G-shock Noise X Wu You: Faith Must Be Upheld!

He is the king of Chinese streetball, one of the best streetball players in Asia so far, and he is Wu You— ‘born for basketball, basketball is not dead for me.’ 9-year-old contact with basketball so far, From a basketball enthusiast to today’s first streetball player, there is also happiness in experiencing setbacks. Wu You relies on his pure and direct love for basketball and his optimism to continuously break through and pursue persistently. He is fearless ‘More Free’.
    G-SHOCK NOISE: Hello Wu You, everyone calls you ‘King of Chinese Streetball’, when did you start to be interested in this sport? What causes you to go all the way to now?
    Wu You: I didn’t like basketball as a child. The reason is that I have two older brothers who are obsessed with basketball. They always dominate the TV to watch the NBA, making me unable to watch cartoons. Until the third grade of the elementary school was out of school, I came to the hoop under the stunner, and tried to hit the first basket by using the ‘urinal’ method, and the ball scored! I thought I was a genius, and I started practicing from then on.
    G-SHOCK NOISE: Do you think there is any difference and common between street basketball and traditional basketball? Ever thought about playing a traditional professional basketball game?
    Wu You: My understanding of the two is that orthodox basketball pays more attention to results, while street basketball pays more attention to process. Many people say that the Chinese do not understand the true meaning of sports, and that is why. Sometimes too much attention to the score will overlook the original happiness of playing basketball. I have been in a professional team before, and I have personal experience in this aspect. This is a matter of concept. We are also trying to change the way, and hope that more people can change the angle and enjoy the happiness brought by basketball.
     G-SHOCK NOISE: We all know that you are more free without fear. Can you talk about how you feel when you are provoked?
    Wu You: I have been looking forward to the challenge, and I am eager for others to come to me to ‘examine’. But now I feel like there are no such ‘crazy’ people as I did. Sometimes, when I meet some challengers, they all say, ‘I learn from you’ instead of ‘I have to destroy you’. Instead, I often challenge others. As long as I hear who is the king of the ball, I do n’t believe it, I will go to him, and I will go as far as I can, and challenge each court. At that time, I was not nervous, only excited. This was a very special feeling. At the same time, I met many new friends in this way.
    G-SHOCK NOISE: How did you build the team in the first place? Where does the name CL come from?
    Wu You: We are more affected by Iverson. I like to change direction, exaggerated, chic playing style. When I play a game, I occasionally see one of these styles in the crowd, and I know it is ‘comrades in the same circle’, so I have met some friends one after another, everyone often plays together, and occasionally do some activities, people call us The team is ‘Wu You and his friends’. In fact, we have also discussed a lot of strange names, such as ‘P.O.P’ and so on, but I do not like it. Until later, Canadian streetball group Dime55 saw our video on the Internet, remixed it a bit, and helped us name it ‘CL Smooth Crew’. We really like ‘Chinese Legend’-China also has street players who admire foreign countries, and we are the ones who make this praise happen. And the name fits us well and is very easy to remember.
    G-SHOCK NOISE: You are holding CL SMOOTH CREW OPENRUN every year. Do you want to convey something to everyone through this event? Are there any interesting stories about the annual event?
    Wu You: The Open Run activity started in 2008, and the spirit of ‘Street Ball Immortality’ continued like this year after year. Open Run, a streetball event, has a new concept every year, and cooperates with the rapper Little Tiger, and every year there is a theme song written for streetball. For example, ‘Back to Dongdan’ in 2009, let everyone find the classic feeling; ‘Strength’ in 2010, can not admit defeat in mediocre life, challenge yourself; ‘tie it’ in 2011, brothers’ cohesion, can not Dispersed.
    G-SHOCK NOISE: Since 2011, you have hosted your first anti-season league. How is this game different from previous activities? Is there any new expression?
    Wu You: The word ‘anti’ contains the feeling of breaking the rules and challenging the old rules. Who says you can’t play basketball in winter? If you don’t think so, I’ll prove it to you. I just want to break the norm and challenge my limits. This is also my belief in continuing to fight. This time the league feels like a civil league, so that those active teams outside CL have a platform to discuss together and build a team culture. We have designed team logos for each participating team, printed different colors of jerseys, and also designed some new game systems, such as slam dunks that can get three points, and the four-point line setting has improved viewing. It also provides golfers with more possibilities.
    G-SHOCK NOISE: You once said that in your eyes, the meaning of street players is not only outstanding football skills, but also the dedication to basketball. This attachment is exactly the same as G-SHOCK’s TOUGH spirit. If you want to say what you and G-SHOCK have in common, what do you think it will be?
    Wu You: For Tough, I think it fits me very well, because I always cling to a passion for what I am passionate about, and the word ‘stubborn’ is not enough, it should be ‘stubborn’, ‘stubborn’ like a piece Very heavy stones, pressed right there, cannot move. For me, beliefs must be upheld and cannot change. The Tough spirit is a fearless persistence.
    G-SHOCK NOISE: What is your favorite G-SHOCK model? Does G-SHOCK bring you interesting stories?
    Wu You: I liked G-SHOCK very much since I was a kid. My first G-SHOCK was a pointer watch. I really like the mechanical feel, like armor, very strong. At that time, I would hide in the quilt with my classmates and let the backlight of the G-SHOCK dial light up. Press it continuously, turn it off, and then press it again. That’s why I was very happy and excited. At that moment we all felt particularly amazing.
    G-SHOCK NOISE: What is your usual style of dressing? We all know that you do n’t wear a watch when you play basketball. Do you often wear G-SHOCK when you do n’t play basketball?
    Wu You: I play G-SHOCK when I’m not playing because I like it myself. I usually wear clothes that are more street-like and like bright colors. G-SHOCK’s design is consistent and trendy, so it can be easily matched together. And it doesn’t need special care for shockproof and waterproof, even if you really want to take it to the court, you don’t need to worry about it, because it is as ‘stubborn’ as me.
    G-SHOCK NOISE: What attracted you to the red G-SHOCK GA-100B-4A you are wearing today? Is it the eye-catching appearance or is there anything special about it that you like?
    Wu You: The first thing that attracted me was the color and design of this G-SHOCK. If I used one color to describe the feeling of movement, it would be red. Coincidentally, my lucky color this year is also red. In design, this red GA-100B-4A is a combination of pointer and electronics. This innovation is very interesting. It reminds me that the electronic watch is like a professional basketball. It jumps in a constant position and is more standardized. The pointer watch is more standard. Like street basketball, the hour and minute hands make up a lot of beautiful angles, and there are always different changes. Watch the second hand keep turning clockwise and feel the time passing.
    G-SHOCK NOISE: G-SHOCK has their own special models in many sports fields, but if you let you design a basketball-related G-SHOCK, do you have any interesting ideas?
    Wu You: I will design it so that it does not exist, and I will not feel foreign body when wearing it. In addition, the color should be bright, the appearance should be special, it must be irregular, if I can bring a camera, it will better meet my needs.
    G -SHOCK NOISE: Do you have any advice for basketball enthusiasts who want to be a legend like you?
    Wu You: People who want to become legends often have difficulty becoming legends. Be brave and persevere, one day you will find yourself a legend!
  Meeting with Wu You is like reminiscing with my old friends, remembering the common happy moments when I was a kid, though immature but real. I am very happy to accompany this fearless young man to break his dreams and play basketball ‘against’. We are all changing to make ourselves look more and better, but we are more fortunate to still keep the innocence of children. Perseverance and belief. China’s street basketball needs this ‘hard rock’ to be kept there.