What Watch Should I Bring When Dreaming Of A Motorcycle Released During The Ride

When it comes to motorcycles, most people think of it as unsafe. Now it seems that motorcycles have become synonymous with danger. I also admit that motorcycles are indeed a vehicle with a high risk factor, but it is undeniable. Yes, the fun that motorcycles bring you is also beyond the reach of other modes of transportation. In fact, motorcycles have always been a healthy and passionate lifestyle in countries outside China, and countries have deep motorcycle cultures. In fact, more than 90% of traffic accidents are caused by dangerous driving. As long as we always keep in mind that safe driving, motorcycles are not a flood beast. I’ve always said that the beautiful things in the world are interlinked, and motorcycles are no exception. When those cool, high-performance locomotives are placed in front of you, I believe no one can refuse its charm, and when you ride Do you also need a watch to add icing on to these roaring locomotives?

   As we all know, cars and watches are divided into different models and models according to different purposes, such as sports cars, cars and off-road vehicles; sports watches, formal watches, jewelry watches and so on. Motorcycles are no exception. In daily life, we mainly come into contact with five types of motorcycles: sports cars, street cars, cruising, travel, and off-road travel. Let’s take a look at the matching of these five types of cars. What kind of watch.
Sports car-the absolute king of speed

  When it comes to supercars, almost everyone will immediately say the three words ‘Ferrari’. Of course, this is in the automotive field, and in the motorcycle industry there is also a brand with the same name as Ferrari, which is Ducati (ducat), and Among all Ducati models, known as the King of Speed ​​is this Superbike 1199 Panigale R, which is derived from the world’s top motorcycle races and uniquely interprets human’s unique passion for the track: titanium Piston rods, carbon fiber body, Ducati racing-grade high-performance exhaust pipes and rich Ducati team genes. Unparalleled in front of your eyes! The ‘Superquadro’ engine equipped in the car is said to be the most powerful two-cylinder engine with horrible performance parameters, a maximum horsepower of 195 horsepower and a maximum torque of 132 Nm. It can reach a speed of 100 kilometers per hour in just a blink of an eye. It can shoot all the four-wheel supercars on the market in an instant.

  The watch that matches this top-of-the-range locomotive is naturally not a casual person. The name of this watch is also the loud three-character Rolex. Of all Rolex models, the most relevant is the Daytona. And the best of all Daytona watches, I think it is this ceramic ring rose gold model, so when Daytona launched the ceramic ring in 2011, it immediately caused a worldwide ‘labor fan’ commotion. Since Daytona was born in 1963, it is the first time to be equipped with Cerachrom black word circle, which is exclusively developed by Rolex and made of top ceramic. Adhering to the 1965 style design, the new word circle is more scratch-resistant, erosion-resistant and permanently bright and shiny. The scale on the outer ring is plated with pink gold through the PVD process, making the numbers easier to read.

   Definitely an extraordinary crystallization of tradition and technology. In addition, this watch is equipped with a 4130 movement developed by Rolex in 2000. This movement has not only been approved by the Swiss Precision Timing Center, but also equipped with a blue Parachrom Breguet spring developed by Rolex, which uses the latest alloy. , With high-efficiency anti-magnetic and up to 10 times the ability to cushion. This watch is created by Rolex in 18K eternal rose gold with black crocodile straps, which highlights the watch’s meticulous aesthetic craftsmanship and noble temperament while adding a touch of luxury.
Street car-invincible street fighter

   Motorcycles as a way of life, we can not always be on the track, most of the time still have to return to the streets, riding on the streets, the most important thing is to pull the boom, become the focus of attention. If Ducati is a Ferrari in a motorcycle, then MV Agusta is the Lamborghini in a motorcycle. Augusta was founded near Milan, Italy in 1927. Under the background of professional aviation technology manufacturing, the The company began manufacturing motorcycle products in 1945. The founders Vincenzo and Domenico Agusta have a passion for machinery and racing, and almost all motorcycles they manufacture and sell are designed for racing. Called the ‘perfect motorcycle’ in the world. This Brutale 800 is the best among Augusta streetcars. It has a three-cylinder engine and inherits pure Augusta three-cylinder family pedigree. The weight of 167 kg and the maximum horsepower of 125 horsepower make it It has become a new benchmark in the field of street cars, and the four engine modes and eight-level traction control electronic equipment allow you to maintain unparalleled passion on the road at all times.

  In the face of such a big street car, only this Richard Mille RM039 can match it. This watch is called a flight calculator, but I think it should be called Doraemon, almost on the earth There is nothing that it cannot count. I’ll talk about what it can do now, and everyone will understand my feelings. It can perform conversion between kilometers, nautical miles, and miles; conversion between liters, US gallons, and British gallons; conversion between meters, feet, kilograms, and pounds; conversion of flight speed by temperature and altitude; and rotation of the bezel and fixed bezel Various additions, subtractions, multiplications, and divisions can be performed … but I want to remind everyone that when riding, don’t count!
Cruise-enjoy the thrill of riding

  The sports car is fast enough, and the street car is dazzling, but the back pain will inevitably cause back pain. This is the cruise car, which is equivalent to a comfortable high-performance car, allowing us to ride on the street happily. When it comes to cruise cars, almost everyone will think of a brand, namely the famous Harley Davidson (Harley-Davidson), but I do not know that there is another brand with its name and known as the British aristocracy, this is Triumph (Triumph), this Rocket III can be said to be the pinnacle of Triumph, its peak torque is twice that of Ducati 999R, with comfortable seats and wide pedals, its four-stroke water-cooled DOHC side-by-side three-cylinder, with up to 2234 ml. Displacement, maximum horsepower is up to 142 horses! When the three huge pistons were formally put into work, the weight disappeared immediately, and the body would become as stringy and aggressive. Any one-upgrade supercar will not be an opponent of Rocket III when it starts from a standstill to a short sprint!

  In the face of such a powerful heavy-duty locomotive, there must be an absolutely domineering watch to compete with it. The Audemars Piguet (Audemars Piguet) has a diameter of 44 mm, and for the first time, the case and watch are made of all-ceramic materials. The Royal Oak offshore series chronograph in the circle shows its high performance and masculinity. Audemars Piguet chose to create this chronograph in ceramics because of the durability and durability of this hard material. Ceramics have excellent abrasion resistance. Only diamond can scratch on the surface, and its hardness is much better than that of steel. However, processing ceramic components with this characteristic takes more time and cost. The Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph takes nearly 12 hours to make a wrist case, and the bezel takes 8 hours more than making a stainless steel bezel. The high standard finishing process for ceramic materials is comparable to the finishing process for steel materials. This watch’s deep black color and stern appearance are like the brothers of Rocket III no matter how you look at it.
Travel-let your dreams fly

   When you are tired of the noisy and crowded traffic in the city, then you have to make an appointment with three or five friends, and ride an extremely comfortable and fully functional wagon to enjoy the relief that nature brings to you. Mention the wagon, Harley The Touring touring car series is the most suitable in every respect. The development clue of the Touring car series comes from millions of miles of tests and feedback from the drivers. It is deeply rooted in the tradition of Harley’s stylish design and takes into account the outstanding Throttle control response, excellent highway driving experience and extraordinary low-speed control performance, thus bringing a smooth, comfortable and pleasant driving experience to the driver. Especially this Extreme Gliding is the ultimate model of Harley-Davidson. First of all, the Twin Cam 103 engine will make you feast your eyes on where the design inspiration comes from. This car is a downright Harley-Davidson-style locomotive, and its attention to detail makes it impossible for any other motorcycle manufacturer to match. In addition, all the details of the car’s thermal management, passenger space, backrest, seat material, leg space and hand control must be checked under the magnifying glass of the road test, and it has been repeatedly tested by professional riders. It is the most comfortable locomotive in the world, and it definitely allows us to ride further.

  It is no exaggeration to say that this Extreme Gliding can definitely take you around the world. At this time, a World Time watch is naturally needed, and this biplane world travel time watch by Jaeger-LeCoultre is undoubtedly the best. Select, this watch is the world’s first world time watch that can adjust the second time zone to the minute, and the wearer can precisely adjust the second time zone in any country on any continent in the world. In addition, its biplane system is divided into two groups of mechanical devices: one group displays the local time, and the other group displays the time in the second time zone. The two sets of mechanical devices share the same adjustment mechanism, and each has its own independent power source, thereby avoiding the energy loss caused by the interaction between the devices. The operation of the second time zone will not affect the overall operation, thereby greatly improving the accuracy of timing.
Off-road travel-enjoy the thrill of overcoming difficulties

   If it is said that the wagon is on a good road, then the off-road wagon is on a bad road. This type of motorcycle is equivalent to the SUV in the car. The leader of this type of motorcycle is naturally BMW. Knowing that BMW is one of the best motorcycles in Germany and none of them (not from other brands), and this R 1200 GS is the flagship model in this car series. It is called ‘Big Bird’ by motorcycle enthusiasts. . Its displacement has entered the public upgrade model, the engine layout has been changed from inline to ‘horizontal opposition’, and the drive system has also been changed from a chain to a hard shaft type. You will find that controlling BMW’s large displacement motorcycle is actually a very easy task. Of course, it is all thanks to the bird’s traction control system and good tuning. If you like to fight extreme off-road conditions, it is absolutely Is your best partner.

   When you have a car that fights against the limit, then you need a watch against the limit, just like this Breitling Emergency II second-generation emergency watch, it can really save people at a critical moment Life, so you can also call it ‘God’, this second-generation watch is equipped with a micro-transmitter that can send two different frequency signals for 24 hours according to the special requirements of the global satellite search and rescue system. It can first send a digital alert signal to the satellite at a frequency of 406 MHz with a duration of 0.44 seconds and an interval of 50 seconds; then it can send an analog signal to guide positioning and rescue at a frequency of 121.5 MHz with a duration of 0.75 seconds and an interval of 2.25 seconds. Because this watch has two sets of search and rescue systems, the diameter of the case has reached an astonishing 51 mm, but because the entire watch is made of titanium alloy, its weight and comfort are in an acceptable range. In addition, in order to ensure its reliability, Breitling not only designed a brand new rechargeable battery, but also developed a charger tester that can periodically charge the battery and automatically check whether the transmitter is operating normally. In short, you have its Accompany, it is difficult to die when riding outdoors!
  Finally, I sincerely hope that everyone can wear their favorite watches to ride happily, but always remember when riding, safety first!