Blancpain’s New L-evolution One-minute Carrousel Timenet Watch

After Carrousel was included in the L-Evolution series in 2010, the faceplate began to take a minimalist route, using sapphire crystal plywood as the base plate of the movement; in 2013, Blancpain technology was upgraded to a higher level. Combined with demolding enamel technology, the flow of time can be seen in a full perspective.

 Carrousel and tourbillon are very similar in appearance. Although the operating principles are not the same, being able to see the movement of the movement with the naked eye is sufficient for most watch fans. Perhaps the high price of tourbillon makes ordinary watch fans Unable to afford it, Carlisle watches made by Blancpain were warmly welcomed by the market. Carrousel has been included in the L-Evolution series since 2010. The overall design of the faceplate has also changed. With sapphire crystal as the base plate of the movement, more watch fans who want to see Carrousel’s walking posture more closely are more delighted. The material of the watch body is to enhance the overall visual aesthetics and depth. Many styles have been introduced, showing the delicate thoughts of Bao platinum. What’s more, the third layer is made of rare materials such as gold and titanium. In addition, the practical level also improved. At that time, titanium-based sapphire crystal substrates were embossed with countless anti-counterfeiting marks. In order to create the ultimate visual level, Bao platinum added a complex spider web to the surface. The pattern, and changed the previous practice of using three layers of sapphire crystal splints, and changed the way of two layers of sapphire crystal plus a layer of enamel, so that the one-minute Carloso watch has a new look.

 In addition to the original anti-counterfeiting imprint, the new Carrousel watch is more ingenious. At the screw at ten o’clock on the faceplate, a small brushed spider is placed to strengthen the anti-counterfeiting. Exquisite thoughts; what’s more, the third layer is made of rare materials such as gold and titanium. Of course, the enamel splint made of plique-a-jour is more amazing, and the practical level will follow. Improved. At that time, the titanium metal style was endless. For this unique enamel firing technique, the enamel must be placed on a module with a chassis. After the firing process is completed, the chassis is removed. After completing the entire process, the blue color is nearly transparent. The enamel emits a faint light, combined with the intricately crafted spider web of the face plate and the design of the see-through face plate, bringing the face plate of the entire watch to an unprecedented level, through the double-layered sapphire crystal With a layer of blue enamel design, users can clearly see the structure and movement of the movement, even if it is turned to the bottom case on the back. In the labyrinth of time, when the mysterious transparent blue and beautiful movements go, fascinating, so carefully crafted watches limited only 15 to show rare.

 One-Minute Flying Sapphire Carrousel Technical characteristics: One minute Carrousel / Two layers of sapphire crystal splint / Plique-a-jour / Full transparent surface, regardless of the front, back, and even the side, you can see the whole Only the internal structure of the model, with two layers of sapphire crystal splint and one layer of enamel splint, makes the model emit a subtle blue light.