Zhi Zhen Perfect Legend’ Omega Coaxial Exhibition Debut Hefei Yintai

October 26, 2014, Hefei-In order to demonstrate the brand’s pioneering spirit and outstanding contribution to watchmaking art, the famous Swiss watch brand Omega presented the ‘Perfect Legend’ at the Hefei Intime flagship store Axis exhibition. A number of timepieces in the exhibition perfectly illustrate Omega’s industry-leading watchmaking technology. Through a guided tour and a dazzling display of the movement, Omega, the media and VIPs together witnessed the innovative spirit that runs through the development of the Omega brand, and experienced the beauty of the widely praised coaxial movement.

   Omega’s ‘Perfect Legend’ coaxial exhibition showcases the revolutionary coaxial escapement and movement and the exacting precision standards required for its manufacture. From its revolutionary debut in the 1990s, to its successful deployment in today’s Omega coaxial movements, it even shines on some of the brand’s most important and representative historical models. Visitors visited the exhibition and reviewed The brand has achieved a remarkable coaxial development journey.

   From October 25th to November 9th, the Omega ‘Perfect Legend’ coaxial exhibition is open to all watch lovers.

Coaxial Legend Road

   The coaxial escapement is the first practical new escapement in more than 250 years, and it has an epoch-making significance for Omega and the world’s mechanical watchmaking industry. The biggest difference of this revolutionary escapement system is that it is not an improvement and improvement of the traditional lever escapement system, but uses a completely different double escapement wheel structure, which fundamentally changes The way of mechanical power transmission. Friction is one of the biggest enemies of mechanical watches. The most significant innovation advantage of the coaxial escapement is that it greatly reduces the friction in the movement, which brings a more permanent and excellent running time performance to the watch.

   Following the launch of the first coaxial movement in 1999, Omega continued to explore the coaxial road, optimized the structure of the coaxial escapement system, and improved the original double-layer coaxial escape wheel to a three-layer coaxial escapement. The vertical wheel and the pioneering technology have succeeded in minimizing friction in the movement, making the performance of the Omega coaxial watch even more extraordinary.

   In 2007, Omega launched its 8500/8501 self-produced movement equipped with a coaxial escapement. This is the most remarkable step on the road of Omega coaxial innovation. For the first time, Omega designed the entire movement around a coaxial escapement, and each of the more than 200 components was designed and produced by Omega for a new movement. At the same time, the manufacturing process of these two movements has also been optimized to prepare for series production. For Omega, the launch of the first self-produced coaxial movement is a return to the origin of the brand: in fact, the brand name of ‘Omega’ is derived from a sequence called ‘Omega’ produced by it in 1894. Production of movements. The birth of the Omega 8500 coaxial movement marks the return of Omega to the Swiss watchmaker who designed and produced its own core.

   Later, the 8520/8521 coaxial movement specially designed for small-sized watches, the 8601/8611 coaxial movement with the instantaneous jump calendar function, the 9300/9301 coaxial chronograph movement, with the day of the week display and the instant jump The functional 8602/8612 coaxial movements and the 8605/8615 coaxial movements with GMT function have come out one after another. Omega’s self-produced coaxial movement family continues to grow.

   In 2013, Omega launched the world’s first truly anti-magnetic watch movement, the 8508 coaxial movement, which solved another big problem that has troubled watchmakers for centuries: the influence of magnetic fields on mechanical movements. The Omega anti-magnetic movement is officially launched in the new hippocampus Aqua Terra & gt; 15’000 Gauss watch. Since the movement itself is magnetically shielded, there is no need to provide a magnetically shielded inner case, so it can be equipped with a sapphire back and a calendar window on the dial. Even though the high magnetic environment is ubiquitous and increasing in daily life, the innovative use of silicon and non-magnetic materials allows the movement to operate freely and perform excellently.

   In 2014, the most advanced mechanical movement in the history of Omega-‘Master Co-Axial Calibres’ was born. This extraordinary new family includes the 8400/8401, 8500, 8511 and 8520 ‘Zhenzhen coaxial movement’. Compared with the previous coaxial movements, the swing-shaft components in these new movements are made of anti-magnetic material called Nivagauss ™. The steel material in the coaxial escape disc is replaced by non-magnetic materials. The shock absorber spring is also made of amorphous metal, which can resist the interference of strong magnetic field of more than 15’000 Gauss. This unique Omega world-first anti-magnetic technology will be carried in the brand’s renowned watch series, bringing lasting outstanding reliability and superb accurate time performance to the watch.

   The development of Omega’s coaxial line is confirming the prediction of the inventor of the coaxial escapement, British watchmaker George Daniel: ‘In the 21st century and beyond, it will make mechanical watches more people’s The watch of choice. ‘