Yongchuang Extraordinary Pan Weibo Surprises Roger Dubuis With New Product Launch In Macau

Adhering to the spirit of “creating extraordinary excellence”, Roger Dubuis joined hands with Pirelli and Lamborghini Squadra Corse to add new products to the classic Excalibur King series and reinterpret the joint Innovative spirit. In addition, what surprises did Roger Dubuis bring to us this year? Today, Roger Dubuis ‘MAD BUT SWISS’ new product launch conference was held at the Macau Convention and Exhibition Center. Many media from home and abroad were invited to witness this special moment together. Not much to say, immediately follow the Watch House to the event site to find out!

Roger Dubuis New Product Launch Site

Watchmaker shows us watchmaking skills at the scene

 On the site of the new product launch, Roger Dubuis and Lamborghini racing elements set off the whole venue with an atmosphere of speed and passion. Roger Dubuis pursues speed and time, and has a long history of cooperation with racing. A Lamborghini stopped at the scene to witness the release of Roger Dubuis’ new watch with us.

Unveiling new Roger Dubuis watch

Roger Dubuis watch series unveiled

Roger Dubuis new watch

 At this conference, Roger Dubuis released new products including the new interpretation of the Excalibur Spider Ultimate Carbon and Excalibur Shooting star series, as well as a new limited edition watch in cooperation with Lamborghini, showing us the superb and extremely Innovative watchmaking skills.

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Ultimate Carbon watch real shot

 Roger Dubuis’ latest release of the Excalibur Spider Ultimate
The Carbon watch follows the traditional design concept of the Excalibur series, adding diamond elements to the original foundation. The case is made of carbon fiber and uses the RD508SQ mechanical movement to ensure the power reserve required by users when wearing. This is the world’s first watch with a tourbillon frame inlaid with diamonds. The whole body is set with 166 finely cut and selected diamonds. This new watch is limited to a total of 8 pieces.

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Shooting star series new watch real shot (pictured in white)

 In addition, Excalibur Shooting is designed for women
The star series of new watches also debuted at the conference. For a long time, in the impression of many people, women wear watches in a single style. However, with the change of consumption level and style, more and more women are beginning to like and choose watches with large diameter and outstanding design style. Excalibur
The new watches of the star series have inherited the iconic characteristics of Roger Dubuis in design, but in the choice of color and material, they are more feminine. Pink, blue and white dials and straps are available for everyone to choose from. The unique interpretation of the dial and strap colors is also a surprise for us this time.

Roger Dubuis and Lamborghini limited collaboration

Roger Dubuis and Lamborghini’s limited edition collaboration

 The latest release of this new watch is a limited edition of Roger Dubuis and Lamborghini, limited to 88 pieces worldwide. The case is made of special C-SMC carbon material, which was jointly developed by Roger Dubuis and Lamborghini. At the same time, the watch is made of Pirelli series strap material, Pirelli is also the material of the tires that won the race on the F1 track, and the inside of each strap has a unique certification number.

 Roger Dubuis real shooting of other new products

Weibo Pan surprises at Roger Dubuy’s new product launch
 At the end of the press conference, a mysterious heavyweight guest appeared. He was singer Weibo Pan. As we all know, Pan Weibo is an out-of-the-box watch enthusiast. He wore a limited edition of Roger Dubuis and Lamborghini at the scene. It seems that one of the 88 pieces in the world has already arrived in his hands. The remaining 87 pieces depend on whether you can grab them. This time Roger Dubuis brought us too many surprises. Interested friends can continue to pay attention to the Watch House for more details about Roger Dubuis’ new products, or visit the store for more consultation.

Swiss Watch Brand Omega Enters The Fashion Eyewear Market

August 24, 2016——Outstanding quality and superb craftsmanship, the famous Swiss watch brand OMEGA has enjoyed a high reputation in the watch and jewelry industry. Recently, Omega has once again made a revolutionary crossover. Together with the Italian global eyewear leader MARCOLIN Group, it launched the brand’s first men’s and women’s sunglasses series, which shows that Omega has entered an unprecedented new field.

   Omega sunglasses have a bright black surface that resembles the Omega Speedmaster ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ ceramic watch

    Omega’s first summer eyewear collection will be available exclusively at Omega stores worldwide from August 2016. Each pair of glasses will be available in two sizes, and each style will be available in two different colors.

   Iconic claw elements from the Omega Constellation watch visible on Omega sunglasses

    The sunglasses series launched this time is inspired by Omega’s long history and extraordinary design. The details of the glasses are integrated with many aesthetic concepts and craftsmanship, making each pair of Omega sunglasses unique and full of personality. Upon closer inspection, you can see that there are many unique Omega design elements on the glasses: flower patterns derived from Omega luxury jewelry, signature claws from the Omega Constellation series watches, flexible hinges like crowns, and Omega Speedmasters The bright black surface of the series ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ ceramic watch, as well as the injection-molded metal frame which is different from stainless steel.

    Talking about this new product launch, Mr. Raynald Aeschlimann, Omega Global President and Chief Executive Officer, said: ‘This is an exciting step for Omega as it leads the brand into unprecedented innovation Field. Omega has a long history, allowing us to give full play to the brand’s profound accumulation and originality, ensuring that each pair of sunglasses truly reflects the essence of Omega’s brand. This cooperation with the MARCOLIN Group is equally profound. MARCOLIN Group has extremely negative The well-known expertise and background of cooperation with many high-end brands allow us to work together to create extraordinary products, and also provide consumers with a new opportunity to fully express their personal style, while inspiring more passion for the brand. ‘

    Omega has incorporated the brand’s spirit of detail into the design of sunglasses. The frame is made of high-quality metal materials covered with acetate fiber, and is equipped with anti-scratch lenses of excellent quality, and has undergone meticulous anti-reflective treatment. At the same time, the lens is engraved with the Omega brand name and classic logo. In addition, these brand logos can also be found on other parts of the glasses, such as the nose pads and the inside of the temple ends.
    The summer glasses series launched also includes a commemorative version of the Olympics Tibetan Collection, in order to remember that Omega once again glorified the official timing of the event in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. These unisex classic sunglasses come in a single color and are unique in the collection. The classic matte elegant black inlaid with dark green UV polarized lenses, the omega nose shows the Omega brand logo shape, the details show the exquisite craftsmanship and elegant style. During the Rio Olympics until the end of the event, the 2016 pair of Olympic commemorative sunglasses will be numbered and sold exclusively.

    Each pair of Omega sunglasses is equipped with a hard glasses case made of wood of the bark tree, which echoes the wood used in the interior decoration of the Omega store. At the same time, the glasses are also equipped with soft glasses bags made of microfiber, which is convenient for going out.

Stars Help Chanel J12 Titanium Ceramic Watch World Premiere Reception

Chanel held the world’s first exclusive reception for the brand’s new masterpiece J12 Chromatic Titanium Ceramic Watch in the atrium of the Shanghai luxury new landmark IFC Center. That night, Wu Jianhao and Xue Kaiqi, together with models Chen Bizhen, Ji Huanbo, and many other distinguished guests attended the scene. Chanel Chanel’s black geometric space display area for the new J12 Chromatic titanium ceramic watch. Kai Kai Qi and Wu Jianhao attended the reception. Xue Kaiqi showed off the J12 Chromatic titanium ceramic diamond watch worn by Wu Jianhao. New titanium ceramic watch Chanel J12 Chromatic new titanium ceramic watch
   At the reception, Chanel created a black geometric space with three consecutive independent compartments for the J12 Chromatic new titanium ceramic watch series. Each space has different meanings, giving people a different dreamy feeling. In addition, the brand also set up a display area for the new J12 Chromatic watch for guests to appreciate and try on. As star guests, Wu Jianhao and Xue Kaiqi first wore a new series of watches-Wu Jianhao wore a J12 Chromatic titanium ceramic watch , Paired with Ultra high jewelry series ring and bracelet, Xue Kaiqi wears J12 Chromatic titanium ceramic diamond watch, with comet high jewelry series earrings, the two are eye-catching, coupled with the inherent star temperament, but also the brand shine .
   Chanel’s new J12 Chromatic titanium ceramic watch series will be launched globally on June 1, 2011, and will be the world’s only exclusive premiere at the Chanel boutique in the Shanghai Gold Center. Prior to the listing, Chanel J12 Chromatic titanium ceramic watch series exhibition also It opened in Shanghai IFC on April 27 and ends on May 6.

Mei Du Bruna Series Men’s Watch

Reference price: 7900 yuan
    ETA 2836-2 is certified by the COSC-certified observatory mechanical movement, tested in five different directions to verify its travel time accuracy, 40 hours power reserve, 316L stainless steel bezel (DIN X2CrNiMo 17 14 3), diamond-cut polished bezel, calfskin leather watch Rolled crocodile leather pattern with stainless steel folding buckle, water-resistant to 100 meters.
Recommended reason:
     Although it has only been launched for two years, Mido’s Bruner series has gained popularity with its simple and practical design. Maybe you just left the door of the school, or you have already made small achievements in the company. Choosing this watch as your ‘first model’ is an affirmation of your efforts, and it is definitely a good starting point.