Plax Announces Vintage Ww1 Guynemer Watch

Portrait of Georges Guynemer in the Musée d’Orsay in Paris
Georges Guynemer: Flying Pioneer, Sky Knight

 Looking back on 1914, the outbreak of World War I, when flying technology was still in its infancy. The French Clément Ader made its first test flight in 1890, but the American Wright brothers formally made a successful test flight in 1903. In 1909, Louis Blériot successfully flew over the English Channel. Georges Guynemer was one of the few pioneer pilots who had the opportunity to taste the sky.

 Georges Guynemer was born in 1894. He was frail and sick since childhood. After the outbreak of World War I, he aspired to join Rong Weiguo. Because of his poor constitution, he was rejected by the French military. He was later admitted to the Air Force department, which was not long established, as a mechanic apprentice. He has been very obsessed with flying. He was qualified as an Air Force pilot in April 1915 and was assigned to the third ‘Stork squadron’. He later piloted the Morane-Saulnier Type L fighter to demonstrate first-class flight technology. Later, he will The Morane-Saulnier Type L fighter jets that they drove were all marked with ‘Vieux Charles’.
 In 1912, the 12th Fighter Brigade of France formed the third squadron in Reims (Hans). When the war broke out, the squadron was sent to Alsace (Alsace) and decided to use the stork as the stork is very common in that area Some pilots even reported that a group of storks flew randomly during the flight, witnessing the deep fate of the squadron and flying storks.

Georges Guynemer’s SPAD fighter S.VII, nicknamed Vieux Charles
 Georges Guynemer was initially assigned a simple task of observing the enemy. By July 19, 1915, he had shot down enemy fighters for the first time as a fighter pilot. At that time, the Nieuport 10 fighter he piloted was more powerful and had a better record. He soon became the best pilot of the French Air Force and was awarded the Legion of Honor Medal of Honor by the 21st birthday. His outstanding talent and technology even influenced the design of Air Force fighters (including SPAD fighters). Thanks to his ingenious suggestions, SPAD became one of the most outstanding fighter aircraft of the French military. He participated in the battles of Verdun and the Somme and was wounded many times. On September 17, 1917, he was lifted off as Captain of the Flying Stork Squadron, but he did not expect that this was the last mission. He was only 22 years old when he died for the country. During his three years in the army, he participated in many battles and made great achievements, including confirming the shooting down of 53 enemy aircraft (and the possibility of shooting down another 35 enemy aircraft). The French Air Force later seized him as a military flying hero.

Air Force Hero Georges Guynemer Memorial Stamp
 Established in 1935, the École de l’Air has adopted the motto ‘Overcoming’ of Georges Guynemer as its school motto, and has a memorial plaque next to the Air Base 701 (701 Air Base) runway in Salon-de-Provence The following words are engraved to encourage today’s flight students: ‘Until you have given everything, you have given nothing,

A timepiece that might make Georges Guynemer fall in love at first sight
 In 2011, Bell & Ross produced a valuable pocket watch, the Pocket Watch 1 (PW1), to pay tribute to the pocket watches worn by soldiers during the First World War from 1914 to 1918; the Pocket Watch 1 has a diameter of 49 mm, and its polished case is elegant and perfect. Reproduced the characteristics of the timepiece at that time. Later, when the Air Force pilots were on duty, they gradually replaced their pocket watches with wristwatches, making it easier to read time; Bell & Ross introduced this history as the theme and introduced the WW1 watch (Wrist Watch 1) after PW1; The generous dial size and minimal bezel design echoed the design of the first watches worn by pilots at the time.

Bell & Ross new Vintage WW1 Guynemer watch
 Bell & Ross’s new Vintage WW1 Guynemer watch is an original replica of the military watch design style and technical characteristics of the First World War.
 The antique copper color of the steel case, the milky white dial, the yellow sand numbers and hands from antique timepieces, the welded lugs, the slender natural belt with a bit of time and frost, and the large pitted crown (for the convenience of pilots at the time. Adjusted when wearing gloves) and other details design, for the Vintage WW1 Guynemer watch with the charm of those years.
 The nostalgic atmosphere and the watch style are perfectly natural, and the flying stork pattern at 6 o’clock adds even more historical significance, because the squadron pilot saw the stork logo as a mascot, and the back of the case was engraved with a portrait of Georges Guynemer, echoing the stork pattern, and the dial number The design also matches the 2 on the fuselage of Georges Guynemer; the blue seconds hand is a watchmaking tradition, and the arched crystal glass is cut with high technology, adding a touch of antique watch temperament.

Watch case engraved with Guynemer portrait and limited number
Flying storks soar
 The Flying Stork Squadron has added the Flying Stork logo to the fuselage since 1914. The outstanding flying skills and heroic performance of the team members have made the squadron a legend in flight history. In 1916, the squadron commander praised Georges Guynemer as ‘the best flying stork’ in the team, which is indeed a praise.
 From World War I to the truce on November 11, 1918, the Flying Stork Squadron confirmed that it had shot down 178 enemy aircraft (and possibly another 204 enemy aircraft), becoming one of the most famous flying combat units in the history of the French Air Force; the squadron is currently named SPA 3.
 In 1940, the Flying Stork Squadron returned to the battlefield, at which time the team members were reassigned to the RAF 329 Squadron. By 1945, the 1/2 Flying Stork Squadron was established and equipped with a Spitfire Spitfire, and later equipped with a P47 Thunderbolt Thunder fighter. The squadron was dispatched to the Indochina Peninsula the following year. Currently, the squadron is based on the 116 Air Base in Luxeuil-Saint Sauveur and is equipped with the Mirage 2000-5F fleet. In 2012, the squadron celebrated its 100th anniversary. The celebration was sponsored by Bell & Ross.
  The flying stork that accompany Georges Guynemer soaring into the sky, spread his wings in the WW1 Guynemer watch today, and pay tribute to the flying hero of the year.
 Bell & Ross presents the Vintage WW1 Guynemer Limited Watch to the legendary pilot Georges Guynemer and all flying heroes of the Flying Stork Squadron.
 This year marks the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War, and Bell & Ross also pays tribute to all flying pioneers with this new timepiece.

Fortis Women’s Watches-news Fortis

Not only do men love their reliable companions on their wrists, they also appreciate the inherent value of the ticking mechanical movement inside.
Men and women are fascinated by the reliability of the automatic mechanism that winds the movement on the movement. As Fortis celebrates its 100th anniversary, Fortis has not forgotten the ladies.

Square SL Automatic-sporty and elegant with automatic movement

 Left: Flieger Lady-Classic Flieger model with automatic movement, case diameter just 35mm
Right: Official Cosmonauts Chronograph-or tachymeter or diamond bezel, Swiss Valjoux 7750 automatic chronograph movement
People can indulge in the unique time brought by the unique Fortis women’s watch and its design lines. An enthusiastic lady who knows Fortis quite well will find that Fortis already made women’s watches for Tiffany in the 1940s.
Source: Fortis

Omega Glory Releases Contemporary Classic Watches To Welcome The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics

Omega Museum series adds important watch models-In order to meet the upcoming 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, Omega launched the Sochi Petrograd watch.
   Omega launched the Sochi Petrograd limited edition watch in honor of an outstanding Russian leader in 1915. Drawing inspiration from the Omega Museum collection, this model showcases outstanding designs that are still unique over a century and pays tribute to the host country of the 2014 Winter Olympics.

  One of the most fascinating features of this timepiece is the polished barrel in 18k yellow gold in the shape of a “cask”. This design recreates the inspiration of the classic style with a striking burgundy leather strap and an 18k yellow gold watch. buckle.
   The dial design combines the iconic red, white, and blue colors on the Russian flag: a silver-white dial, a red 24-hour scale, and blue steel polished central hour and minute hands. At 6 o’clock on the dial, the black small dial with blue steel seconds hand also contrasts with the black 12-hour scale.

   Another striking feature is the 18k yellow gold back of this Sochi Petrograd watch engraved with ‘Sochi 2014’ (the Sochi 2014 Olympic emblem) and a limited number. This Sochi Petrograd watch will be produced in a limited edition of just 100 pieces.
   The Omega 2202 coaxial escapement movement powers this monumental timepiece. The watch is carried in a special gift box and is guaranteed for three years of after-sales service. The Omega Sochi Petrograd limited edition watch is water resistant to 30 atmospheres (30 meters / 100 feet).

Omega and Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics
   The famous Swiss watch brand Omega has won the 26th Olympic Games designated timekeeping since 1932, and provided professional timing services for the 2014 Winter and Paralympic Games in the Russian Federation city Sochi. Omega is very much looking forward to providing timing services for the world’s best winter athletes at the sports event held in Russia.

Reward At The End Of The Year

The year is coming, have you set the small goal set at the beginning of the year? He and his work ‘slaughtered’ for 365 days. After a year of hard work, it is finally time to harvest the fruits. Forget those overwhelming pressures, it is time to reward yourself. In this article, the editor recommends several good gifts suitable for you at the end of the year.
Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116500LN-78590 Watch

Domestic public price: RMB 95,000
Watch diameter: 40mm
Watch thickness: ——
Movement type: automatic winding
Case material: 904L stainless steel
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details: 84,000
Watch details: 64,000
Watch diameter: 40mm
Watch thickness: 7.2mm
Movement type: automatic winding
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: chopard / 43882 /
Watch review: This watch from Chopard is a watch with a very modern design. The diameter of the stainless steel case is 40 mm and the size is perfect to fit all wrists. The unique dial highlights the elegance of the watch. Temperament, the dial is decorated with a satin sun pattern, with modern crown prince hands and exquisite time scales, highlighting the aesthetic characteristics of contemporary people. The inevitable choice in the public watch.
Summary: A year of hard work always draws a perfect period in the year of the year. Looking back, we can always find a source of change and motivation in the past. The above watches are very suitable as gifts for the hard-working self. It is a souvenir. It is also a bright future.

Hublot’s First Men’s Denim Watch Highlights Your ‘dark Blue Tannins’

HUBLOT Big Bang denim ladies watch was launched in 2013, it will stir up the industry sensation and set off a wave of denim! Today, in the global men’s anticipation of denim watches, Hublot’s new Big Bang dark blue denim ceramic watch specially created for gentlemen!
In 2014, under the leadership of the industry’s high-tech R & D capabilities, HUBLOT boldly used pure dark blue tannin on the dial of the iconic Big Bang 44 mm chronograph watch, and hardened through a complex process to make the fabric Fits perfectly to the dial. The material of the watch case is made of micro-blasted black ceramic, the wristband is made of denim fabric lined with black natural rubber, and the orange velvet thread is sewn into a natural integration, providing skin-like comfort, flexibility and toughness.

Hublot 44mm Big Bang Dark Blue Denim Ceramic Watch (Limited to 250)

Worn denim is outdated, dark blue tannin dominates fashion, and the original and charming late night blue it presents is undoubtedly one of the fashion elements leading the 2014 men’s runway trend. Having a dark blue denim accessory will be a must-have for men this season. It can be perfectly integrated with various shapes, whether it is fashion, rock, sexy, boho, retro, urban, original ecology, tie-dye … Big Bang dark blue denim watches change with the ‘wind’, destined to become the enduring fashion accessory.
The Big Bang dark blue denim men’s watch is equipped with the HUB4100 self-winding chronograph movement, which contains 252 parts (28,800 vibrations / hour). Water-resistant to 100 meters underwater, you can wear it at any time even when swimming. Big Bang dark blue denim watch is limited to 250 pieces.

Vacheron Constantin Excellence Platine Watch

Vacheron Constantin launched the Collection Platine Limited Platinum Collection in 2006, a new member of the elegant Patrimony Contemporaine collection.
This is the first time this classic haute horlogerie is presented with a diameter of 42 mm. It is extremely rare and is limited to 150 pieces.
In the same spirit of excellence, this glittering ‘jewel box’ must contain an extraordinary mechanical treasure-and indeed, the case is equipped with the legendary ultra-thin self-winding mechanical movement Calibre1120, entirely by Vacheron Constantin Vacheron Constantin’s independent research and development has created the prestigious Geneva mark.

Patrimony Contemporaine’s previous ultra-thin self-winding watch with a 40mm diameter case has found a new field of performance, satisfying the expectations of connoisseurs who desire to enjoy a unique and absolutely elegant presence on the wrist.
With beautiful straight lines, slender outlines and a clear dial, this new 42 mm diameter case with a transparent case continues to show its timeless design, winning the same lasting success as its predecessor.
Source: VacheronConstantin

Richard Miller Launches Rm 037 Ladies’ Watch

Richard Mille announced that 2014 will be the ‘Year of Women’s Watch’, and women’s watches will also occupy the first place in the 2014 new models. This year’s new ladies ‘watches include the RM 037 ladies’ watch, which injects feminine elements into the original neutral watch RM 037, combining aesthetic elegance, technical craftsmanship and Richard Mille’s long-established exquisite details. The most unique classic masterpiece of a high-end mechanical watch.

   The bottom plate of the movement adopts a hollow design, the bridge plate is treated with black PVD coating, grade 5 titanium alloy material, and a large date is displayed at 12 o’clock. The date display consists of two hollowed-out rotating discs and a function selector. The wearer can freely choose winding, neutral or time, without pulling the crown to different positions. Two drop-shaped buttons are distributed between 10 o’clock and 11 o’clock (date adjustment) and 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock (function selector), making date adjustment and function selection extremely easy. The selected operation will be at 3 A small window (HNW) display between the hours and 4 o’clock.

   The CRMA1 movement carries superb craftsmanship and gorgeous visual contrast. The mercerized polished surface and chamfered, sandblasted, matte and polished areas, and the rare black polishing treatment, strive to make every detail of the movement beautiful. Alas. The unique crown system fully guarantees that the movement is complete and undisturbed, because the new crown is different from the traditional crown and is not connected to the inside of the movement, so it will not come loose. With specially designed gear teeth, a cardless balance with hairspring, and a variable geometry rotating disc, the RM 037 ladies’ watch is the true masterpiece of Richard Mille. The RM 037 watch is available in a variety of materials: 18K red gold main case, highly scratch-resistant white ceramic (ATZ bezel) or black ceramic (TZP) bezel, available in 18K red gold and white gold. Multiple gem-set and dials in rare or semi-rare materials, such as onyx, jasper or pearl.