Iwc Schaffhausen’s New Store Shines In Taipei 101

Following the re-opening of the brand store of IWC Schaffhausen in the Taipei 101 Shopping Center 3 years ago, today it has expanded its space to announce the importance the brand attaches to the Taiwan market. To celebrate the event, guests gathered including Asian superstar Zhou Yumin, IWC Global Chief Executive Officer Georges Kern, Chief Watch Consultant Mr. Kurt Klaus, and Managing Director of Northeast Asia Goris Verburg came all the way to personally participate in the ribbon-cutting ceremony.
Li Chengtan, general manager of IWC Taiwan, Yumin Zhou, Asian superstar, Georges Kern, global CEO of IWC, Song Wenqi, chairman of Taipei 101, and Gao Ruisi, managing director of Northeast Asia

   ‘We are very honored to announce the re-opening of IWC in Taipei 101. We held our opening press conference here 3 years ago. Today, we have expanded our store in this successful shopping mall in Taiwan. Together, China and China have created dazzling results. Their stores represent the spirit of innovation and engineering excellence of IWC, ‘said Georges Kern, IWC’s global CEO. In addition to being Taipei’s most eye-catching architectural target active in Asia, Taipei 101 is also committed to making the world see Taiwan, show a strong ambition, and it is the reason why many luxury brands choose to settle.
IWC Global CEO Georges Kern & Asian Superstar Zhou Yumin

   ‘It is a great honour to have the opportunity to be invited to participate in the opening of IWC’s new store today. IWC has always been a high-end watch brand I admire. As a whole, this also coincides with my relatively low profile personality, ‘said Zhou Yumin, an Asian superstar who participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony that day.
The essence of understated luxury
   The Taipei 101 Shopping Center, which brings together the world’s top luxury brands, has always been an iconic shopping mall in the minds of tasters. After the IWC store opened in 2007, it immediately became a pilgrimage site for brand loyal customers. Today, eight years later, in order to provide a more comfortable watch-watching environment for watch lovers, the architects and designers of the internal team of IWC Switzerland headquarters led the design, which reflects the company’s spirit and philosophy. Each family watch in the store will be displayed in a unique style environment. The mix of grey, white and dark wood reflects the architectural style and fine art deco environment. Specializing in many details and craftsmanship, its role is to further emphasize the pioneering spirit of technology, for this is IWC’s worldwide reputation. Each of the six major IWC collections has its own exhibition space, including many milestones in the history of IWC: the Portuguese series with a long maritime tradition; the Da Vinci series, a tribute to the Renaissance genius; the most reliable good enough to withstand extreme conditions Companion engineer watch series; marine timepiece watch series for divers; Portofino series inspired by the beautiful life of Italy; and pilot series watches most popular with watch fans. In addition to these series of watches, it also covers a number of boutique-specific styles for customers to find out. A special mention is the movement display wall, which is a unique design of the IWC Asian specialty store. All the movements displayed on the wall are made by Schaffhausen IWC watch factory, showing the brand’s outstanding watchmaking technology. They are all loved by watch lovers, and deserve to be tasted again and again.
IWC Global CEO Georges Kern & Asian superstar Zhou Yumin at Taipei 101 4F IWC Portuguese Series Watch Exhibition

Limited edition of 28 pieces
   To celebrate the new opening of the IWC Taipei 101 store, the head office launched a special edition of the IWC Portuguese series perpetual calendar watch Taipei 101 store. The price is NT $ 1,330,000, and the pendulum is decorated with an 18K Taiwan map, which is more collectible. IWC Portuguese Series Perpetual Calendar Watch Taipei 101 Store Special Edition with 18K red gold model (model IW503306) with silver-plated dial, the moon in the moon phase is plated with red gold, suspended on a night blue stage background, and more Ergonomic lugs and exquisite Santoni alligator strap. The perpetual calendar moon phase display is an amazing design independently developed by Schaffhausen Watch Factory, and its precision is particularly eye-catching in mechanical watches. On the whole, the back of the watch creates a high-level appearance, and it also reflects the excellent quality of the movement.
IWC Global CEO Georges Kern, Chief Watch Consultant Mr. Kurt Klaus, Asian superstar Zhou Yumin

Taipei 101 IWC Portuguese Series Watch Exhibition
   For the 75th anniversary of the legendary IWC Portuguese series under IWC, the brand has carefully created the Portuguese series of classic historical watch exhibitions on the 4th floor of the World 101 in Taipei 101 Shopping Center. Watch fans who like IWC should not miss it. After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Asian superstar Zhou Yumin and Georges Kern, IWC’s global chief executive, also went to the 4th floor to visit the 75th Anniversary of the Portuguese Series Classic History Exhibition, which is unique to many rare watches and their significance. The historical models are impressed.
Georges Kern, IWC Global Chief Executive Officer

   In 1939, the first brand new 325 pocket watches were launched. IWC Portuguese Series 75th Anniversary Classic Watch Exhibition, starting with this precious watch, leading visitors to enter the tunnel of time, fully displaying 8 rare Portuguese historical models, 1993, Portugalieser for the 125th anniversary of the Zhiqing brand The 5441 watch, the chronograph chronograph that continued to advance in complexity in 1995 (Ref. 371210), the Portuguese millennial automatic watch 2000 (Ref. 500004), and the perpetual calendar watch released in 2003 ( Ref.502105), skeletonized minute repeater watch (Ref.524101) launched in 2004, Portuguese skeletonized perpetual calendar watch (Ref.504303), and 2008 three-pin first-line watch (Ref.544601), 8 The historical masterpieces that have been rare in the field tell the beauty of the evolution and superb craftsmanship of the IWC Portugal series. The atmosphere of the exhibition continues the theme of the SIHH Geneva Haute Horlogerie IWC ‘Journey to the Stars’ in January this year, with its deep-colored walls and the starry night sky as the background, making people feel like they are in the vast sky.
Zhou Yumin

   In addition to historical models, the new Portuguese series models released this year will also be displayed, including perpetual calendar watches, annual calendar watches, chronograph watches, automatic watches, Portuguese series of super complicated watches that have attracted the attention of collectors, Tourbillon retrograde watches and two Portuguese series 75th anniversary special edition limited edition watches, a total of 20 superb masterpieces compete in the same show.
   The 2015 IWC Portuguese Series 75th Anniversary Classical History Masterpiece has been launched in Taipei 101 since July 2. The exhibition is only 13 days long. The Portuguese series of watches that you want to experience for yourself in the 75 years of evolution and the beauty of superb craftsmanship, Don’t miss this rare opportunity.