Summer Is To Play With Water

What watch should I choose in summer? This question has been answered by too many people, but there is not a single guideline. In the end, it depends on your preferences. Some people say that they love sweating in summer. Don’t choose a watch with a belt, but in summer, friends who wear leather strap watches are not uncommon. Sometimes they take good care of them and the leather strap doesn’t have any problems. Therefore, no matter how we suggest it, it is a recommendation that is more objective. If you have your own preference, of course, you must obey your own mind. The most important thing for wearing a watch in summer is water resistance and comfort, because it is often exposed to water, and comfort is because after sweating, not all straps can be so comfortable. So in summer, the ideal watch strap is a metal chain and a rubber strap. The woven strap looks like it. If the watch body is too heavy, the thin woven strap may not be easy to use. You have to see it for yourself.
Certina Men’s Automatic C013.407.44.081.00 Watch

Watch model: C013.407.44.081.00
Watch Series: Men’s Automatic
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: titanium
Case diameter: 43.2 mm
Watch strap: titanium
Reference price: 7200
Watch details: certina / 20817 /
Watch comments: Certina has not been well-known in China, but it does not mean that its products are not outstanding. Certina has a very good patented technology called DS, which is characterized by improving the water resistance and shock resistance of the watch. So DS is actually to improve the practicality of the watch. The reason for choosing this watch is very simple, because it is a titanium metal case and bracelet. On the one hand, the watch itself is light in texture, on the other hand, the metal chain is not afraid of summer sweat. The 200-meter water resistance can be used for water. In terms of design, it is also very masculine, rough and clear with large scales.
Casio G-SHOCK DW-6900MR-1

Watch model: DW-6900MR-1
Watch Series: G-SHOCK
Movement type: electronic
Case material: plastic
Watch strap: rubber
Reference price: 1090
Watch details: casio / 26183 /
Comment on the watch: Wear the watch in summer, Casio’s G-SHOCK is also highly recommended. On the one hand, the price is cheap, ordinary G-SHOCK electronic watches cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and encounter 20% off when engaged in activities, generally acceptable. On the other hand, Casio’s electronic watch hasn’t heard much about quality problems. Even if it falls at most, the glass will break, but the watch is still very robust. After all, the electronic watch. The third is that the water resistance is also 200 meters. Of course, not all G-SHOCKs are so high. Before you choose, you have to ask clearly. 200 meters means that you can play water in summer and swim easily. Another advantage is that the rubber strap is embossed and textured, and it is not fully attached to the wrist, which is very breathable.
Hamilton Khaki Navy H64515133

Watch model: H64515133
Watch Series: Khaki Navy
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Case diameter: 41 mm
Watch strap: stainless steel
Reference price: 5320
Watch details: hamilton / 5043 /
Watch reviews: Compared to Tissot, Longines and other brands, Hamilton is relatively niche and not so easy to hit the watch. Hamilton has served the military for a long time, so it has a strong military watch style. If you like this very masculine character, you can choose Hamilton. In summer, it is better to choose casual sports. The Hamilton Cassie Navy watch is a series of waterproof military watches under the brand. This watch is made of stainless steel and its weight is definitely not very light. The stainless steel chain does not need to be afraid of water. It is 100 meters waterproof and can be enjoyed by the sea or the pool.
Summary: There are many options for wearing watches in the summer. I really want to list them all, I am afraid it is a long list. Fortunately, there are such representative models that can be summarized simply. If you are afraid of mechanical watches, buying electronic watches is also good. Because there are often heavy rains in summer, it is necessary to buy a watch with some waterproof functions. It is water-resistant to 30 meters and 50 meters daily. It does not matter if it is rained. time.