Men’s True Color Certina Ds-1 Himalaya Jinneng 80 Watch Tasting

The Himalayas are the world’s highest peak with a peak of 8,844.43 meters. Whether it was once or now, countless explorers are trying to conquer this mountain. The mountain high road is steep and cold, conquering this mountain is not only testing the manpower, but also the modern tools worn by the explorers. The modern tools that climbed to the top with the explorers enjoy the world’s ‘worship.’ ‘. Returning to the old profession, let’s talk about this first watch that reached the summit. When humans successfully reached the summit of Dhaulagiri in the Himalayas for the first time in 1960, the watch worn by the explorer was the Certina DS Himalayan. Watches. Today, our watch family will take you into the new version of this series of watches-Certina DS-1 Himalayan series Jinneng 80 watch, its product model is C029.807.16.031.01.

Simple and stylish style

Front view

    Certina DS-1 Himalaya Jinneng 80 watch, simple and clear design style, modern craftsmanship, reveals a unique charm of mature men. Stainless steel case, matte polished, conspicuous but not dazzling, standard tough guy atmosphere. The dark brown strap means mature and stable, and the long-polished silver-white dial is decorated with sunburst. Which man full of masculinity doesn’t come “long-polished”? The hands and hour markers are PVD-coated with rose gold, and the silver-white dial is decorated with refreshing rose gold. In addition to being mature and stable, it still has elegance and humor. This man is really charming.

Side view

    This watch uses the classic three-pin design. The time scale has neither the classic Arabic numerals nor the retro Roman numerals. Instead, it uses a simple and clear three-dimensional rectangle. This modern sense is quite fashionable. The dial body is silver-white, although the rose gold decoration is not much, but it is the key everywhere. The hearty rose gold is quite fashionable. Having said so much, everyone can understand the time when it is taken. The three-pin design, triangular tapered scale, and the contrast of the dial are conspicuous. These basic functions of time are not the same. At the same time, the watch also A date display window is added at 3 o’clock, so that it is more convenient to get time and time in life.

Dial chart

   One more point for everyone. The English scale directly below the 12 o’clock position is CERTINA 1888, which is the year of birth of the product brand and brand. It is decorated with the ‘Double C’ logo used by the Certina brand; 6 o’clock The English scale on the top is DS-1 powermatic 80, which is the product series DS-1 Jinneng 80. The English scales on both sides around 6 o’clock are SWISS MADE, and MADE IN CHINA must be understood by everyone. These two letters Means Swiss Made.
Deeply cultivated materials

Crown chart

    The stainless steel crown, its exclusive function is obviously used to adjust the time, this time directly above the crown does not use the ‘DS’ logo, but instead uses the letter ‘double C’ to imply the Certina brand 该-the logo It is also embossed on the top of the dial, and history seems to be reborn instantly.

Strap and buckle

    Dark brown strap, double button butterfly buckle, mature and stable, longer use time. What needs to be popularized is that every strap of Certina watches is carefully crafted, and the quality is trustworthy. Compared with other types of buckles, butterfly buckles can better extend the use of leather straps. life.

Case illustration

Lug diagram

   The case is made of 316L polished stainless steel, with matte lugs and polished bezels. The case and lugs are integrated. The lugs and buckle are seamlessly connected, which can be described as elegant, precise and practical. Surrounded and set off by beautiful and rough sapphire crystal glass, the long and elegant bezel and the matte polishing that complement each other reflect the strong masculinity of the case. The stainless steel case measures 40 mm in size and is moderate in size for comfortable wearing.

Case back

    The back of this watch is exquisitely contoured and the rear case is transparent. Every wearer can admire this well-crafted internal movement in his spare time. This is the unique charm of mechanical watches, but quartz watches do not have this. It’s ornamental. The DS double insurance technology of this DS-1 Himalayan Jinneng 80 watch can be one of the absolute best. The DS double insurance system means that there are O-ring built-in washers at the crown lever, outside the lever, and the case bottom. In this way, whether it is waterproof or earthquake-resistant can play a good effect. This watch easily achieved the effect of 100 meters, to say one thing, like the Certina watch with DS logo have reached a pressure test of at least 100 meters.

Certina DS-1 Himalaya Series Jinneng 80 C029.807.16.031.01

In summary: Certina DS-1 Himalayan Series Jinneng 80 watch, both in terms of its design style and in terms of its modern craftsmanship, all highlight the true nature of men. In the final summary part, it is also time for the role of the finale to come on. This watch not only inherits the rigorous characteristics of the first generation of DS watches released in 1960. Friends must not forget the first paragraph mentioned The first Himalayan watch to reach the top, also introduced the Certina Powermatic 80 automatic movement, which has a power reserve of up to 80 hours. It is the origin of the name of this watch.