Shanghai Patek Philippe Customer Service Center Is Fully Upgraded

Patek Philippe believes that the technical requirements for maintaining and repairing a watch are tantamount to making a brand new watch. And they firmly believe that only Patek Philippe-trained professionals can maintain and take care of Patek Philippe watches.
Along with the growth of China’s luxury consumer market, over the past decade, top global watch brands have entered China one after another. Chinese consumers have changed from simply “owning” a watch to “appreciating” its unique taste And stories, up to the ‘investment and collection’ of its brand value. As consumers mature in the consumption of complex-function watches, the requirements for after-sales service have become more important.
At present, although Patek Philippe China only has two stores in Shanghai and Beijing, it also has two customer service centers. In response to the rapid development of the Chinese market in the high-end consumer field, Patek Philippe has adopted a stable and service-oriented market strategy, which is the most direct commitment to every customer who owns a Patek Philippe watch. At the same time, Patek Philippe adopts the same philosophy for the recruitment and training of professional watchmakers, so that each one has received a strict and complete multi-level training system for watchmakers, and all professional training is held at the Patek Philippe Geneva Training Center. , Determined to build a customer service team consistent with the standards of the Geneva headquarters in Switzerland.

A new generation of quality standards for mechanical movement watches: PatekPhilippe Seal
In the spring of 2009, Patek Philippe entered a new era: all future mechanical movements produced by Patek Philippe will use the unique Patek Philippe seal. This watchmaking workshop in Geneva has been dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and independence since its founding in 1839, and the Patek Philippe imprint is the latest achievement of this concept. The new imprint of quality clearly shows the true essence and esteem of Patek Philippe: the perfect level of craftsmanship far exceeds the requirements of external specifications and official standards. After all, true fiery passion must be manifested through intrinsic qualities.
There is no doubt that the entire watch must have a quality label. This requires a new imprint, which is used to determine all the capabilities and features that are closely related to the manufacture, precision adjustment and lifetime maintenance of Patek Philippe timepieces.
The Patek Philippe imprint not only applies to the movement, but also includes the case, dial, hands, buttons, strap spring bolts, etc., and even the aesthetics, functional standards and customer service quality of the finished watch.
The Geneva Seal and Patek Philippe have a long-term and long-term cooperative relationship from 1886 to 2008. In the 19th century, the reputation and quality of the Geneva timepieces had already crossed the borders of the Swiss Confederation and spread throughout the new world and the mysterious country of the Far East. It is not surprising, then, that there would naturally be some mediocre quality watch products attempting to obtain higher profits by counterfeiting watches of origin in Geneva. This poses a serious threat to the unique status of Geneva watches, which in turn threatens the future of the local watchmaking industry. As a result, the Geneva Parliament enacted a law in 1886 to protect Geneva as a place of origin of watches and clocks and a symbol of quality to combat counterfeit products.
A series of regulations drafted at the time constituted the Geneva Seal, while detailing the quality standards of first-class Geneva movements. The technical standard was thus established, and its effective scope was strictly limited to movements assembled in the Canton of Geneva. Not surprisingly, Patek Philippe pocket watches became one of the first timepieces to receive the Geneva Seal. Decades later, Patek Philippe has become the image ambassador with the strongest quality label, making it one of the most stringent quality standards in the watchmaking industry, making a great contribution. Today, all mechanical movements produced by Patek Philippe carry the Geneva mark, and the Patek Philippe mark will surpass and gradually replace this world-renowned quality label in 2009.

Patek Philippe Customer Service Center aims at the fast-growing Chinese market in the high-end consumer field. Patek Philippe adopts a stable and service-oriented market strategy. Currently in China, Patek Philippe has two stores and customer service centers in Shanghai and Beijing. It aims to provide Chinese consumers with the most professional life-long services from the brand to ensure that every Patek Philippe timepiece can be inherited for a long time. Original quality and precious value.
In recent years, the topics of concern for China’s top watch consumers have gradually changed from pure product purchase and wearing to maintenance, investment and collection. In response to this increasingly mature consumer concept, Patek Philippe China continues to strengthen the local customer service experience. From the hardware equipment to the customer service team, it is determined to be consistent with the standard of the headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.
Recently, Patek Philippe’s Shanghai Customer Service Center has been upgraded. From the original No. 18 Bund store, it has been relocated to a new site of Yifeng Bund Source, covering an area of ​​nearly 1,000 square meters. The interior space is strictly in accordance with the global uniform standard of the Geneva headquarters, creating a completely transparent and dust-free repair room, which provides the best ‘medical’ environment for watchmakers and each watch. All maintenance and inspection equipment of the service center are imported from Patek Philippe’s Geneva headquarters, and the Geneva professional team in Shanghai completes the installation and testing in person.
Patek Philippe’s China customer service team is composed of professional watch technology teams from different countries such as China and Switzerland, and has received a strict and complete watchmaker multi-level training system from Patek Philippe-each period is at least 4 weeks, and each Level up the difficulty of the course. All professional training is held at the Patek Philippe Geneva Training Center, designed to give every Patek Philippe watch technical professional a high degree of control over every watch skill.
Patriz Philip, President of Patek Philippe, said, ‘As a family-owned company, we always adhere to the highest quality customer service experience. Only Patek Philippe-trained professionals can maintain and take care of Patek Philippe watches.’ Following the requirements of Patek Philippe’s mark, the brand will always provide the most sincere customer service as its highest purpose. For each consumer, while owning the ultimate quality of Patek Philippe watches, they will also enjoy the guarantee from a professional customer service team to adhere to the heritage of the Patek Philippe brand.