8 Days Long Power Panerai Classic Watch 45100 Yuan Spot For Sale

Panerai, a unique brand in the field of fine watchmaking, has made watch altars for several years with two classic shell types. In China, there are many places where Panerai fans organize their own cousin gatherings, which is rare. Today, Panerai continues to make breakthroughs in the field of fine watchmaking, continuously improving, enriching and creating on the basis of traditional shell shapes, forming different unique territories in Datong. Recently, the author has learned that there are a number of Panerai’s iconic 8-day power watches on sale at the Guanya Watch City in the center of Beijing and Macau, with a basic model of 45,100 yuan.

Panerai Manual Movement 8 Days Chain PAM00610 Watch

Panerai RADIOMIR PAM00610 watch

    In 2004, after the modern revival, Panerai first launched the Radiomir series 8-day chain watch, model PAM00190. Since then, 8-day power has gradually become a signature element of Panerai’s long-term power. Some people say that the 610 is a continuation of the 380, an upgraded version using a homemade long-powered movement, but the 380 has a small second hand, and the 610 does not. In contrast, the 610 is more like a continuation of the 2005 Panerai Radiomir PAM00210. They do not have small seconds, 3/6/9/12 Arabic numerals, hour markers, and a simple two-hand design. The 610 uses a filled sandwich dial with “8 DAYS” at 6 o’clock. It is equipped with a manual-winding movement P.5000, which is the basic model of Panerai’s 8-day power homemade movement.
Panerai RADIOMIR PAM00384 watch

    Also a member of Radiomir, the Panerai PAM00384 all-black watch has been launched for 4 years, but it is still a classic all-black watch on the market. All-black watches are a category full of magic. Most watches use PVD technology for coating, while high-end watchmakers are used to using all-black materials. Panerai once produced an all-black ceramic. The case watch Radiomir PAM00292, the balanced dial design is perfect. The PAM00384 goes one step further and adopts a self-made long-power movement P.2002 / 3 manual movement. The super-long power is combined with three barrels to ensure power. Made of ceramic, the case is light and wear-resistant, the only thing you need to be careful of is not to have large bumps. In addition, Panerai’s patented detachable linear lugs with vintage military style are in the same vein as the 292.
Panerai Luminor PAM00590

    In 2014, Panerai launched the Luminor 8-day powered watch, model PAM00590. This is a very special watch, because in 2014 SIHH Panerai launched five self-made movements of the eight-day chain watch, and after the end, this 590, which is also an eight-day chain, was launched, or That is, it is not important enough, or it is more important than the other ones before it is taken out separately. Obviously this watch is limited to 2000 pieces, it may not be unimportant. Interestingly, this watch was said to be limited to the North American market in 2014, and only 1500 pieces were provided in that year, and the limited number of this watch was 1590. It is after 1500, so an additional 500 pieces may be provided to the global market. This watch is considered to be one of the new Panerai products worth buying, with fewer hands, retro dial and balanced layout. It is dubbed Baby203 because it looks like 203.

Summary: I learned from Guanya Watch City in Beijing and Macau that Panerai’s new products have not yet arrived this year and it will take some time. Other styles, including basic models and snake year zodiac models, are also in stock, and there are not many complicated models.
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