culture today, watches have become the wrist incarnation of most people’s identities and tastes, just as many people are still pursuing Rolex, Omega, IWC, etc … These types often ‘hit When it came to the Swiss brand of “watches”, a high-end watchmaking brand from Italy re-established a distinctive watch culture with its unique shape and low-key style. It was a watch with military pedigree born in 1860. Brand-Panerai.
  Panerai’s distinctiveness comes from a glamorous and highly recognizable appearance. The watch’s large case, wide strap, exaggerated bridge, minimal scale and dial design At first glance, you will never forget, no brand can do this. Every Panerai watch contains a moving story, every detail shows the brand’s glorious history and distinctive personality. Some people say that Panerai always maintains a permanent shape. Where a brand is classic and unique.

   As the Panerai brand continues to be well known to the public, watch boutiques have sprung up and spread across major regions in China. Currently, mainstream cities (such as Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Chengdu, etc.) have become Panerai. Haihai’s first choice of shop opening, store locations are also positioned in high-end, big-name fashion financial business district, so it also highlights Panerai’s brand positioning. From the several specialty stores in the picture, we can see that the store all displays simple and classic Italian design style, with clean lines and simple decoration. All of them use glass panels and glass curtain walls to highlight the brightness and transparency of the store. It is reported that the materials used in the shop have been carefully selected, and the design inspiration is also derived from the history and tradition of the Florence brand boutiques.
   In order to commemorate the opening of Panerai stores, the brand has created special historical models for different stores. Each city has limited editions of two models, namely Radiomir and Luminor editions, of which Radiomir is limited to 10 pieces each. Luminor 50 each. Today’s Watch House will introduce you to several limited edition models representing different regions. However, since the Radiomir series has basically been sold out and no real objects have been photographed, this article will focus on the existing Luminor versions.

Radiomir Series Urban Limited Edition Watch (47mm 10-day Power Reserve Dual Time Automatic Steel Watch)

Luminor Urban Limited Edition (44mm)

   The models that will be introduced next are urban limited edition watches from Chengdu, Tianjin, Nanjing, and Shenyang. Since the models taken this time are all Luminor series, the editors will focus on all the watches. First, let me introduce the front appearance of this series of watches:

   Panerai Luminor series stores’ limited edition watches are designed in classic Luminor case, all made of stainless steel, the surface is carefully polished and polished, bright and textured, the crown bridge device is made of frosted steel The watch diameter uses a uniform 44 mm, which is just the right size for most wearers.

   The dials of the watch use a sandwich structure in pure black tones. The simple and elegant bar-shaped hour markers and Arabic numerals on the dial are coated with light brown Super-LumiNova® coating. The dial is marked with the words ‘Luminor Marina’ and ‘Panerai’. And the embossed pattern of the slow torpedo is painted at 6 o’clock. I believe this sign is familiar to cousins ​​who like Panerai. However, it is an underwater vehicle driven by the Italian navy commandos and executed by it. For the difficult underwater task, the first Panerai watch was worn on their wrists at that time, so the torpedo mark became a unique mark of Panerai.

   In order to highlight the classic charm of the watch, the watchmaker specially chose a dark brown leather strap with a matte surface, which is not only very comfortable, but also very retro. The watch is also equipped with the same OP II manual-winding mechanical movement.

Four Luminor series stores limited edition real shot (back)
   Some people may say that from the front, there is basically no difference between these four watches. In fact, the biggest article of the limited edition is still on the pattern carving of the bottom case. Let’s take a look at them one by one:

Chengdu store limited edition watch PAM593
   In 2014, Panerai Chengdu’s IFS Grand Store opened in Chengdu. The brand specially introduced two special edition watches for Chengdu as a tribute. The bottom of the watch is engraved with Chengdu’s most representative friendship ambassador, the giant panda. Reflecting the harmonious coexistence of human and nature, the pattern lines are simple and clear, one-stop, unique, this watch is only available at Panerai Chengdu store, the reference price is RMB 41,300.

Tianjin store limited edition watch PAM592
  The exclusive cover of the Tianjin store limited edition watch is engraved with the landmark of Tianjin—the eye of Tianjin. The eye of Tianjin is located on the banks of the Tianjin River. It is a ferris wheel built across the river and integrated with bridges and wheels. It is also the only building in the world The ferris wheel on the bridge is very representative of the city. This limited edition watch is only available at Panerai Tianjin stores. The current domestic reference price is RMB 41,300.

Nanjing store limited edition watch PAM591
   In order to commemorate the new store opened by Panerai in Nanjing Deji Plaza Phase II in July 2013, this limited edition watch PAM591 was specially launched in Nanjing. The bottom of the watch is engraved with Nanjing’s most iconic landmarks Shanling is only available at Panerai Nanjing stores. The domestic reference price of this watch is RMB41,300.

Shenyang store limited edition watch PAM461
   Officine Panerai entered the Hang Lung Plaza in Shenyang City in January 2013 and opened China’s first two-storey specialty store. In order to pay tribute to Shenyang, Panerai has specially launched a limited-edition watch PAM461 in the exclusive store, which is engraved with an anode The representative building—Shenyang Forbidden City, this watch is also only available in Shenyang stores, the reference price is RMB 41,300.

Summary: The limited edition watches in the boutiques introduced above are not only a unique watchmaking concept of the Panerai brand, but also a favorable promotion of ancient Chinese culture. Many watch fans have realized the historical value of classic watches, and also Immerse yourself in the brand’s enduring heritage. The models of the above models are: Chengdu-PAM593, Tianjin-PAM592, Nanjing PAM591, Shenyang-PAM461
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