Do You Know The Origin Of These Legendary Watch Series Names?

The name of a certain series is often the first step for the public to recognize the corresponding brand. Watchmakers have long understood the importance of making the right choice in this regard. Yet only those who face naming choices will understand how subtle and complex this task is. The name must have meaning, be nice and easy to remember, reflect the product and evoke dreams at the same time, if it can tell a story, it would be better. So for brands, the advent of new collections often means new challenges. However, there are always some series names that can meet all of the above criteria and become the symbol of a generation.
Piaget Altiplano watch in red gold, 38mm and 34mm

The natural choice of Piaget Altiplano
   Although the 9P ultra-thin hand-wound movement was introduced as early as 1957, Piaget launched the Altiplano watch series until 1998, showing a strong technical strength in the ultra-thin field. The name Altiplano is derived from the plateau of the Andes, which stretches more than 1,500 kilometers. The average altitude here is 3,650 meters-echoing the ultra-thin Altiplano 900P watch is only 3.65 mm thick-extremely smooth, pristine scenery, only the wind blows, and reserves are buried underground Rich copper, silver and even gold deposits. Altiplano’s name is a natural choice for watch series that push the boundaries of ultra-thinness.
Chopard L.U.C Lunar Big Date

Chopard L.U.C returns to its roots
   L.U.C is not a name, and it does not have such a name. In fact, L.U.C is an acronym for Louis-Ulysse Chopard. In 1960, he founded the LUC watch factory in the small village of Sonvilier in Jura, Switzerland. Although it was taken over by Karl Scheufele III in 1963, the watch factory has always been firmly connected to the origin . In 1996, the Chopard Watchmaking Factory was established in Fleurier, Neuchatel. The innovative, precise and reliable L.U.C movement is a tribute to the brand’s founder.
TAG Heuer Carrera Panamericana Special Edition

TAG Heuer Carrera is more than an event
   Before becoming a watch, ‘Carrera’ was first a race: one of the most dangerous and legendary races, so long after the end of the story, the collective memory it left for the majority of car fans is still difficult Wear out. TAG Heuer took inspiration from the Carrera Pan American Road Race and launched a chronograph of the same name in 1963. From 1950 to 1954, the Carrera Pan American Road Race was held only five times. The five-day course spans 3,000 kilometers of high-risk roads in Mexico and is regarded as the world’s most prestigious automobile event.
   In 1988, the roar of automobile engines resounded through the Hyundai Carrera Pan American Circuit. The 28th event sponsored by Tag Heuer will officially kick off in October this year. Today, Carrera, which inherits all the elements that shape the legend, combines high standards, motorsports, and the spirit of challenge and adventure, has become a true watchmaking legend.
Zenith El Primero 410

Zenith El Primero is right
   What makes a name so successful? Evocative magic? Or does it mean something to the product? It’s called El Primero, it’s simple and straightforward, and it’s because it’s really the first. El Primero (Spanish ‘first’), released in 1969, is the world’s first high-vibration automatic chronograph movement with a timing accuracy of 1/10 seconds, superb performance and a reputation in the industry. Subsequently, the name of the movement gradually evolved into the name of a series. Since then, El Primero watches proudly surround the wrists of watch fans around the world, and often reveal new ideas, as if for the first time, embrace each other at first.

Zhenlishi ‘happy Plan’ Lenovo Xing Yuanzhuan Articles

Zenith’s ‘Happy Plan’ has come all the way to get the support of many companies and media friends. Here we are very grateful and grateful! The Happy Plan has been officially open to the public since December 1st, and everyone is invited to open their hearts and express their wish for the loved ones. Afterwards, we will share different StarWish transmissions to you successively. The following is the touching story of Lenovo Group’s realization of StarWish transmissions for autistic children’s schools:

Star wish origination:

‘Every child with autism has an instinctive reaction to nature. As long as we are willing to spend time, we can always resonate and share with them.’ Wei Jianglei Arthur, vice president of Lenovo Group, could n’t help but shoot after completing Zenith’s “Happy Plan” Lamented. The moment he said goodbye to the autistic child, Arthur seemed more like a reluctant and concerned father. In subsequent exchanges with the teacher, when he accidentally learned that due to financial constraints, the school could not provide computers for teachers or children to use for learning or teaching, Arthur immediately suggested that Lenovo complete this star wish for the children.

Star wish to pass:

As the first company representative to respond to the Zenith Happy Plan, Wang Jianzhong, director of Lenovo Group’s party office and deputy chairman of the labor union, Zhang Yaoqun, deputy secretary general of Qingdao Charity Federation, and several Lenovo volunteers led by Zenith Happy Ambassadors. Along the way to Qingdao Golden Children’s Intelligent Training Hall, several new tablets, notebooks and desktop computers with a total value of 50,000 yuan were carefully placed in the school classroom one by one. Volunteers either played simple tablet games with their children in their hands, or carefully demonstrated the downloaded teaching software to teachers one by one. The children seemed very excited that day, and they picked up the colored pencils sensibly and drew the most beautiful patterns in their hearts on happy T-shirts, and gave them back to these beautiful and kind people. At that moment, every volunteer present was full of the warmth passed by love. Maybe these children can’t get out of the rehabilitation center for a short time, maybe they still need a long time to open their hearts slowly, but hope that through technology, through love, open a window for them, walk out of themselves and look at the outside world. The addition of Lenovo has created more dream spaces for these children.

Thank you Lenovo for joining the Zenith Happy Plan, now we also invite you to join! With Happy Card, you want to send a picture to your favorite person or the star who wants to care for you. Take the declaration and send it to Zenith official Weibo WeChat platform to participate in the event. Zenith will choose the most meaningful wish from you to realize. It is not difficult to give a happy wish to the person you love, it is within your ability. From now on, let’s open our hearts and let Xingyuan pass!