Casio Pushes Time Forward With Innovative Technologies

On March 25, 2009, the 8-day event of the global watch industry was hailed as the ‘Oscar in Luxury’-the 37th Basel World Held in Basel, Switzerland. Many of the world’s top watch brands have gathered here to release the latest watch fashion trends and become the focus of world attention.

   Under the theme of ‘It’s Time For Technology’, Casio watches debuted in Basel in a showroom full of sense of technology and futurism, bringing the latest high-tech timepiece products that can receive radio waves from 6 stations around the world. ‘G-SHOCK’, ‘OCEANUS’, ‘EDIFICE’, ‘PROTREK’, ‘BABY-G’, ‘SHEEN’ and other product line brand image and future development direction, underscore the brand concept of continuous pursuit of innovation and transcendence.

   The world’s leading 6-station radio wave solar watch is undoubtedly the main development focus of Casio watches. With the continuous development of radio-controlled watch technology, radio-controlled watches will be another revolutionary technology product in the watch industry after quartz watches have replaced mechanical watches as the mainstream of the watch market. Since the first radio wave watch was released by Casio in 1995, until May 2007, Casio became the first manufacturer to sell more than 10 million radio wave watches worldwide, while occupying a 40% share of the world’s radio wave market, becoming a radio wave watch. The world’s number one brand. So far, Casio is the first company in the world to launch 6 rounds of radio wave solar watches. It has gradually taken the lead in the radio wave market, constantly refreshed the standards of the watch industry, and began to lead the cutting-edge technology of radio waves.

   In addition to six radio wave receiving functions that can receive high-sensitivity 6 base stations (China, Fukushima, Kyushu, Japan, United Kingdom, Germany, North America) of different frequencies and automatically correct time and date information, Casio’s original large-capacity solar drive system that can convert weak light sources into power, as well as a tough movement with both impact resistance and automatic pointer correction functions, are core technologies developed and proud of Casio watches. These three core technologies have become the focus of the watch industry and the people who love Casio watches.

   With the development of Casio’s global strategy, more Casio watch products will be launched in the Chinese market. Casio will continue to develop innovative and innovative technologies, wristwatches with extraordinary artistic sense.
OCOCEANUS series, the top work of solar radio watches, has created a brand image of perfect fusion of elegance and technology. As the highest-end series of Casio watches, it has three core technologies independently developed by Casio-the world’s first 6-station radio wave reception, a large-capacity solar drive system, and a tough movement, which make the radio wave watch intelligent beyond reach. Equipped with 5 ultra-small TOUCH MOVEMENT with low energy consumption, the watch body is ultra-thin and elegant. The application of high-end materials such as sapphire non-reflective coating glass surface and titanium metal underlines its exquisite taste.

   OCW-S1250TC——As the theme model of this year’s watch and clock exhibition, Casio Watch applies the porcelain bezel technology to this watch for the first time. It not only has the smooth mirror beauty of porcelain, but also uses the physical characteristics of porcelain material to enhance the hardness, making it difficult to scratch, and continues the consistent concept of Casio watches’ continuous pursuit of the fusion of beauty and performance.

EDIFICE, showing the inherent sportsmanship. The extensive application of forged steel metal, carbon fiber dial, and IP material technology shows the beauty of delicate and detailed metal modeling everywhere. Combined with the iconic design of the three-dial and six-pointer, this natural sportsman can more easily control speed. Pursue precision.

EDIFICE radio wave series

   EQW-M1000BD, this globally recommended model, combines powerful watch functions, gorgeous sports design style, and the fun of stopwatch timing. The addition of 6 rounds of radio wave reception, combined with a solar drive system, perfectly enhances the watch’s performance. The ultra-miniature, low-power 5 motor is independently driven, and it is equipped with a variety of technologies and functions that are not available in existing analog watches, which truly realizes multi-functional and high-tech applications. The 1/20 second stopwatch dial rotates rapidly during the stopwatch timing operation, fully reflecting the beauty of mechanical movement, greatly enhancing the fun and dynamic concept of the watch, and symbolizing the speed of speed.
   3D three-dimensional dial, large-diameter button design, screw rod display time scale, etc., the detailed design fully reflects the mechanical feel of car movement

Adhering to the belief of ‘watch that never breaks’, G-SHOCK has entered its 26th year. In addition to continuing to provide excellent shock and water resistance, it can adapt to the use of various cruel environments. The innovation not only created a new shock-resistant structure, but also integrated advanced technologies such as 6 rounds of radio wave reception, solar drive system, and tough movement.

G-SHOCK radio wave series

   GW-2000BD is designed for all dreamers who have experience flying. The dial design is derived from the instrument panel in the cockpit of the aircraft. Powerful anti-shock, anti-collision structure, surface glass that can resist light refraction, orange marking text version, every detail can make users feel as if they are sitting in the cockpit of an aircraft to control the dashboard and controller. Because of G-SHOCK’s tough image and unique anti-vibration technology, CASIO was fortunate to be the official sponsor of the 2009 Red Bull World Flying Championships, and gave full support to the new pilot Matthias Dolderer.