Citizen’s ‘every Second Achieves Eternity’ Photo Contest July Cut-off

On April 16th, 2011, the ‘Every Second Achieves Eternity’ International Photo Contest organized by Citizen, an internationally renowned watch brand, officially set sail. The moments of a minute are just a drop in the ocean in the vast universe. However, it is the bits and pieces of this ordinary life that carry every surprise and touch, growth and harvest in the long river, and also give people the passion and courage to move forward. Citizen aims to encourage people to freeze the moments and moments through the lens through this photo contest, and to feel the eternal beauty and memories in the journey of life.
 This year’s Citizen “Every Second Achieves Eternity” International Photo Contest will last for three months. The collection of works is not restricted by national and geographical restrictions. No matter professionals or amateurs, we can share precious moments in life to the public through us.
 As in the past three photography contests, Citizen will once again join hands with expert judges in the field to make professional and fair judgments on the entries. In addition, all Citizen members participating in the competition will have the opportunity to receive a good reward of 500 points.
 Since 2008, Citizen has successively held three international photography contests with themes of ‘Light of Life’, ‘Glorious Moments’ and ‘Every Second Achieves Eternity’, which has won many photographers. And the extensive attention and strong support of professional photographers. The contest follows the theme of ‘Every Second Achieves Eternity’, and strives to be close to real life, recording extraordinary moments in life, in order to awaken people’s examination and thinking about life and life. At the same time, the brand essence of Citizen’s wisdom and calmness will also be closely linked through the engraved minute and second photos, allowing people to follow the footprint of time and transform each treasured memory into an eternal existence.
 The contest regulations and registration form will be announced on the contest’s official website: http: //