Immortal Journey Pays Tribute To ‘father Of Strategy’ Hannibal Baka Ulysse Nardin Hannibal Minute Repeater Timepiece Westminster Dapeng Zhongle Activity Doll Tourbillon ### — –

The great Carthage general Hannibal Baka was revered by the Romans. He is an outstanding military strategist and an outstanding strategist in the world. During the Second Punic War, Hannibal made extraordinary achievements in capturing Rome, leading his army of elephants across the Pyrenees and the Alps to triumph in Italy.
   ULYSSE NARDIN delves into the storyline of the story, supplements the brand’s unparalleled craftsmanship with extraordinary creativity, and creates the Hannibal minute repeater timepiece to reproduce this immortal journey, allowing the wearer to read the time while being realistic Look and feel. The entire watch uses classic black as the base, and the dolls carved out of three materials: gold, silver and copper exude their unique charm, showing the man’s grandeur. There are 4 puppets inlaid on the surface of the platinum case: Hannibal rides a horse, Hannibal stays in a combat posture, and Hannibal’s elephant and army. A magnificent scene of heroic battles. These moving figures, as well as the background of the mountains and the surrounding terrain, are all hand-carved in platinum and fixed on the surface made of granite. Platinum and granite were selected from the mountains that Hannibal and his brigade passed in the third century BC. ULYSSE NARDIN further expresses its creative spirit by adding this unique element to the watch design.
   ULYSSE NARDIN is one of the few top watchmaking brands in the world that still uses superficial dolls to make minute repeaters. British watchmaker Daniel Quare patented his minute repeater mechanism before electricity was invented in the late 17th century. With this teller device, Quare found a way to know the time from the clock after sunset. In the late 19th century, the first minute repeater appeared. ULYSSE NARDIN, as a pioneer in the revival of the timepiece technology, has been committed to the development of the minute repeater timepiece in the 1980s. The production process of each questionnaire of ULYSSE NARDIN is meticulous, and its complicated craftsmanship and original design require a lot of human resources and energy. Exquisite questionnaires can only be created in limited quantities to have excellent quality and excellent sound. Adjusting the tone is an extremely difficult and complicated process, and each watch needs to be independently adjusted by a master watchmaker. For each adjustment, you must first remove some metal from the string and then reinstall the movement, because the best sound effect can only be obtained if the test is completed on the assembled watch. There is no other compromise.
   The ULYSSE NARDIN minute repeater is equipped with a special UN-78 movement, which can play a distinctive sound and strike the four different scales of Mi, Do, Re and Sol. When the time signal device is activated, the time signal sound is Sol, and the time signal is divided into Mi, and the time tone is different. On the surface, the moving puppet and beautiful music complement each other, and the puppet can move synchronously with the time, moment, minute scale, or different time combination.
One moment is Mi-Do-Re-Sol
The second moment is Mi-Do-Re-Sol / Sol-Re-Mi-Do
Three moments are Mi-Do-Re-Sol / Sol-Re-Mi-Do / Mi-Do-Re-Sol

   In addition, Hannibal’s minute repeater watch is clearly visible on the surface for one minute from the Westminster Dapeng Zhongle Tourbillon. The bridge used in this tourbillon is exactly the same as the shape manufactured by James Pellaton for ULYSSE NARDIN in the early twentieth century. Each part of the movement is decorated, beveled and polished carefully, and carefully polished by hand, which fully demonstrates the quality Extreme pursuit. From the careful selection of raw materials to the perfect use of precision engineering, this piece of work showcases the ultimate craftsmanship and extraordinary creativity of ULYSSE NARDIN.
   Just as Hannibal Barca formulated a highly innovative and conscientious strategy to conquer Italy and southern Europe, ULYSSE NARDIN has pioneered the industry in the field of top-level watchmaking, pioneering the watchmaking industry and repeatedly promoting the watchmaking industry Technological innovation. ULYSSE NARDIN chooses to pay tribute to this history, which is a unique interpretation of its superb quality and outstanding innovation.
Technical Information
Model 789-88
Limited to 30
Movement UN-78
36 gems
Power reserve about 70 hours
Winding method Manual winding
Function Tourbillon of Dapeng Zhongle of Westminster;
Activity puppet minute repeater;
Time, minute, and time;
Tap on four different scales of Mi-Do-Re-Sol
Case Platinum
Watch diameter 44 mm
Water resistant to 30 meters
Granite surface
Table glass anti-glare anti-wear sapphire crystal
Case back Sapphire crystal, screwed
Crown Waterproof Crown
Strap Alligator leather strap with folding buckle

Swiss Mido Watch Baroncelli Series Silicon Hairspring Long Kinetic Energy Watch New Listing-the First Silicon Hairspring Observatory Certified Caliber 80 Long Kinetic Energy Storage Watch

The 40th anniversary of the birth of the Swiss Baroncelli series in 2016. In order to highlight the heritage of the classic watchmaking tradition of the Baroncelli series, the new Baroncelli series is the first The Caliber80 long kinetic energy fully automatic watch equipped with a silicon gossamer observatory is also shining. As we all know, because of its anti-magnetic properties, silicon hairsprings are often favored by the high-end watch industry. It can not only keep watches accurate for a long time, but also has excellent shock resistance. At the same time, this model also benefits from the Caliber 80 movement gene, which has both outstanding autonomy and stability, and long kinetic energy storage for up to 80 hours. Swiss Mido successfully integrated the classic watchmaking technology with cutting-edge technology to create the most elegant timepiece classic, in order to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Swiss Mido Belem Celli series.

   The design of the new Berencelli series silicon gossamer long kinetic watch is inspired by Milan’s neoclassical architecture Emmanuel II Arcade, which interprets the traditional Italian architectural style under the influence of Baroque style. These delicate, The round curve is also the inspiration for the Swiss Mido to create the Belemcelli series silicon spring hairspring observatory certified long kinetic watch. A subtle reference to this prestigious building and its smooth curve design, sculpts the rare and elegant and timeless classic brand of this series of watches, in order to celebrate the historical moment of the 40th anniversary of the birth of Berencelle.

   In order to show the forward-looking and leading watchmaking technology of the Swiss Mido watch for the development of the watch industry, the Swiss Mido watch especially uses the silicon spring which is favored by the high-end watch industry. Among the fully automatic mechanical movements, in addition to enhancing the anti-magnetic and anti-vibration characteristics, it can provide longer-term accuracy than ordinary hairsprings, making the watch effectively resist external vibration and environmental interference, bringing extraordinary stable performance and up to 80 hours of kinetic energy storage. This undoubtedly foreshadows Mido’s use of leading technology in the same price products, and launches a timepiece that combines classic watchmaking technology with cutting-edge technology in a true sense.

   The new Belem Celli series silicon hairspring long kinetic watch is elegant and timeless, which is a classic timepiece. The diameter of the dial is 34mm and 40mm respectively for consumers to choose. The surface uses double-sided anti-glare sapphire mirror, dial scale, double-sided hour and minute hands (sandblasted on one side and diamond-cut on the other) and diamond-cut The second hand shines metallic and the date window is at 3 o’clock. In addition to excellent watchmaking skills, this watch is more attractive because of its pure and smooth line design, which will undoubtedly attract the attention of many enthusiasts interested in fine watchmaking. The transparent back is protected by a sapphire mirror. The fully automatic mechanical movement with blue screws can be clearly observed. The automatic oscillating weight carefully engraves the Geneva ripple and the MIDO logo. The splint is engraved with 9K gold. The ‘SI’ logo, so carefully meticulously blends inheritance and breakthrough, and reinterprets the brand concept of ‘Meeting from Architecture’ with the outstanding quality and innovative spirit of Switzerland.

Zhang Jiahui Personally Watched Piaget Watchmaking Craftsmanship At The Asian High-end Watch & Clock Fair

Hong Kong, September 30, 2014-‘Clocks and Miracles · Asian High-end Watch Exhibition’ will be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center from September 30 to October 2, 2014. Piaget, a renowned Swiss watch and jewellery brand, presents a series of extraordinary watches to Asian watchmakers. In addition, Earl invited the film emperor Zhang Jiahui to come to the Earl exhibition site to appreciate the Earl’s famous watchmaking technology.

  Outside the field of fine watchmaking, the brand has always promoted the development of independent thinking and creative arts. Over the years, it has spared no effort to support film and art work, and has become the theme sponsor of the 33rd Hong Kong Film Awards for the fourth consecutive year. ‘. And by participating in the Golden Awards event, the brand and the iconic film emperor Zhang Jiahui were thus associated. During the 33rd Hong Kong Film Awards ceremony this year, wearing the Piaget watch, he won the Golden Award for the second time. ‘Protagonist’.

  Attending the Piaget exhibition at the “Watches and Miracles Asia Advanced Watch Show” today, Zhang Jiahui wore the brand’s latest and thinnest Altiplano 900P mechanical watch with a diameter of 38 mm. This watch witnessed the brand’s heritage of exquisite technology for half a century. The hand-wound movement and case components are integrated into a whole, with a thickness of only 3.65 mm, creating another brilliant achievement in the field of ultra-thin watches. He won the ‘Best Dress Award’ at the Golden Awards ceremony just now, and shared his watch with the media on the spot.

  In order to make Zhang Jiahui feel the complexity of making ultra-thin movements, the brand specially arranged for him to boldly challenge the setting of precious stones on the ultra-thin hollow-out movements under the guidance of a Swiss watchmaker in Geneva, experiencing the two major expertise of the brand to highlight the unparalleled superbness Craft.

  When Zhang Jiahui shared his way of success, he was asked how he could constantly break through in his acting career, and whether his motto was ‘eternally better than required’ like the earl’s motto. He said, ‘I do well at all times. Ready to ‘take the challenge and be a better self’. Actors like to choose different roles to take pictures. In addition to hoping to bring freshness to the audience, they also want to challenge themselves. In my opinion, in addition to acting skills, persuasive styling is equally important. The director didn’t ask me to practice the figure you saw in the movie when shooting the fierce battle, but I think that since you want to play a boxing champion, a convincing figure is necessary. At that time, I didn’t just want to practice ‘big’ myself, I wanted an impeccable figure. I think this is exactly my interpretation of ‘Always do better than required’! ‘From this, from his positive attitude of unremitting efforts and pursuit of excellence, it can be seen that with Piaget’s continuous innovation and progress,’ Always do better than required ‘ The spirit of ‘better is better’.

  Piaget inherits the fine watchmaking craftsmanship and will continue to innovate and build on the brand’s excellence. It will perfectly combine watch art, ultra-thin watchmaking skills and extraordinary design to create more outstanding masterpieces.

The Piaget Altiplano 900P watch worn by Zhang Jiahui at the scene

Watch parameters:
38 mm
The world’s slimmest manual mechanical watch
18k rose gold watch
The movement and case merge into one
18K Rose Gold Pin Buckle Clasp
Grey alligator strap
Development time: three years
Power reserve: about 48 hours
Frequency: 21,600 times per hour / 3Hz
Thickness: 3.65mm (case with movement)
Number of gems: 20 stones
Function: Off-centre hour and minute hands at 10 o’clock
Number of parts: 145 (case with movement)
Detail modification: ring-shaped matte polished case back, solar radial matte polished bridge, chamfered modified table bridge, gears polished with solar radial or ring matte, gray screws, special power correction system engraved with Earl ‘P’ Word mark