Self-made Panerai Seminar And P.2005 Tourbillon First Exhibition

The Panerai Home-made Movement Symposium and the P.2005 Tourbillon and Craft Series Hangzhou First Exhibition co-organized by Xinyu Group and the Panerai brand, was held in Hangzhou on July 26, 2008 Jiangnan will end successfully. Mr. Wang Shaoqian, Managing Director of Panerai Asia Pacific, and Mr. Zhong Yonglin, a well-known watch collector, attended the event. 20 distinguished members of Xinyu were invited to the symposium. Mr. Zhong Yonglin introduced the watch collection and appreciation knowledge to the guests, the history, characteristics and movement structure of the Panerai brand. Awareness and understanding. During the event, the Panerai brand exhibited a number of limited edition models, such as the LuminorGMT 44 mm dual time watch, Luminor 1950 Submersible diving depth measurement watch, Luminor Chronograph 40 mm chronograph watch, Luminor 1950 Chrono Monopulsante titanium Take the chronograph and so on. One of the Luminor 1950 Tourbillon GMT 47 mm two-time tourbillon titanium watches, valued at 1.09 million, is a rare treasure. Famous watch collector Mr. Zhong Yonglin and Mr. Wang Shaoqian, managing director of Panerai Asia Pacific, share with you the knowledge about the collection, appreciation and movement of Panerai watches.

The Perfect Combination Of Extraordinary Machinery And Design Aesthetics Watch House Interviews Ms. Dorothee Henrio, Marketing Director Of Roger Dubuis

To celebrate the new opening of Nanjing West Road in Shanghai in April this year, Roger Dubuis, the top Swiss watchmaker, created the South Bund Terminal from October 20 to 23 Extraordinary space ‘, invite brand friends and guests to start extraordinary trip activities. Open up a refreshing sensory world dominated by five choices, five experiences, five dreams, five destinies, and five fearless challenges, and unleash a new and powerful force. The Watch House also interviewed Ms. Dorothee Henrio, Director of Brand Marketing at Roger Dubuis, and listened to her to talk about Roger Dubuis’ story.

Watch House: This Roger Dubuis regional event in the capital held on the Bund, what purpose does the brand want to achieve by this event?
Ms. Dorothee Henrio: One of the main signs you can see in this event is ‘Extraordinary’. Why did we choose Shanghai for this event? Because Shanghai is a city full of dreams and innovations, its development in recent years has been very fast, so in this regard, it is consistent with the philosophy of our brand, which is why we chose to host in Shanghai.
At the same time, because our previous store was on Huaihai Middle Road. Now basically the new watches of Richemont Group have been moved to Nanjing West Road. We opened a new store in Nanjing West Road in April. So, I also want to take this opportunity to celebrate the opening of our new store.
Home of watches: Are the two series of interstellar hollow and peerless celebrities the two key series that Roger Dubuy will focus on in the future?
Ms. Dorothee Henrio: We launched the interstellar hollow series in 2013. As soon as this series was launched, it became our most beautiful series. The interstellar hollow dial has become an iconic design of our Roger Dubuis. It does not require any timekeeping. It can be identified as soon as you see the dial. At the same time, it will also appear as an iconic highlight of our King Series in the future. .
And Peerless is a series specially designed for women. This year we also announced on SIHH that Peerless will be an important classic series for us. The Peerless Collection is inspired by different women, and different female figures wear different Peerless watches. Both of these series will be our key series in the future.
Watch House: In recent years, the women’s watch market has been valued by various brands and the market performance is also very good. Is Roger Dubuy’s several series the same as the famous models? Probably how much of the entire brand sales?
Ms. Dorothee Henrio: You said that this view is very correct. In fact, in many watchmaking fields, everyone is more concerned about the innovation of men’s watches. So this is also Roger Dubuy’s so many new things, including materials and design, in the peerless series in the past two years. Like this year, we used a material such as titanium on the dial of the Peerless Masterpiece series. Of course, at SIHH next year you will see more new materials incorporated into the Peerless Masterpiece series, such as carbon. We also said earlier that the famous series is our second important series. When women come to our store, we will provide more choices for our female guests, including some innovative designs, we want to provide to An extraordinary and creative feminine watch for women.
Watch House: More and more celebrities or celebrities in China like to buy Roger Dubuis watches, will they design a watch with Chinese elements in order to cater to the Chinese market in the future?
Ms. Dorothee Henrio: First of all, we are very happy that you said that more and more Chinese stars or celebrities like to wear our watches. Whether you say it will integrate into the Chinese element, it may depend on what our guests value more. Because for us, we are first and foremost a watch brand in Geneva. The watch design or movement creation we bring is of Geneva quality. So it depends on whether the customer values ​​our own characteristics more or whether he values ​​the watch with a little Chinese element. And we have a service itself, that is, watch customization service. If customers want to incorporate some Chinese elements, he can go to the store to achieve, including materials, dial display methods, etc., can be customized. So we don’t think it is necessary to launch a watch with Chinese elements in particular, our customers already have many options.
Watch House: Finally, I hope you can use a few words to summarize the characteristics of Roger Dubuis in your mind.
Ms. Dorothee Henrio: In fact, you can understand these words in this event. The first is ‘no fear is extraordinary’, because the person who wears our watch is first and foremost a person with a personality. Wearing such a watch is a brave in itself. The second is ‘design’. We are a high-level watchmaker in Geneva. We design and produce watches independently. We have our high-end watch factory in Geneva, and the research and development to production of each component can be completed in the watch factory in Geneva, so we not only innovate in design, but also in technological innovation are at the forefront of the industry. The third is the ‘innovation’ I just mentioned. The perfect fusion of extraordinary machinery and the aesthetics of a machine is what we want to express.

Meidu Selection Of Men’s And Women’s Watches

Everything in the previous year has gradually gone in the countdown. Crossing today, red hot lights up more hope for the coming year. At this moment, the Mido Berencelli series watches with a “sweet New Year” sound with the elegant shape and the ticking sound of time passing, let you and I share happiness every minute and every second in the passage of time.
Elegant Red, Moving Future Hope——Ladies

Belem Celli barrel watch
If Santa Claus in red is an important presence in Christmas, then in the past 30 years, Mido is a dazzling pearl in the small town of Lille, where many Swiss brands are gathered. The Belem Celli barrel watch is like a barrel of fragrant wine. It will be elegant, noble, classic, simple, and intimately combined with a thick mellow fragrance, exuding an irresistible light. The delicate women’s watch is decorated with a rectangular dial, the digital scale written by a magician in a fairy tale with a quill pen, a pointer with pure white like a quill pen tip, and a point on the sapphire crystal surface after double-sided anti-glare treatment One second characterizes the flowing time. The bright red, elegant and fine leather strap that jumps brightly, and in the monotonous winter of color, the Mido Belem Celli watch is a fairy tale jumping up the wrist, forming an elegant landscape. When the bell rang, I made a wish. The hope was that when I opened my eyes, there were you in the socks hanging on the bed waiting for me quietly. Let me meet you gracefully!

Belem Celli Diamond Women’s Watch
Monroe once said ‘Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend’. The Belem Celli diamond women’s watch accurately expresses the unique purity: the outer ring set with 60 diamonds sparkles the mother-of-pearl dial surrounding the colorful; the 12 scales are decorated with 12 diamonds, and every moment is not Dust and emit a dazzling light. The blazing red strap forms a striking aura, connects the white dial, strung thousands of elegant styles on the wrist, and stirred up ripples in my heart. It is a reflection of the past and a vision of the future. This watch strives for simplicity in the lines, but interprets the feminine charm through a very artistic design. When the glittering diamond leaps on the wrist, I look forward to the most romantic encounter with you.
Precise Device Triggers Success Power-Men’s

Amido Belem Sairee III new mechanical watch
Elegant violin, melodious melody, time and emotion are intertwined, and the New Year songs echoing in the church are the warm notes played by Berencelli. The all-steel superimposed bezel has a smooth and rounded outline, elegantly and softly wraps the surface of the hemispherical sapphire, the delicate and delicate scales protruding from the central dial, and the finely cut hands are simple but cannot be ignored; sapphire crystal The double-sided anti-glare dial and retractable crown design are visually integrated. The black leather strap is deep and restrained, just like the deep inner world of a man. Indeed, men’s watches do not need exaggerated decorations and embellishments, they only need to be clean, concise, and their own details can touch them. The certified movement of the COSC astronomical observatory ensures the precision of the cutting-edge of mechanical watches and accurately records every bit of experience. The new mechanical watch of Mido Berencelli III pursues perfection in detail and shows elegance. You are the warmest companion in the turn-around period.

Amido Belem Sairee III 18K Rose Gold Commemorative Gold Watch
The warm brown color of the scene, the belt exuding a strong festive atmosphere, the dignified colors similar to the violin body, classic elegance, smooth and flat overlay bezel design, classic atmosphere, Mido Berencelli III 18K rose gold commemorative gold watch on the design And the pursuit of the best quality and craftsmanship in all details. The 18K rose gold element emphasizes the noble temperament unique to this retro style watch. The grain of the central dial seems to be a mark of time. The hour and minute hands, such as sharp swords, point to the time scale. It doesn’t matter if you can’t see the future direction. Mido will accompany you to the future from now on. The certified movement of the COSC Observatory ensures the precision of cutting-edge mechanical watches and accurately records every bit of life experience. Tomorrow is always unknown. Holding it in your hand today, you are your sincere partner in the glorious years.