Watches Witness Eternal Love Three Wedding Watch Recommendations

Entering the marriage hall is the most important and beautiful thing in life. The necessary jewelry for marriage in Chinese tradition is essential, such as the three gold (rings, earrings, necklaces) and bracelets. In recent years, more and more new people hope to have a pair of wedding watches when they get married to witness their beautiful love and marriage. Today I will recommend several pairs of watches suitable for marriage.
Cartier-RONDE LOUIS CARTIER series W6701005 / W6701004 couple quartz watch

 Cartier watches are the world’s top watch brands. It perfectly integrates aesthetics, creativity and excellence in craftsmanship. Each watch is famous for its classics. This pair of lovers watch inherits the elegant style, with a classic round case design, a silver white porcelain dial, a circle crown set with convex blue spinel, and it is one of the most popular wedding pair watches.
 Movement: Calibre 690 case steel
 Mirror: Sapphire crystal
 Strap: Stainless steel
 Function: calendar display, waterproof 30 meters
Omega-Butterfly Series 4370.71.00 / 4374.31.00

 Omega Diffuse series watches began in 1967. Since its inception, the Diffuse series watches have used innovative design and technological innovation, making the watch not only a symbol of fashion, elegance and dignity, but also a representative of Omega’s sophisticated manufacturing Table technology. This Omega couple pair watch uses silver dial / white mother-of-pearl design, 18k yellow gold-stainless steel two-tone case, noble and elegant, comfortable, simple and generous, making every moment a sweet memory.
 Series: Saucer Series
 Movement: Omega 2500 / Omega 1456
 Case: 18k yellow gold-stainless steel case
 Table mirror: wear-resistant sapphire crystal
 Bracelet: stainless steel-gold two-tone bracelet
 Function: calendar, coaxial escapement, waterproof 30 meters
Longines LONGINES-Master series L2.628.4.78.3 / L2. couple mechanical watch

 Longines combines a long technical tradition with unremitting aesthetic qualities. The watch has a classic design, like a couple who are cuddling each other. Willow leaf blue steel hands, silver dial under the hands, black Arabic numerals on the hour markers, it looks noble and elegant, expressing the gentle temperament. With a brown crocodile leather strap, it feels very beautiful and beautiful, and at the same time, the overall effect is maximized. It’s perfect to use this pair as a wedding couple watch.
 Series: Famous Craftsman Series
 Movement: L619 / L595
 Case: stainless steel
 Mirror: Sapphire crystal
 Strap: crocodile leather
 Function: calendar, waterproof 30 meters
 Wedding watch symbolizes love and represents eternal time. When you are in love, you may choose them to witness the eternity of your love.