Rolex Announces Winners Of First Young Talent Award

Five forward-thinking young talents from Ethiopia, India, Nigeria, the Philippines, and the United States won the Rolex Rolex Award. They are young and promising, all under 30 years old. Rolex held a press conference in Geneva to announce the results.
They were selected by an international jury of top experts from nearly 200 candidates worldwide. These outstanding social entrepreneurs impressed the jury with their passion and conviction. It stands out from other players in the fields of science and health, applied technology, exploration, environment and cultural collection.
The winners of the Rolex Laureates Young Talent Award are:

Jacob COLKER, 26, born in the United States-committed to improving the way people participate in community services. His web-based program provides volunteers with the opportunity to use their mobile phones to devote themselves to charity and research institutions.

Reese FERNANDEZ, 25, Filipino-Committed to developing people who are living in unsatisfactory conditions into social entrepreneurs to get rid of poverty and become rich. Her Rags2Riches business has been supported and recognized by thousands of ladies, and this business has helped women make a living by turning waste materials into treasures and turning those discarded materials into elegant and fashionable accessories.

Nnaemeka IKEGWUONU, 27, Nigerian-he intends to improve the quality of life of thousands of Nigerian farmers through mobile wireless network interaction. Thousands of rural listeners have accepted and exchanged ideas on basic agricultural practices and health issues.

Piyush TEWARI, 29, Indian-Created a foundation to train network police officers and volunteers to respond quickly to traffic accidents and provide immediate internal care. Provide immediate assistance to victims, hoping to stop the thousands of accidents on Indian roads every year.

Bruktawit TIGABU, 28, born in Ethiopia-devoted to making successful health TV shows, she and her husband make films for preschool children and their parents.
Source: Rolex