Sea, Land, Air’ Rally No. Breitling’s First Flagship Store In Asia Cuts Ribbon In Wangfu Central

On June 26th, Beijing Wangfu Central, the first flagship store of Swiss independent watch brand Breitling in Asia held a ribbon-cutting ceremony in Beijing Wangfu Central. As the first flagship store in Asia, the new ribbon-cutting event is the new CEO of Breitling, George George. Georges Kern also came to the scene in person, and the brand also invited domestic talents such as Lei Jiayin and Han Xue to come and cut the ribbon for the Breitling celebration of the new store.
Event site:

   Breitling CEO George George Georges Kern was present to address the guests.

   The first flagship store in Asia is ribbon-cutting. Of course Breitling’s most aerobatic aerobatic team will not be absent. The captain of the aerobatic team, the world’s most aerobatic pilot with aerobatic pilots, Jacques Porter, nicknamed “Peter Pan” Jacques Bothelin) was also present. And there is a 1: 1 model of a Breitling aerobatic aircraft on the scene.

   Outstanding acting talents, from showbiz to fashion, use countless Lei Jiayin and Renmeige sweet with cute and upright personality circles, get rid of the beauty label, and make a stunning appearance with various strengths. The arrival of Han Xue, the variety show, has also brought a climax to the scene. .

   Finally, Breitling CEO George George Cohen along with Lei Jiayin and Han Xue cut the ribbon for Breitling’s first flagship store in Asia. Together, they lifted a fan with Chinese characteristics and written ‘Breitling Good Luck’ to pray for the new store.

Breitling’s first flagship store in Asia:
   As Breitling’s first flagship store in Asia, it adopts a new store design concept and has been carefully built for six months. It not only brings comfortable and fashionable space to consumers, but also presents more than 200 Breitling masterpieces, covering all series and limited editions. Timepieces. This is undoubtedly an important milestone in the brand’s retail expansion in China and globally.

   The retro letter B on the mesh steel structure wall reproduces the exclusive Breitling Yellow.

   The three-dimensional wall surface made of more than 10,000 bricks specially imported from Japan, with the 60’s Breitling retro neon brand logo, is undoubtedly a landscape of the flagship store.

    The store not only has new watches for sale, but also displays some antique watches in the history of Breitling.

    With a brand new store design concept, Breitling aims to create a more comfortable and fashionable environment to attract more young consumer groups.
On sale models:
   More than two hundred masterpieces of Breitling wristwatches covering the entire series, including the latest new series of aviation chronograph 8 and limited edition timepieces, can be bought here.

    Breitling Aviation Chronograph 8 B01 Chronograph, 43 mm diameter, using Breitling’s own 01 movement, the movement is equipped with a longitudinal clutch system, and provides more than 70 hours of power reserve for the watch.

    The Breitling Aviation Chronograph 8 Chronograph, this new Breitling watch has a 43 mm diameter and a stainless steel bracelet. The watch is equipped with the Breitling 13 movement (COSC) certified by the Swiss official astronomical observatory, and has a dynamic reserve of more than 42 hours.

   The Super Marine Culture II B20 44 automatic watch is equipped with Breitling’s homemade B20 movement, which provides a power reserve of up to 70 hours. This powerful automatic movement is based on the Tudor MT 5612 movement and has an exclusive finish, which reflects the strong cooperation between the two great brands in the development and manufacture of mechanical movements.
Summary: As the first Breitling flagship store in Asia, it has been carefully built for half a year. Here, consumers can not only experience superb service, but also try on all new Breitling watches. Interested table friends may wish to find out . On this Saturday, the Watch House will also do a tablemate event at the Breitling King’s Central flagship store. In addition to the new watch list, the Breitling watch owners who registered for this event can enjoy free Breitling in the store Watch detection, degaussing and strap cleaning. Interested friends may wish to log in to the official home of the Watch House Forum, private message forum administrators to participate.