Ap Audemars Piguet 2015 Sihh Melodious Concept The Ultimate Melody

Personal life is inseparable from contemporary technology, and this is the core value of AudemarsPiguet. This year, the brand launched the Royal Oak Concept RD # 1 Royal Oak Concept Watch, which continues the technical achievements established by the founders Jules Louis Audemars and Edward Auguste Piguet over 140 years ago-the minute repeater system. Audemars Piguet has mastered this complex technology since the brand was founded, and has never stopped boldly innovating.

The Royal Oak Concept RD # 1 breaks through the water-repellent technology and surpasses the conventional concept of a timepiece, achieving an extraordinary sound masterpiece

Based on past innovations and look to future concepts
Audemars Piguet has always been known for its extraordinary watchmaking philosophy, independent creative spirit and courage to challenge the limits. Established in 1875 as a fine watchmaking brand, Audemars Piguet has never stopped exploring more innovative mechanical watchmaking technologies, and has been introducing concept watches since 2002. The customer needs of each era also reflect the development of the brand from a certain perspective. At the beginning of its creation, Audemars Piguet regarded the minute repeater mechanism as its core technology, because the most popular timepiece at that time was the timepiece watch. At the beginning of the Swiss watch industry, Audemars Piguet’s attention and perfect mastery of the ‘king of complications’-minute repeater function was impressive. The charm of the timepiece is not only complex technology, exquisite appearance and excellent craftsmanship, but the most fascinating is the pleasant sound. In the 1970s and 1980s, quartz technology had a huge impact on the traditional watchmaking industry. Even in this period, Audemars Piguet hasn’t stopped developing the minute repeater technology and timepiece works. Today, the brand successfully launches mechanical timepieces with outstanding sound quality, which once again establishes the highest standard in the industry: In today’s digital age, Royal Oak Concept RD # 1 Conceptual timepiece.
ROYAL OAK CONCEPT RD # 1 Royal Oak Concept Watch
In 2015, Audemars Piguet unveiled the most inquisitive minute repeater watch today-Royal Oak Concept RD # 1, the concept of which is derived from the principle of making string instruments. The brand’s concept watch project was launched in 2002. This piece in 2015 will add to the history of technological innovation proud of Audemars Piguet. It is worthy of the wonderful achievements of more than 100 years of innovation and eight years of unremitting acoustic research. In 2006, Audemars Piguet and EPFL (Federal Polytechnic Institute of Lausanne) launched a cooperative project. The team members included a string instrument maker, an academic consultant at the Geneva Conservatory of Music, and a sound engineer. Use your strengths. Why need to repeat the results? Royal Oak Concept RD # 1 is not a simple academic experiment, but a masterpiece of minute repeater that can make a melodious sound. Today, research on sound continues in the sound laboratory of the brand Blassus. From this, Audemars Piguet has mastered three patent-pending exclusive technologies and applied them to the Royal Oak Concept RD # 1. Hong Liang music.

The development process of Royal Oak Concept RD # 1 is to explore the sound quality of antique watches, to deeply understand the mystery of human hearing, focus on the various meanings we give to sound, and reveal the reason why sound is being heard

Craftsman from Brassus
The beeping chronograph watch made with personalized technology is the most popular type of watch in the 18th century. Master watchmakers in the Jurassic Valley have mastered extraordinary micro-mechanical craftsmanship, and they have tailored luxurious personalization mechanisms according to their needs: a few lucky people who can own private timepieces no longer need to rely on the city clock or table clock. The timepiece pocket watch can be placed on the table at will, and the time can be easily heard even at night. Thanks to the advent of the Royal Oak Concept RD # 1, the wonderful sounds exclusive to the wearer in the past will be able to be shared with more people.
The Royal Oak Concept RD # 1 was inspired by the stainless steel gongs that prevailed in the 1920s and 1930s. It was an era when electricity had not entered the homes of ordinary people. Audemars Piguet watchmakers not only seek mechanical technological progress, but also focus on the sound quality and range of timepieces. This historical period has aroused great interest from brand craftsmen, designers and historical data experts. In the process of research, they noticed the same watch again and again, and had to repeatedly ask a question: why can this 1924 minute repeater watch make such a soothing and moving sound?
The power of steel
Audemars Piguet has been using the stainless steel gong system since its founding in 1875, and it is still the core technology of the minute repeater.
Long thin strips of steel are carefully fixed around the movement (that is, the gong), which is processed to have ultra-high strength. Only experienced watchmakers have the ability to perfectly assemble the gongs, so that the stainless steel material can achieve a harmonious and unified tone. Filed gongs is a very difficult job. If you apply too much force to stainless steel, it will directly affect the sound quality of the time signal.
Recapture the sound
The Royal Oak Concept RD # 1 is inspired by watchmakers who can release a beautiful clear sound from the timepiece. This new development project aims to set a target sound for watchmakers, helping them measure and achieve flawless minute repeaters, and achieve unprecedented volume. In 2015, in pursuit of perfect listening enjoyment, Audemars Piguet introduced a new spring-action device regulator that emits almost no noise. When the echoes were eliminated, the timepiece sound immediately became clearer, as if awakened.
The Royal Oak Concept RD # 1 development plan for the Royal Oak Concept Watch was launched eight years ago, and is jointly promoted by the laboratory of Audemars Piguet headquarters and EPFL (Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne). The project aims to study how master watchmakers created traditional timepieces before the creation of water-restrictive water-resistant cases. Is it feasible to introduce a theoretical structure to provide an acoustic benchmark for today’s watchmakers to create new minute repeater timepieces? The Royal Oak Concept RD # 1 Royal Oak Concept watch development plan not only explored countless possibilities, but also achieved unique results. Audemars Piguet Sound Labs continues to focus on how people listen to sound and how sound inspires emotions.
A master watchmaker like a sound engineer
So where does the beautiful sound come from? How do we define what we hear? How to achieve a specific pitch, tone and coordination in a three-question reed system? The master watchmaker is the soul behind every minute questioning. He is like a conductor or sound engineer who injects vitality into mechanical timepieces through talent and passion. We can’t get the same sound from different watchmakers, but we can set a sound goal for them, which is a certain standard that needs to be met. The Royal Oak Concept RD # 1 provides a scientifically accurate sound target for watchmakers as a measuring scale. Royal Oak Concept RD # 1 The Royal Oak Concept breaks all the rules and achieves the unprecedented audible feeling and volume of the minute repeater.

Royal Oak Concept RD # 1 The Royal Oak Concept RD # 1 marks another milestone in Audemars Piguet’s development of innovative concepts. In 2015, Audemars Piguet will continue to explore the endless possibilities of ringing the clock, while not forgetting the joy of listening to the wonderful sound

Innovation beyond imagination
The main goal of this development project is to re-evaluate the sound of time without changing the waterproof technology of the watch: waterproof technology severely restricts the performance of the minute repeat function, because the closed case will cause the volume to weaken. One of the reasons why the existing timepieces sound beautiful and long is that they are not waterproof, and the sound is not loud and clear without being closed. During the development of the Royal Oak Concept RD # 1, the project members found the mystery of increasing the volume in the closed case without destroying the sound and harmony of the sound. The sound research project successfully overcomes the first problem-awakening sound.
The melody of time: the birth of ROYAL OAK CONCEPT RD # 1
The brand sound research laboratory researches the sound transmission process of the minute repeater device of the watch to set specific sound targets and measure the pitch, tone color and sound coordination of the timepiece.
Pitch: Accurate pitch
The sound of a watch’s reed is not, in a strict sense, a true tone. Tones need to be achieved through harmonics-vibration frequencies. The gong only has a fixed point, and the violin strings are fixed at both ends, so multiple vibration frequencies and harmonics can be generated. On a watch, a partial without harmonics is equivalent to a tone. Therefore, what matters most is not the pitch itself, but the relationship between the two partials. The Royal Oak Concept RD # 1’s crossover has been re-set, so that it can obtain a specific sound without relying solely on the auditory judgment of the watchmaker. The production process of the minute repeater device has entered a new era.
Tone: the color of the sound
Each instrument has a unique timbre, and the Royal Oak Concept RD # 1 is inspired by the principles of making string instruments. In the RD # 1 research project, the hammer and gong are like musical instruments, the movement is like a musician, and the master watchmaker is the conductor.
Harmony: the fusion of sounds
Composing a piece of music is inseparable from the ability to organize, and it is necessary to maintain the coordination of rhythm, timbre and intonation at the same time. The RD # 1 research project aims to explore the sound of harmony between two partials, and strive to achieve a similar third-degree effect-a perfect compromise between the two partials. The project specially invites a musician who can accurately distinguish the pitch, and finally achieves a harmonious and unified auditory effect.
Time: the length of the sound
Just as the bell sounds endless, the persistence of each ‘tone’ (partial) is also different. The ‘A’ major is set as the main tone of the Royal Oak Concept RD # 1. The gongs have also been readjusted to make certain partials last longer. The new spring adjuster ensures that every stroke is completed at the exact moment without annoying reverberations or echoes: the adjuster makes the sound short and clean.
ROYAL OAK CONCEPT RD # 1 Royal Oak Concept Watch, a masterpiece for hearing, proudly appeared at the 2015 Geneva Haute Horlogerie.