Tag Heuer New Calera 1887 Chronograph

TAG Heuer Carrera 1887 chronograph was born on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the brand in 2010, using the first self-developed Calibre 1887 by TAG Heuer, winning the “small hands” of the Geneva watchmaker prize’. In 2012, TAG Heuer’s ingenuity, presented a new model, enlarged the case to 43mm, showing a wide field of vision, the dial is clear and easy to read, the ultimate interpretation of Carrera 1887’s elegant nature, the Pioneer precision and fashion on the wrist.
First homemade Calibre 1887 movement
    The new watch still carries the Calibre 1887 chronograph movement independently developed by TAG Heuer. This movement is independently produced by the TAG Heuer watch factory, with a power reserve of up to 50 hours, a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour, and 320 components. This calibre is the highest tribute to TAG Heuer’s original 1887 swing gear, enabling the chronograph to start in less than 2/1000 seconds. This swing gear is also one of TAG Heuer’s first patents and a milestone in the field of modern watchmaking.
Carrera 1887 Chronograph 43mm
    Carrera’s new 1887 model adheres to the principles of simplicity, elegance, and legibility. It retains the first Carrera design of 1964, while injecting modern elements. It is a new model of chronograph. The new style is mainly based on elegant and noble rose gold, with three-dimensional polished Arabic numerals and gold-plated hands, which is low-key and restrained, yet elegant. The silver and black dial is equipped with a crocodile leather strap or a stainless steel bracelet. The details are highlighted. The taste is self-evident.
    The new case is even more unique. The case is enlarged to 43mm, showing a wide field of vision, and the clear and simple dial is more clear. It is polished, and the production and assembly are all completed in Switzerland. It embodies both the tradition and innovation, fashion and function of the graphics card, and once again becomes the collection of TAG Heuer chronograph.
Carrera 1887 Chronograph 41mm
   TAG Heuer also launched the Carrera 1887 stainless steel gold chronograph. It is hand-inlaid with faceted hour markers, hands and TAG Heuer logo and black crocodile leather strap in 18K 3N yellow gold. It inherits the classic style of Carrera 1887 motorsport. , But added even more to the emperor. Equipped with a tachymeter, hour, minute and small seconds, TAG Heuer pioneered the leading position in precise timing, showing the style of watchmaking a century ago.

Yeh From ‘morning’ To ‘night’ To Enjoy Time

Fun in June, Fiyta Group and its various watch brands shined at the Shenzhen Watch & Clock Fair. Following the perfect end of the “Yeah Enjoy Time, Run” extreme night running event in Shanghai and Shenzhen, Fiyta came to Jiangcheng and passed the ultimate spirit of “continuing watch fashion with time and innovation every second” to Jiangcheng Wuhan. In mid-summer, in July, Fiyta invited Li Chen, a brand’s best friend and a popular ‘running man’ star, to help Fiyta’s Wuhan event and unveil the first stop of the new limit tour of Fiyta’s ‘Extreme’ series. ‘Long’ status, to provide Fiyta’s loyal fans and winners of the night run event to provide a full VIP-level warm men service.
Extreme trends Fiyta leads Shenzhen in June
   ‘Yeah, enjoy your time, run!’ The second stop of Fiyta’s 2015 Extreme Night Run: Shenzhen Station is also the online registration method. Once the registration channel was opened within 3 hours, it attracted more than 300 netizens’ positive response. Because of advocating the extreme spirit of challenging myself and advocating a positive attitude towards life, it has been enthusiastically sought after by many night runners, star fans and fashion celebrities. And under the leadership of ‘Global Beauty’ Chen Zi and Chen Yinrong, each participant arrogantly sweated and ran out of the dynamic time belonging to Fiyta.
   At the watch and clock exhibition, the various watch brands of the Fiyta Group were extraordinary and won many praises from guests and the media. The Fiyta brand pavilion is based on the concept of dynamic speed driving, showing the unique spirit and feelings represented by the extreme series watches. Fiyta Group’s enterprising brand spirit and perfect watchmaking craftsmanship present a top domestic watch appreciation feast for every watch enthusiast participating in the meeting.
(‘Global Beauty’ Chen Yinrong and Chen Zi took a group photo before the lead)
The third stop of the night run will go to the end
   At night, it is to take off the suit and sweat perfunctoryly; at night, it is to breathe out as much as you want; at night, we must kick away the tiredness and crush the troubles! Fiyta’s 2015 extreme night running event at Wuhan Station, landing at Wuhan Sports Center, is still using a QR code online registration method, with Gao Yuanyuan, Gu Tianle and Li Chen as the captains of the star team. After participating runners complete the run, self-timer photos of the extreme night run will be uploaded to the circle of friends, and the screenshot will be uploaded to the official Fiat WeChat platform within 24 hours. After certification, the participants with the most ‘likes’ will have Get a chance to get in touch with any of the stars in Gu Tianle and Gao Yuanyuan, and the star captain will personally present a new Fiat ‘Extreme’ watch. The top three players in each game can win a Fiyta watch. The winner of the first place was able to interact with Li Chen on July 11th at the star event organized by Fiyta in Wuhan Optics Valley Pedestrian Street.
‘One day shop manager’ extreme warm male fashion
   Li Chen, who has always been shown with a high-quality image of ‘Warm Men on the Screen’, has become very popular. He is known to the audience as a ‘running man’ with great power, a ‘big black bull’, or a heroic general with ‘wu mei niang’. But few people are familiar with it. He is also a novel writer and film and television producer with profound writing skills. The popular TV drama ‘Beijing Love Story’ was adapted from the novel of Li Chen’s novel. Li Chen’s temperament both internally and externally complements Fiyta’s brand style.
   Fiyta also prepared another ‘limit’ gift in the coming summer. As one of the three night running team captains, Li Chen will join hands with Fiyta to land in Wuhan on July 11. As a brand friend, he will offer a full VIP level to Fiyta’s loyal fans and the winners of the night running event. Warm male service. At that time, Li Chen will participate in Fiyta’s “Extreme” series of new product tours. Wuhan will be the first stop of the event. Li Chen will also work with Fiyta brand leaders to unveil the ceremony and jointly light Fiyta. 3D three-dimensional design works ‘light and shadow sports car’. As a ‘one-day shop manager’, for every customer who visits Fiyta shopping on the day of the event, it provides the star shop manager service experience of ‘Warm Men Morning’, allowing them to enjoy a one-stop VIP-level ‘warm men’ ‘service.

Watch configuration:
Name: Fiyta Extreme Series
Model: GA866002.MBR
Movement: imported automatic mechanical movement
Case: stainless steel, water-plated rose gold
Bezel: stainless steel, IP black plated
Dial: black, hollow
Table mirror: anti-glare sapphire glass
Strap: Brown leather
Water resistance: 100 meters

Iwc Oscar Emperor’s Time Love

At the just-concluded 86th Academy Awards Ceremony, IWC’s best friend Cate Blanchett won the Academy Award for her outstanding performance in ‘Blue Jasmine’ and also used this film After winning the Golden Globe award. For many years, Cate Blanchett has been a loyal supporter of IWC, and has participated in IWC’s major film festivals and the SIHH annual dinner of the brand many times.

 As a close friend of the IWC brand, Cate Blanchett often wears IWC watches in public places.

 In addition, with the popular American drama ‘House of Cards’ and the recently-popular Oscar King Kevin Spacey wearing the IWC Portuguese Marine Elite Chronograph Watch ‘Lawrence Sports Charity Foundation’ to attend the event that day, a dark blue tuxedo with a blue surface Reveals his glamour.

 At this ceremony, the watch worn by Kevin Spacey is from IWC’s most iconic and classic Portuguese watch series. Since its birth, it has been the best choice for mature men. This edition of the Portuguese Marine Elite Chronograph ‘Lawrence Sports Charity Fund’, which appeared with Kevin, is one of the most popular models of the Portuguese family, inspired by the most successful models of the IWC in the 60s and 70s. , Super performance and excellent appearance are perfectly combined, while possessing the most advanced technical standards.

 With his role in the popular American drama ‘House of Cards’ and the recent hot Oscar actor Kevin Spacey attending the Oscar awards ceremony, IWC Portuguese Marine Elite Chronograph ‘Lawrence Sports Charity Foundation’ edition.

 Kevin Spacey and Cate Blanchett, who has just won the 86th Academy Awards, have been loyal fans and brand friends of IWC for many years. Both of them have participated in the annual dinner of the IWC Geneva International Horological Show (SIHH), and I have been to the port town of Portofino in Italy. Under the camera of internationally renowned fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh, I joined hands with a number of stars such as Eric Dane, Zinedine Zidane and other famous watch family Portofino. The Nuo series captures breathtaking photos and videos.

 In 2010, Cate Blanchett and Kevin Spacey joined hands to capture breathtaking photos and images for IWC’s popular watch family Portofino series.

          The film emperor went to Italy to co-interpret the IWC watch.