Which Watches Appear Most Frequently In The World’s Top10 Lists At Geneva Watch Fair?

It is not too late to get to the topic. After each major watch exhibition (including Geneva watch exhibition, Basel watch exhibition, etc.), many watch magazines and watch websites around the world will select the most heavyweight and most recommended watch in this year’s watch exhibition, Made a list of XX watches. In the past many years, this is what I must do every year. However, I know that this list is too subjective and it is all a matter of opinion. Since I don’t have to rack my brains in magazines this year, I want to do something more interesting. Since the major TOP10 watch lists are too subjective, this year, after watching many selection lists, I decided to choose the watches that appeared most frequently in the major lists, that is, the watches that people saw and selected invariably. Come out and see which watches are recognized by watch lovers around the world. Before I show you these watches, I want to make two more points. The first is that TOP10 is an imaginary number, because some of the top 10 are, and some are 5. The second is that each watch that appears below is based on the frequency of appearance in major lists around the world, and it is completely free from my personal opinions. What I want is a table that people choose by accident. Alright, let’s get started.

Cartier drive ultra-thin table
The first watch that appears below, I think it will be unexpected, because it is completely unexpected, but the world voted for it. This watch is a Cartier Drive ultra-thin watch.

   In fact, I know very well that some watch fans cannot fully accept Cartier’s watch. The main reason is that some of Cartier’s main watch models, including Blue Balloon and Santos, are not cheap. The same price as Cartier’s Omega or Rolex uses self-produced movements, and these watches from Cartier use The main is the universal movement. Some watch fans will think that Cartier just sells a shape, not ‘professional’. However, even if there is such a point of view among watch fans, this has not affected the hot sales of Cartier’s popular watches at home and abroad. The huge demand continues to drive Cartier’s popular watches, especially the second level of Blue Balloon. Market. Even if you don’t believe it, the fact is that the secondary market of Cartier Blue Balloons, especially the 42mm large blue balloons, can be comparable to some Rolex (please believe me, please, because I am also a watch seller).

I am citing examples from cars here. Fans often admire technical and sporty models, such as Mazda Atez, but in actual sales, these models do not sell well. Watches are the same example, technical and professional often cannot be linked to sales.
   For this problem, I can explain it with an example of a car. Domestic car fans like some highly technical models, the most typical example is Mazda, such as Mazda’s Atez. Artz has a high reputation among car fans, but at the same time everyone knows that Mazda’s Artz has a poor sales in the actual market, and it can’t sell the ‘mediocre’ cars of the same class, Accord and Camry. This example shows that, whether it’s a car or a watch, it’s really not entirely out of “technical content” and “technical numbers”. ‘Technology’ is very important, but it cannot play a decisive role in front of the broad masses of the people. The Cartier Drive ultra-thin watch that appears the most in the list of seven or eight that I have seen. Complex watches, including Lange and Vacheron Constantin, do not appear as frequently. I was also puzzled at first, but after thinking about it, I thought there might be the following reasons.

   First of all, the watches before Cartier are relatively feminine. As you can see, blue balloons, Santos, tanks, and Passa are all men’s and women’s watches. The big size is a men’s watch, and the small size is a women’s watch. Cartier must have more female fans than male fans. So Cartier needs some watches for men. Make Cartier’s watch more masculine. Cartier Drive is a dedicated men’s watch, not the same model for men and women, Cartier said so.
   Secondly, someone might say that Cartier Caribo is not a male watch either. Yes, this is the second question I want to say, the problem of wearing feeling. Cartier Caribo is actually a relatively sporty watch. Caribo is relatively thick, and the crown and shoulders of the crown are clearly angular, which is relatively heavy to get started. The previous models of Cartier Drive also have some thickness and are relatively large. The Drive Ultra-Thin Watch introduced at the Geneva Watch Fair this year reduced the first thickness by 40% and reduced the second size to less than 40 (the size is 38×39 mm). Friends who often wear watches can feel it. The thickness and size of Drive ultra-thin watches are very comfortable, because they will not compete with the sleeves.

   This Cartier Drive ultra-thin watch uses the Cartier 430MC movement. This movement is a Cartier version of the Piaget 430P manual ultra-thin movement. The level of the movement is relatively high. Of course, the focus of this watch is still the shell. Cartier really does make shells. The case of the watch is very beautiful. Whether it is shaped or polished, the watch looks very high-grade and has a high sense of high quality. There are many watches, the price is not low, but it does not show the sense of high-level corresponding to the price. If there is anything wrong with this watch, it is that this watch currently only has a K gold case, so people are calling for and waiting for the appearance of a steel case.

Lange Zeitwerk Decimal Strike
The second watch is expected, Lange Zeitwerk Decimal Strike

   Compared to the first Cartier that was completely unexpected, this Lange Zeitwerk Decimal Strike self-sounding watch also represents ‘public opinion’ and is a recognized bull watch. I think the reason why more people vote for this watch is that it appears more frequently than Vacheron Constantin’s celestial super complicated watch, because this Lange owl self-sounding watch is still a watch you can buy Although the celestial super complex watch is magnificent, it is impossible to buy it because there is only one.

The movement of the Lange Owl Zeitwerk Decimal Strike is equipped with a constant force device.
   This new Lange Zeitwerk Decimal Strike is the third owl spring watch from Lange. The first is a self-sounding table that reports 15 minutes; the second is a three-minute table that reports 10 minutes. This owl Zeitwerk Decimal Strike is exactly in the middle of it. It is a 10-minute self-sounding watch. For this watch, Lange gave high specifications. The first is the use of honey gold, Lange with honey gold case are limited edition watches, this watch is limited to 100. The second is the use of tremblage engraving on the disc and hammer. That is, the surface of the disc and the hammer look like ‘sandblasting’. In fact, the graininess on it is carved out. On the other hand, this watch has gained enthusiasm in the global watch industry, and its enthusiasm has surpassed Lange’s own perpetual tourbillon calendar. I think people have also seen this watch’s unique position in the watch industry. Because of the jumping character of the Lange Owl, the constant force device in the movement, and three spring function models, it is unique in the watch industry, and the price of this Zeitwerk Decimal Strike is only the Lange Chase One quarter of the perpetual calendar, so we can learn from this, why so many people like owls and so many people buy owls.

Part of the Lange Owl Zeitwerk Decimal Strike sounding table uses the tremblage engraving process. The dial and the hammer look like ‘sandblasting’. In fact, the grainy texture is carved out.
The third watch, I did not notice at all before, until after understanding the details of it, I suddenly found that this watch was good. This watch is a nautical enamel tourbillon from Athens.

Athens Nautical Tourbillon
   I didn’t notice this watch at the beginning because usually most of the watches focused on brands such as Vacheron Constantin, Lange, IWC, Jaeger-LeCoultre, and less attention to watches outside these brands. I didn’t expect that this time there was an omission, but the eyes of the people of the world are clear.

Pay attention to the enamel lettering of GRAND FEU under the plate.
   When you first see this tourbillon, you will not feel that this watch has anything extraordinary, just an Athens tourbillon watch. When we saw the word ‘GRAND FEU’ below the disk, we knew it was an tourbillon with enamel. You may think it’s not bad. When we take a closer look at the movement of this watch, we can know that the escapement fork, escapement wheel and balance spring are all silicon in its tourbillon. You will think that its configuration is very modern. However, these are not the reasons why this watch topped the list. The reason why this Athens watch really appeared on the world’s major watch lists is its magical price. This is a tourbillon watch that costs less than $ 30,000 and is also enamel-coated.

We can clearly see the silicon escape wheel and fork.

   You may not have much idea about the $ 30,000 figure. Let me give you a few examples. Under normal circumstances, a general tourbillon watch starts at 300,000 and 400,000 (excluding domestic tourbillons). In these two years, some watch factories began to introduce tourbillons with relatively low prices. In the current watch market, the lowest price of the Swiss tourbillon watch should be the Tag Heuer 02 titanium case tourbillon. The actual price of this Athens enamel tourbillon is less than $ 30,000, and the Swiss franc is priced at 27,900 Swiss francs. I understand that the domestic price of this watch is also 100,000 yuan. Don’t forget that this is not only a tourbillon, but also an enamel watch. The price of an ordinary plain enamel watch is about 200,000. This watch also has a tourbillon. I’m telling a joke, this is simply buying tourbillons with enamel (just a joke). In addition, this is a tourbillon in Athens. The brand positioning of Athens is very high. There is no doubt that this is a decent watch that makes people hold hands. Of course, I also want to talk about his only weakness. This is a steel watch. But considering the tourbillon and enamel surface, I don’t think the steel watch is actually a problem. In the end I said a situation, steel shell, platinum shell, platinum shell, a quick look, in fact, no difference can be seen. I think everyone understands the meaning behind this sentence. On the list of this Athens watch, I have two feelings, one is ‘the skynet is restored and not leaked’, and the other is that the eyes of the people of the world are clear. As long as it is a good watch, it can’t escape the eyes of world watch fans.