Two New Hours And Minutes Dials Add Color To The Jacques Dross Collection

Jaquet Droz’s star series is renewed, and two new Grande HeureMinute watches are grandly launched to celebrate the dazzling stars and pay tribute to astronomy.

 ‘Perfection is not without a point that can be increased, but without a point that can be reduced.’ This motto of Saint-Exupéry is exactly what Jaquet Droz’s new GrandeHeureMinute watch Portraiture. Two new works enrich the time-of-day large dial models in the ‘Stars’ series. The Star Series showcases the simple and pure art of horology, which pays homage to the mother of horology, astronomy.

 The two new GrandeHeureMinute watches are no exception. They are equipped with a 43mm stainless steel case and are equipped with JaquetDroz1169.Si high-precision automatic movement. The last letter of the movement name ‘Si’ represents the brand’s full grasp of the key element of modern watchmaking-silicon. Silicon is resistant to abrasion, does not oxidize, has antimagnetic properties and is not affected by temperature differences, which ensures that the silicon balance spring and pallet are durable, accurate and reliable. This movement has a power reserve of nearly 3 days (68 hours).

 Both watches are simple, pure and extraordinary. Only basic time information is displayed on the dial: hours, minutes, seconds. Design a low-profile minute scale to record the passage of time. On the minute scale, Jaquet Droz adorns a delicate rhodium-plated rivet every five minutes, adding an imperceptible three-dimensional impression to the watch. In addition, the edge is also rhodium-plated to give the minute graduated circle a delicate, silvery luster. At 9 o’clock, the brand’s classic eccentric second dial is set. The end of the second hand is decorated with an eccentric ring, reminiscent of the revolution of the celestial body, in order to pay tribute to the Star Series.
 The first GrandeHeureMinute watch has a rock gray dial, and the second has a silver dial with blue or rhodium-plated hands. The new watch celebrates the endless poetry of the fascinating sky, the dazzling galaxy and the universe in a new modern style.