The Most Poetic Timepieces Three Moon Phase Function Watches Recommended

Chinese scholars have given the moon a romantic temperament since ancient times. The change of the moon phase shows people the profit and loss of the moon. Later, this unique function was used in the design of the watch. Become the darling of astrological lovers. However, watches with complicated functions are often more expensive. For ordinary enthusiasts, it can only be discouraged. Today, the editor recommends several affordable moon phase models, each of which is With a different style and temperament, I hope to provide some help for your watch purchase plan.
Tissot Art Plastic T905.638.66.032.00 watch

   This Tissot art plastic series moon phase watch perfectly combines exquisite craftsmanship and artwork. The elegant white dial perfectly displays the functions of the watch. The moon phase function at 6 o’clock and the power reserve display at 11 o’clock stand out. Forming a harmonious and beautiful picture, the exquisite grain pattern between the discs illustrates the elegance of the watch.
Basic Information
Watch model: T006.428.36.058.01
Watch Series: T-GOLD
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18K white gold
Case diameter: 42.5 mm
Watch strap: leather belt
Reference price: ¥ 52,650
Details of this watch: This Mido Berencelli series watch demonstrates the elegant elegance of moonlight. The watch combines elegance and technology, and inherits the consistent exquisite characteristics of the Berencelli series, just the right shape design. , The fine detail processing, the harmonious and symmetrical curve radian, has achieved this watch’s impeccable perfect vision.
Basic Information
Watch model: M8607.3.M1.42
Watch Series: Belem Celli Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Gold-plated steel
Case diameter: 42 mm
Watch strap: cowhide
Reference price: ¥ 19,600
Watch details: As one of the few family-run watchmaking brands in Switzerland, Raymond Weil enjoys a special status in the field of luxury watchmaking. The brand emphasizes a deep relationship between art and culture, while paying attention to the use of precious materials and delicate watchmaking Craftsmanship, promoting independent brand spirit. With its classic design, this moon phase watch embodies harmony and elegance, and also symbolizes eternity. The addition of the moon phase function also allows the brand’s outstanding watchmaking skills to be demonstrated.
Basic Information
Watch model: 2839-STC-00659
Watch series: MAESTRO series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 39.5 mm
Watch strap: leather belt
Reference price: ¥ 22,000
Watch details: rmw / 19858 /
Watch Comments: This Raymond Weil moon phase watch is simple and elegant, giving people an aesthetic intention of the dial layout. The shiny stainless steel case with smooth lines is excellent in workmanship, with an elegant leather strap. The white dial is fresh and elegant. The center of the dial is decorated with exquisite wheat grain decoration to set off the elegant temperament of the man. The date display at 6 o’clock and the moon phase dial at 10 o’clock perfectly integrate into the large dial. The table adds artistic flair.
Summary: The moon phase watch always brings a poetic romance, worn on your wrist as if you are swimming in the vast starry sky. While watching the moon, you can also feel the charming mood.