Seiko Brand Launches New Astronomical Gps Solar Watch

According to Watch House, Japan’s famous watch brand Seiko has re-energized after successfully launching the first batch of astronomical watches, and recently launched a new astronomical GPS solar watch series. 6 brand new watches.

 The design inspiration of these astronomical GPS solar watches is from the earth on which we live. In astronomy, in order to determine its position and maintain the accuracy of the atomic clock, it must receive signals from at least 4 GPS satellites. track. The challenge is, of course, there is also the power supply, which is necessary to generate up to 10,000 times more power than required in a standard quartz watch, about 200 times the radio controlled watch.

 During the R & D process, after six years, Seiko finally succeeded. In developing a highly efficient GPS module specially designed watch, the signal during hunting did not waste energy and tracked poor satellite reception conditions. In this way, the new Seiko Astronomical GPS module achieves a spectacular power saving of about one fifth of the power of a conventional GPS module.

 It does not require external power and is completely self-sufficient. Just use the power of light, it connects to a GPS network, and tells the accuracy of the atomic clock to adjust the time in all 39 time zones on Earth at the touch of a button. It has taken nearly 10 years to create new Seiko astronomy and its advanced features packaged in watches are beautiful and comfortable to wear.

 Like its outstanding predecessor, the first quartz watch of 1969, the new Astronomical GPS Solar will change the world to tell time. In order to develop astronomy, Seiko has developed some new technologies and has applied for more than 100 patent applications. Only Seiko can provide what kind of international travelers have long thought about, look at the watch, understand and adjust the time zone.

Taking Up With Traditional Craftsmanship 2015 Watch And Miracle Lange Watch List

2015 ‘Watches and Miracles’ Asia High-end Watch and Clock Exhibition was held in Hong Kong from September 30th to October 3rd, 2015. Lange Watches is also one of the exhibitors. Lange watches of German descent adhere to the tradition left by the founders of the German precision watchmaking industry and adhere to the belief of producing only ‘the best watches in the world.’ The following watch homes bring you a list of Lange watch exhibits and watch them together.
Lange Saxonia 216.033

   The watch is equipped with Lange’s homemade L941.1 manual winding movement. The movement provides a power reserve of up to 45 hours, which is precise and reliable. This hand-crafted movement, combined with classic elements of Lange’s watchmaking skills such as the engraved balance wheel splint, makes each watch a unique treasure.
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   The cool and modern white 18K gold case is paired with a light grey dial. The hand-crafted exquisite movement combined with the classic elements of Lange’s watchmaking skills such as hand-engraved balance wheel splints make each watch a unique treasure.
For more details, please click: LANGE 1 Series 113.041 Watch

   Unrivalled superb technology and high levels of perfect craftsmanship are the main features of Lange. Lange insists on producing only ‘the finest clocks in the world’. In addition to being famous for its elegant style with traditional German movements and watch altars, it also creates a near-perfect visual impression. The combination of the mother-of-pearl dial and the rose gold case, combined with a beige calfskin strap, gives an elegant and stylish visual experience.
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   Little Lange 1 has a mother-of-pearl dial based on blue and a 36mm white 18K gold case, which fully demonstrates the feminine temperament of Lange’s famous design. Pair it with a blue strap to create a fresh and elegant beauty.
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   Since 2010, 1815 CHRONOGRAPH has become an example of a combination of classic design and cutting-edge technology. Arabic numerals on the dial and minutes on the train track are reminiscent of Lange’s charming pocket watch. The combination of blue and silver creates an elegant temperament, and the precision movement highlights Lange’s excellent watchmaking tradition, which is thrilling.
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   Entering 2015, Lange celebrates Ferdinando Adolf Lange’s 200th birthday. The brand previously launched the 1815 ‘200th Anniversary F. A. Lange’ Platinum 950 Commemorative Edition with a black dial in February. This time, Langer brings a second masterpiece to pay tribute to the founder of Saxony.
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Blessed Tourbillon & Skull Series A Top And Luxurious Event

A gorgeous feast is about to begin. Bell & Ross Double Skull Tourbillon is limited to 20 pieces worldwide. It is a classic and popular product. At the 2011 Basel show, Taiwan was a global fanatic. Only 2 were grabbed. Because the Bell & Ross brand strives for perfection, the production of this special precision watch takes time, and the world is in short supply. Therefore, the two quotas in Taiwan come to Taiwan in addition to the limited quantity, and come to Taiwan every year. At the end of 2011, when Taiwan’s first limited-edition skull tourbillon came to Taiwan, it was scheduled to be purchased by collectors before leaving the customs, and there was no time for the media to take pictures. On November 8, 2012, the second dual-skull head tourbillon officially arrived in Taiwan (and the last one in Taiwan quota). In order to give back to the watch fans Bell & Ross, who cooperated with the founding store of Taipei, The VIP-level appointment system allows Bell & Ross enthusiasts to see the unique features of the double skull tourbillon at a close distance without being disturbed by others.
    In addition, there are more top-level craftsmanship such as gorgeous skull diamond watches and luxurious 18K rose gold tourbillon, allowing watch fans to enjoy Bell & Ross’s advanced and complex models. A gorgeous feast is about to begin. You are welcome to make an appointment for appreciation. We will have someone to serve you.
B & R’s double skull tourbillon and gorgeous skull watch / luxury rose gold tourbillon watch
Bell & Ross skull tourbillon-the world’s only double skull tourbillon square watch
Global Limited X-Year Special Watch !! Limited to 20 pieces worldwide
Bell & Ross Gorgeous Skull Watch-The World’s Unique Stereo Skull Watch

Bell & Ross gorgeous skull watch is tamping !! Limited to 99 pieces worldwide

Bell & Ross Luxury Rose Gold Tourbillon Watch – Tourbillon with Unique Square and Special Structure Design
The perfect combination of black and gold highlights the luxurious texture !! Limited edition of 20 pieces worldwide