Global Lange 31-day Power Reserve Watch Limited Edition

The German watch brand Lange, renowned for its ‘traditional essence and excellence’, has always been committed to the manufacture of ‘the best watches in the world’, upholding the spirit of immortal craftsmanship and innovation in the field of fine watchmaking It has continuously sought breakthroughs and won many awards in international watch competitions, and is highly respected by watch collectors and connoisseurs. The brand’s outstanding works are numerous, the most popular among them is the world’s first LANGE 31 that can store a full month of power.
The naming of LANGE 31 just means that the watch can provide a huge power of 31 days by winding the watch only once, and the unique constant power escapement system can ensure that the power can be stably averaged throughout the 31 days. Local transmission and precise time is a breakthrough in watch manufacturing.
In order to store unprecedented power, the LANGE 31 watch is equipped with two overlapping giant barrels, each of which is 1,850 mm long. The two springs are five to ten times the length of a traditional watch movement. The power is enough to raise a piece of Swiss chocolate weighing 100 grams by more than 10 feet. To wind up such a powerful clockwork, you need to use the ‘key winding technology’ used in antique pocket watches to insert a square winding key into the keyhole on the bottom of the sapphire crystal, and use the principle of leverage to transmit power to the barrel. The winding key is equipped with a non-reverse ratchet, which makes the operation as smooth as the normal crown winding. In addition, a torque limiter is installed to prevent the mainspring from being tightened too tightly.