Louis Vuitton Custom Tourbillon Watch

In the past, advanced customization was a concept. Nowadays, there are specific services and charging standards. Whether you want to express your personal color through your beloved watch or add special functions, you can achieve one by one through the advanced customization of the watch. In this era of individuality, uniqueness represents absolute value, and this uniqueness is the ultimate goal of every watch fan.

 Louis Vuitton Tambour Monogram Tourbillon Custom Tourbillon Watch
 The Louis Vuitton Tambour Monogram Tourbillon custom tourbillon watch can use the abbreviation of the owner’s name as the shape of the center wheel plate to add the watch’s exclusive characteristics.

LV103 self-winding movement, 90-hour power reserve, case made of gold, rose gold, white gold and other materials to choose from, watch diameter 41.5 mm, skeleton dial, tourbillon at six o’clock, custom strap, 100 meters waterproof- —

A Medal Of Courage And Commitment Walter Lange Receives Merit Medal From The Federal Republic Of Germany

The President of the Federal Republic of Germany Joachim Gauck awarded the first prize of Merit to the founder of Lange Watch Co., Ltd. in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the reconstruction of the precision watch industry in Saxony. The medal was awarded by Saxony Governor Stanislaw Tillich at the Saxony State Government Office in Dresden on November 25.
Above: Walt Lange on the left and Stanislaw Tillich on the right
   The Medal of Merit originated from a decree issued on September 7, 1951 by Theodor Heuss, then Federal Chancellor of Germany. This honor aims to recognize and thank those who have made outstanding contributions to the construction and peaceful development of the motherland in different fields.
   In the award speech by the Governor of Saxony, Walter Lange was described as an entrepreneur who made an extraordinary contribution to the revival of the German precision watch industry in the town of Glashütte. Mr Tillich said that thanks to his outstanding contribution, the town has once again become a unique watchmaking center. ‘Walter Lange’s achievement is one of the greatest successful entrepreneurial cases since the unification of Germany and Germany.’ The jury added in a statement that the 91-year-old Walter Lange is now rebuilding the Langer brand Later, he was not only concerned about his own company, the welfare of watchmakers and their families, especially his hometown of Glashütte, was always his concern.
   Following the unification of Germany and Germany, Walter Lange seized this historic opportunity to realize his vision: to make the best watches in the world in Saxony. This is both a fact and a bright future for the people in their hometown. When he founded the company and registered Lange as an international brand, the Saxony watchmaking tradition pioneered by his ancestors in 1845 has begun to revive.
   Today, Lange’s extraordinary timepieces are sought after by connoisseurs and collectors from more than 60 countries. Thanks to the courageous pioneering and visionary business strategy of Walter Lange, the initial 15-person team grew into a company with more than 700 employees today, becoming the largest employer in the town. With a group of watchmakers and suppliers, Lange has created more than 1,700 positions, making Glashütte once again the center of German watchmaking.