Identify The Quality Of The Watch

How to identify one of the good and bad watches
Observe whether the markings on the dial, back cover and crown are consistent, and check the case, surface and hands for serious scratches.
How to identify the quality of a watch
When the hand is turned counterclockwise, the second hand can stop or move back, but when the hand is stopped, the second hand should start moving again. Otherwise, it indicates that the sub-wheel in the movement is not tight.
How to identify the quality of a watch
When winding, the movement must not “click”. If there is sound or slipping, it means that there is a problem with some of the previous parts. In addition, if the interval between the “beep” sounds heard by the watch is significantly different, it means that the watch has a serious deviation phenomenon. If the sound is fast and chaotic, it indicates that there is a swing phenomenon.
How to identify the quality of watches
In the fully relaxed state of the mainspring, move it up and down three times. If the sensitivity of the second hand movement is regarded as acceptable, otherwise it will be insensitive.
How to identify the five coincidence check of the quality of a watch:
Turn the hour, minute and second hands to the overlapping position, and check whether there is any friction between the second hand and the glass, between the hour hand and the dial, and the three hands. Then observe it step by step at 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock.
How to identify the quality of a watch
When checking the watches with the day of the week and calendar functions, there should be no skipping characters or skipping characters.
How to identify the quality of watches 7:
According to national standards, according to the accuracy of timing, domestic watches are divided into 4 grades, and the day difference of the first, second, third, and fourth grades are respectively large or smaller than ± 30 seconds, ± 45 seconds, ± 60 seconds, and ± 90 seconds.