Cartier Will Host The Largest Jewelry Exhibition In Paris

Cartier, the world’s leading jewellery brand, will celebrate the century-old art history of the brand. It will hold the largest jewellery exhibition to date at the Grand Palais in Paris, France on December 4th, at which time it will display 600 The pieces belong to world-renowned celebrity jewelry pieces, of which 550 are from the Cartier Collection, and the other 50 are from museums and private collectors around the world.
 It is reported that the exhibits are dazzling and gorgeous. Among them, the most famous include the 10.47-carat emerald-cut engagement ring that was given to Hollywood actress Grace Kelly by the Prince of Monaco. Grace wore this diamond ring and lived a royal life behind the scenes. And a flamingo gem brooch designed for the Duchess of Windsor by Wallis Simpson in 1940 by Jeanne Toussaint, director of Cartier’s Jewellery Luxury Department, whose bird body is made of Duchess’ own diamonds. The wings are interlaced with blue, red and emeralds, and the design sketch of the brooch will be displayed at the exhibition. The enviable diamond jewellery worn by the late actress Elizabeth Taylor is also one of the biggest highlights, such as the famous Cartier La Peregrina pearl and gemstone necklace, which has a history of gemstones dating back to the 16th century. Including her other peerless jewels that are unknown to the world.
 Exhibits also include a bird cage brooch created by Jenny Dussanne for France during World War II and a tri-color gem bird brooch released from the cage after the liberation of Paris; actress Gloria Swanson ) Sunset Boulevard bracelet made of white gold, diamonds and crystals commissioned by Cartier in 1930; Cartier’s loyal follower-the luxurious tiger jewellery loved by the world’s richest man Barbara Hutton; Mexican actress Maria · María Félix’s jealous amphibious reptile luxury jewelry. Of course, Cartier’s modern light is even more dazzling. Cartier’s classic diamond jewelry worn by Stella McCartney, a contemporary film star when she walked the red carpet in 2012, will also be on display.