Aimei Craftsmanship Three-needle, One-line Square Wheel Watch

Aimei Craftsmanship Three Hands One Line Square Wheel Watch
Innovative keywords: square gear, clover gear
Movement: Amy ML153 movement
Hands: Square wheel indicates the hour, the upper part is round silk satin treatment, the edges are polished, the hands are covered with C1 Superluminova blue luminous coating
Case: stainless steel, diameter 43.5 mm, silk satin and polished. Curved sapphire crystal double-sided anti-glare mirror. Oversized sapphire crystal screw-down case back, limited release number
Water resistance: 50 meters
Dial: Matte background with unique ‘Black Gold’ vertical silk satin-finished watch
Innovation type
Challenge the shape of a traditional circular gear
评论 [Review]
Some people may think that calling such a small gear a technological innovation is not enough convincing. However, after you understand the design and production process of the special gear, you may change your inherent thinking. Ordinary involute gears can be processed by lathes in batches because the tooth profile and pitch are uniform specifications. And for this kind of square profiled gear with a different shape of each tooth, only one tooth and one tooth are performed, and the task must be quite fine.