Reaffirming The Tradition Of Sports Tag Heuer Marches Into The Long Distance Marathon

As an important part of the brand’s new strategy, TAG Heuer marches into the marathon as a partner and official timekeeper, showing once again the indissoluble bond between the brand and competitive sports. The marathon has a broad base of people. As many as 320 million participants have created a perfect platform for the promotion of the latest advertising campaign of TAG Heuer “Do n’t Crack Under Pressure”.

   So far, TAG Heuer has reached partnerships with a number of long-distance marathons, including the New York Marathon, Bank of America Chicago Marathon, BMW Berlin Marathon, Schneider Electric Paris Marathon, and Oslo and Moscow Marathons. This means that TAG Heuer returns to tradition and refocuses on the brand’s core business-the development and production of sports watches and chronographs. The sports world’s spirit of fearless challenges, courage to compete and transcendence is deeply rooted in the blood of TAG Heuer.

   Entering the marathon is a major change in direction for TAG Heuer, but this does not mean that TAG Heuer will withdraw from the brand’s favorite racing field. In addition, the development of marathon by most Swiss watch brands is still in its infancy, and TAG Heuer sponsored the marathon once again demonstrated its pioneering spirit, which has been continuously confirmed since the brand was founded in 1860.

   The long-distance marathon has not risen for more than ten years, but it has developed into a popular international sport that is popular among people of all ages. There are both regular and new enthusiasts participating in the marathon. People in the marathon release adrenaline, break records one by one, and realize self-awareness and improvement.

   According to the organizer, there are more than 250,000 participants in major marathon events, and more than 50,000 participants in the New York Marathon alone. Another 2.5 million enthusiasts gathered on both sides of the city track to witness the charm of the marathon. Therefore, sponsoring the marathon has become an excellent means to enhance brand value. Brand logos, media advertising, television, newspapers and the Internet throughout the track, the combination of these factors has far more impact than the event itself.

   ‘The marathon has a very wide reputation in the global communications media. Participating in a marathon requires not only a strong physique, but also a spirit of never giving up, especially for enthusiasts who are committed to running a full marathon.’ ‘Fear no challenge, be yourself’ conveys this precious spiritual concept, ‘said Stéphane Linder, CEO of TAG Heuer.

   Commercial sponsorship always occupies a large proportion in the development budget of TAG Heuer. In TAG Heuer’s concept, sponsoring sports events can not only help brands ensure high visibility in a specific group of people, but also enrich the brand’s field and spiritual content. It can also take this opportunity to show sports enthusiasts the values ​​that the brand and the sports industry respect together.

   Breaking the time limit has always been the goal of excellent marathon runners, and the new long-distance marathon world record was born in Berlin this year. Dennis Kimetto completed 42.195 kilometers in 2 hours, 2 minutes, 57 seconds. The extraordinary performance was incredible. This feat is expected to reappear in the creativity of watchmakers in the near future to celebrate the close cooperation between the two.